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Updated August 11, 2022

If you have Welsh or Celtic roots, you might be interested in choosing a Welsh first name for your little one. We have put together a list of some traditional Welsh names for girls, and boys, and there are even some gender-neutral options as well. 
Plus, we will give you some history of Welsh culture so you can have a clearer picture of where some of these names come from.

History of Welsh Names and Naming Traditions

The Celtic language evolved around the 500s into the Welsh language we are familiar with today. Wales is part of the southwestern portion of the United Kingdom which is why some of the names also have English origins as well.

Welsh surnames were typically patronymic and often given names were related to them as well. They would take influence from the child’s father’s name when choosing a first name. Parents would also take inspiration from medieval times as well as the meanings of the names because they believed it helped forge their child’s path.

Welsh Boy Names and Meanings 

  1. Aled - Welsh for “offspring.”
  2. Alwyn - Welsh and English origin, means “elf friend” or “wise friend.”
  3. Andreas - The Welsh version of “Andrew” means “manly.”
  4. Cai - Welsh for “rejoice.”
  5. Dafydd - The Welsh form of “David” means “beloved.”
  6. Elis - Welsh for “kind” or “benevolent.”
  7. Emyr - Welsh for “king.”
  8. Evan - Welsh for “the Lord is gracious.”
  9. Gareth - Welsh for “gentle.”
  10. Geraint - Welsh for “old man.”
  11. Gruffudd - An Old Welsh name that means “lord” or “prince.”
  12. Idris - Welsh for “ardent lord” or “fiery leader.”
  13. Ifan - Welsh for “God is gracious.”
  14. Kenrich - Welsh and Irish origin, means “royal ruler.”
  15. Lloyd - Welsh for “grey” or “sacred.”
  16. Llywelyn - Welsh for “leader” or “leader’s image.”
  17. Maddox -English and Welsh origin, means “son of Madoc.”
  18. Olwen - Welsh for “white footprint.”
  19. Osian - The Welsh version of “Oisin” which is a Celtic name. It means “little deer.”
  20. Owain - Welsh and French origin, means ”youth.” It is also the Welsh form of “Owen.”
  21. Rhys - Welsh for “ardor” or “enthusiasm.”
  22. Sonnagh - Welsh and Irish origin, means “mound” or “rampart.”
  23. Tomos - The Welsh version of “Thomas” and it means “twin.”
Island in Wales

Llanddwyn Island, Wales

Welsh Girl Names and Meanings 

  1. Anwen - Welsh for “very beautiful.”
  2. Beca - The Welsh version of “Rebecca” and means “to bind.”
  3. Bryn - Welsh for “hill” or “mount.”
  4. Caitrin - The Gaelic form of “Catherine” and it means “pure.”
  5. Carys - Welsh for “to love.”
  6. Ceri - This is a shortened version of Ceredigion, a county in Wales.
  7. Efa - Welsh for “life.”
  8. Enid - Welsh for “spirit” or “soul.”
  9. Gladys - Welsh for “princess” or “ruler.”
  10. Gwyn - The welsh variation of “Gwen” means “white” or “holy.”
  11. Gwynedd - A Welsh form of “Gwyneth” means “happiness.”
  12. Lynette - Welsh for “idol” or “beauty.”
  13. Mari - Welsh for “drop of the sea” or “bitter.” It is an alternative to the Hebrew name “Mary.”
  14. Megan - A Welsh and English name that means “pearl.”
  15. Nerys - Welsh for “nobleman.”
  16. Nia - This is the Welsh form of the Irish name “Niamh” which means “bright.”
  17. Owena - Welsh for “young warrior.”
  18. Rhiannon - Old Welsh for “goddess” or "divine queen.”
  19. Seren - Welsh for “star.”
  20. Tegan - Welsh for “loved one” or “darling.”
  21. Telyn - Welsh for “harp.”

Gender-Neutral Welsh Names and Meanings

  1. Aeron - This is the Welsh version of “Aaron” or “Erin.” It means “berry.”
  2. Bronwen - Welsh for “white breast.”
  3. Dylan - Welsh for “son of the sea” or “born from the ocean.”
  4. Morgan - Welsh for “sea circle.” It is a variation of the Old Welsh name “Morcant.”
  5. Sion - This is the Welsh form of “John” and it means “God is gracious.”
  6. Reese - The is the anglicized version of the boy’s name “Rhys” and has the same meaning, “ardent” or fiery.” It is more commonly spelled this way for girls but is used for both genders.
  7. Wyn - Welsh for “pure” or “blessed.”

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