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Updated May 4, 2023

Egypt is a country in the Middle East with a predominately Arabic population. Egypt's most commonly spoken language is Egyptian Arabic followed by Sai’di Arabic, Arabic, and Sudanese Arabic.

Ancient Egypt was one of the most prevalent and powerful empires to have ever existed and dates back to the 4th-century BCE and lasted until 30 CE with the death of Cleopatra. Over its thousands of years, it interacted with many other powerful cultures in the Middle East and Africa. As a result, Egyptian baby names offer a rich palette of cultures, religions, and traditions to choose from, especially for parents looking for something unique.

When people picture Egypt, images of Pyramids, mummies, and powerful Pharaohs come to mind. Egyptian mythology is rife with stories of gods and heroes that provide meanings like no other culture. 

Whether you’re looking for something modern and Muslim inspired or an Ancient Egyptian name for your baby, this list has a little bit of something for everyone. 

Egyptian Girl Names and Meanings 

  1. Aida - Arabic. Happy. A perfect name for a baby girl.
  2. Amunet - Ancient Egyptian. The goddess of mystery. 
  3. Anat - Hebrew. Water spring. 
  4. Anippe - Egyptian. Daughter of the Nile. 
  5. Aya - Arabic. Bird. 
  6. Bennu - Egyptian. To shine. 
  7. Cleopatra - Greek. This famous Egyptian Pharaoh was actually Greek. The name means Glory of the father. 
  8. Dalia - Arabic. A strong branch. 
  9. Dina - Hebrew. God is my judge. 
  10. Ebony - Latin/Greek. Deep black wood. 
  11. Edrice - Egyptian. Prosperous ruler. 
  12. Eman - Arabic. A unique name meaning faith. An alternate spelling is Iman, made famous by the supermodel. 
  13. Femi - Yoruba/Nigerian. Love. 
  14. Habibah - Arabic. Sweet happy. 
  15. Hanan - Arabic. Mercy, compassion. 
  16. Hathor - Egyptian. The goddess of love. House of Horus. 
  17. Hatshepsut - Egyptian. Foremost of noblewomen. She was the second confirmed female Pharoah and ruled as part of the 5th dynasty. 
  18. Jamila - Arabic. Beautiful and elegant. 
  19. Isis- Egyptian. Supreme goddess; she was the most important female Egyptian god.
  20. Layla - Arabic. Night or dark. 
  21. Nailah - Arabic. Successful. 
  22. Nefertiti - Egyptian. The beautiful one has come. Nefertiti was an Egyptian queen of the 18th Dynasty and the wife of Akhenaten. 
  23. Nubia - Egyptian. Gold. Nubia is an ancient region of Africa.
  24. Sara - Hebrew. Princess. 
  25. Zahra - Arabic. Beautiful, flower, roses. 

Egyptian Boy Names and Meanings

  1. Ahmed - Arabic. This popular Arabic name means greatly praised. 
  2. Amenhotep - Egyptian. Several Egyptian kings used this name. It is derived from the god Amon. 
  3. Amon - Egyptian. The Hidden One. This adorable name can also be spelled Ammon or Amun. 
  4. Aten - Egyptian. Sun disk. 
  5. Babu - Egyptian. Osiris’s firstborn. 
  6. Cairo - Egyptian/Arabic. Victorious. It is also the capital of Egypt. 
  7. Darius - Persian/Greek. Possessing greatness. One of the more familiar Egyptian male names in the U.S. 
  8. Gamal - Arabic. A name for a little boy that means camel. 
  9. Horus - Egyptian. An Egyptian god who had the head of a falcon. He was the god of light. 
  10. Imhotep - Egyptian. Imhotep is the architect of King Djoser’s step pyramid. In addition, he was a priest advisor to the king. Fans of The Mummy may be familiar with the name Imhotep although that portrayal is not factual.
  11. Jabari - Arabic/Swahili. Brave one. 
  12. Mahmoud Arabic. Praise.
  13. Menes - Ancient Egyptian. It means the name of the king. Menes was the name of a Pharaoh who reigned during the first Egyptian dynasty, sometime between 3200 and 3000 BCE. 
  14. Mostafa - Arabic. Chosen or preferred.
  15. Nakia -Arabic. Pure and faithful. Once popular on lists of baby boy names, it is more commonly used for girls today, especially in the west. 
  16. Osiris- Egpyitan. God of the dead. 
  17. Pharaoh - Egyptian. Ruler. 
  18. Ramses - Egyptian. Son of Ra. Ra was the sun god. Alternative spellings include Rameses and Ramesses. 
  19. Sayed - Arabic. Master or lord.
  20. Tariq - Arabic. Morning star.
  21. Thutmose - Egyptian. Thutmose I was the 3rd king of the 18th Dynasty.
  22. Yahya - Arabic. God is gracious. 
  23. Yasser - Arabic. This popular name means wealthy or well-to-do. 
  24. Youssef - Arabic. God increases.
  25. Zahur - Arabic. Eminent. 

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