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100 Boy Names That Mean Water (with Meanings)

These boy names meaning water are nature male names inspired by the ocean, rivers, and other bodies of water.
Updated: June 5, 2024

Referencing nature when choosing baby names is a popular choice, and various names that mean water can certainly be inspiring. Water is one of the most important components for sustaining life and is worshipped in many cultures. Water names can be calm, cool, strong, and life-giving. 

If you want to choose a nature-inspired name that name that means water, check out our favorite picks for boy names that mean water. These baby boy names are inspired by different bodies of water from oceans to rivers to streams to rain. These elemental baby names are especially perfect for water sign babies! 

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Various cultures have words that mean water that would make lovely choices for a baby name. Whether you are drawing inspiration from your family heritage, biblical references, or just a name that sounds right to you, the choices are endless.

Boy Names That Mean Water Starting with A to D

These boy names are inspired by water of all types from crashing waves, to rushing rivers to powerful gods of the ocean! 

  1. Aenon - Biblical boy name meaning “Water spring.”
  2. Aalto - This boy’s name is of Finnish origin and means wave.
  3. Adair - Scottish male name that means river near the oaks.
  4. Adrian - of Latin origin, this boy’s name means sea or water.
  5. Afron - Welsh boy name that means river.
  6. Afton - Celtic boy name that means river.
  7. Alon - Tagalog name that means wave.
  8. Arnon - Hebrew boy name that means rushing stream.
  9. Avalon - Welsh name meaning apple island.
  10. Bach - German, dweller near the brook.
  11. Bahari - African boy name that means ocean.
  12. Barto - Hungarian name that means water.
  13. Beck - typically used for baby boys, Beck is of English origin and means brook or stream.
  14. Bergren - Scandinavian name for boys that means mountain stream.
  15. Blackwell - English name meaning black stream.
  16. Bolivar - Spanish name that means mill by the river.
  17. Bourne - of English origin, this boy’s name means one who lives near a stream.
  18. Brodny - Slavic boy name that means one who lives near a stream.
  19. Cain - English name that means clear water.
  20. Calder - of Scottish origin, this baby boy means the wild water.
  21. Carlow - Irish name meaning four-part lake
  22. Cary - Latin name meaning pleasant stream.
  23. Conway - Irish for sacred river.
  24. Cove - in reference to a small coastal inlet, Cove is typically used for little boys.
  25. Dallas - Scottish and Gaelic name meaning valley of water.
  26. Dax - Name from England meaning water.
  27. Delta - Greek name meaning “the fourth” or a part of a river. 
  28. Deniz - of Turkish origin, Deniz is a male name meaning waves.
  29. Dewey - Welsh name meaning drops of water.
  30. Dorian - Greek name meaning of the sea.
  31. Douglas - this Scottish male name means Black Water.
  32. Dover -Welsh name meaning the waters.

Boy Names That Mean Water Starting with E to L

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  1. Eaton - Old English name meaning homestead by a river or on an island. 
  2. Eldoris - Unisex version of the name “Doris” meaning “of the sea.”
  3. Fenton - English name meaning from the settlement of the town on the moor
  4. Firth - Scottish name meaning arm of the sea. 
  5. Fisher - English name originating from “fisherman.”
  6. Ford - typically used for baby boys, this name means River Crossing and is of English origin.
  7. Gafar- Arabic name meaning “Stream.” 
  8. Glyn - Welsh name meaning valley of water.
  9. Hudson - typically used for baby boys, Hudson is in reference to the Hudson River.
  10. Hurley - of Irish origin, Hurley means sea tide and is typically used for males.
  11. Irving - another Scottish male name meaning Green River or Sea Friend.
  12. Jorah - Hebrew name meaning first rain.
  13. Jordan - Name of the Jordan River in Egypt.
  14. Kallan - The Scandinavian meaning of this name is “flowing water.” 
  15. Kawai -Hawaiian name meaning coming from water.
  16. Kano - meaning the god of water, Kano has both Japanese and African origins.
  17. Kaveri - Hindi name for a sacred river in India. 
  18. Kelvin - Scottish name for narrow river.
  19. Kent - typically a male name referring to the River Kent.
  20. Lake - English name meaning lake.
  21. Laiken - English name meaning from the lake.
  22. Leith - Scottish boy name for flowing water.
  23. Lincoln- typically used for baby boys, Lincoln is of English origin and means From the Lake Settlement.
  24. Loch - pronounced “lock” this Gaelic name means lake and is typically used for boys.

Boy Names That Mean Water Starting with M to Z

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  1. Malik - Arabic boys’ name meaning little wave.
  2. Marius - Latin name for the sea.
  3. Maxwell - a male name of Scottish origin meaning great stream.
  4. Maury - Latin name meaning sea channel.
  5. Monroe -Scottish name for the mouth of the Roe River.
  6. Morrissey - Irish name meaning the choice of the sea.
  7. Moses - this Egyptian name means delivered from water and is typically used for boys.
  8. Moss - English name meaning saved from the water.
  9. Murphy - Irish name meaning sea warrior.
  10. Murray - Scottish name meaning settlement by the sea.
  11. Poseidon - God of the sea in Greek mythology.
  12. Rán - Old Norse god of water.
  13. Rayan - Arabic name for a land that is rich in water.
  14. Redford - English name meaning small river crossing.
  15. Reef - German name for the land beneath the water.
  16. Rilian - German boy name that means small stream.
  17. Rio - used for baby boys, this Spanish name means River.
  18. Romulus - One of the two founders of Rome in Roman mythology who was found on the bank of a river. 
  19. Sachiel - Greek name meaning angel of water.
  20. Sagara - Hindi boy's name meaning ocean.
  21. Sailor - French name for sailor/boatman
  22. Salil - an Indian name that means water.
  23. Siva - Indian boy name meaning Lord of water
  24. Strom - German name meaning “Stream.” 
  25. Tahoe - Native American name meaning the edge of the lake.
  26. Thames - English name for “dark river.” 
  27. Troy - Greek name meaning “water” or “foot soldier” 
  28. Wade - typically used for baby boys, this name can refer to wading in the water.
  29. Zael - Ancient Greek name meaning sea strength.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Water 

These baby names inspired by water are perfect gender-neutral name options for your little one. 

  1. Bay - a gender-neutral name, Bay is of English origin and means a small sea inlet.
  2. Brooke - a gender-neutral name of English origin meaning small stream.
  3. Caspian - a gender-neutral name that references the Caspian Sea.
  4. Dylan - this gender-neutral name is of Welsh origin and means Son of the Sea.
  5. Jordan - a gender-neutral name choice, this Hebrew name means to flow down.
  6. Kai - a gender-neutral name choice, Kai is of Hawaiian origin and means ocean.
  7. Kendall - a gender-neutral name choice, Kendall is of English origin and means valley of the River of Kent.
  8. Lynn - this gender-neutral Irish name means from the lake.
  9. Moana - a gender-neutral name of Hawaiian origin means ocean or sea.
  10. Nile - a gender-neutral name of English origin referring to the River Nile.
  11. Ocean - a gender-neutral option, this nature name refers to a direct body of water.
  12. Rain - a gender-neutral name choice referring to a direct source of water.
  13. Ren - a gender-neutral name that refers to the water lily in Japanese.
  14. Rillian - German name meaning small stream.
  15. River - a gender-neutral name choice based on the body of water.

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100 Boy Names That Mean Water (with Meanings)

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