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Nature-Inspired Names for Woodsy Babies

From natural wonders to the mundane everyday world around us, you will find many parts of nature that make lovely names for your little one. Here are our favorite nature names.
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Updated: June 26, 2024

As you embark on a search for the perfect name for your child, taking inspiration from the wonderful world around us is a great starting point. From natural wonders to the mundane everyday world around us, you will find many parts of nature that make lovely names for your little one.

Choosing a name can be stressful. Jennifer Moss, founder and CEO at, recommends that if “you’re getting too much advice from friends or family, just stop asking for it! Tell everyone that you’ll do the name reveal after the baby is born.” Using nature for inspiration can provide you with a meaningful name that your family is sure to get behind when you do reveal your choice.

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Check out our list below of 75 nature inspired names to start you off on your search. Remember to have fun trying various name combinations!

Nature Names for Girls

Immerse your daughter in the beauty of the natural world with these enchanting, nature-inspired names.

  1. Acadia - Acadia National Park is located in Maine, and is a vast expanse of beautiful rolling land. Acadia would make a pretty name for families that love exploring outdoors.
  2. Aster - Aster means star, and is a pretty name for a little girl that you know will shine bright.
  3. Autumn - Inspired by the season, Autumn would be a perfect name for a fall baby or a family that holds special space for the change in seasons.
  4. Aurora - Aurora is latin for Dawn, a sense of new beginnings, and makes a pretty girl's name. Nicknames include Rory, Aerie and Aura.
  5. Blossom - Inspired by flowers, Blossom is a pretty name for a little girl that is unique but feminine.
  6. Calla - The Calla Lily is a beautiful, classic flower, and makes for a very pretty feminine name for a little girl.
  7. Coral - Taking inspiration from under the sea, Coral is a very feminine and pretty name that you don’t come by often. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, Coral would make a pretty choice for your little girl.
  8. Daisy - Inspired by the Daisy flower, this has been a popular name for centuries and still ranks high on the Baby Names popularity charts.
  9. Eden - Inspired from the Garden of Eden, this is a pretty name with biblical and nature inspirations.
  10. Fauna - Fauna is a name used for the presence of animal life in a region. This is unique nature inspiration, but is a pretty and feminine name that would have any little girl standing out.
  11. Flora - Flora is used to describe the presence of plants in a particular region; it’s another unique but pretty and feminine name that can be used for your little girl.
  12. Gale - A gale is a strong wind, used as a girls name as either Gale or Gail, this would be a pretty name with a meaning of strength and confidence.
  13. Hazel - Gaining inspiration from Hazel Tree and Hazelnuts, the name Hazel is currently incredibly popular.
  14. Holly - Inspired by a beautiful green plant with red berries, Holly was widely popular as a girl’s name in the 1970’s and is starting to regain popularity.
  15. Ivy - Ivy is a beautiful climbing vine plant that makes for a short and sweet name. Currently ranked #68 for U.S births, Ivy is incredibly popular for little girls.
  16. Lily - Inspired by the classic and beautiful flower, Lily is a simple but classic and very popular name.
  17. Juniper - The Juniper is an evergreen tree that has a nice feminine ring to it. Juniper would make a pretty name for any girl, but especially if she has a winter birthday.
  18. Misty - Morning dew or mist can add a bit of mystery and calm to the world; Misty makes a pretty name for your little girl that will add an err of mystery along with a feminine flare.
  19. Nova - A bright star, Nova is perfect for a little girl that you know will shine bright.
  20. Olive - With inspiration coming from the Olive tree, with nicknames like Liv this is a pretty nature inspired name for little girls.
  21. Opal - Opal means “precious gem” and is the birthstone for the month of October. If you have a little girl that is born in October, or who you know will light up your life, Opal is a pretty choice for a name.
  22. Poppy - Named for the beautiful, bold, red Poppy flower, this would make a unique perky name for a little girl that is sure to become a beautiful and strong woman.
  23. Rose - Inspired by the flower, roses are known for symbolizing love, a beautiful name for the new little lady in your life.
  24. Rosemary - A fragrant herb used for cooking, Rosemary gives a more formal name than just Rose, and is an elegant choice for a little girl.
  25. Sparrow - A sparrow is a small bird known for its singing. If you’re an avid bird-watcher, Sparrow has a lovely ring to it and would make a nice name for your daughter.
  26. Summer - If your daughter is due in the summer, or if this season holds particular meaning to your family, Summer would make a pretty name for a little girl. Simple and easy to pronounce, this name is a nice basic name that would pair well with a more complicated surname.
  27. Willow - The Willow tree is known for being flowy, elegant and full of grace, lovely meanings and a beautiful name for your little girl.

Nature Names for Boys

Give your son a name that reflects the strength and serenity of the great outdoors.

  1. Arbor - An arbor is a leafy shady area formed by branches, and is a unique name that would make a little boy stand out from the crowd.
  2. Alder - Inspired by a tree from the Birch family, Alder is a unique and unusual name for a little boy. If you want something that will stand out, this is a great choice.
  3. Archer - An archer is a bowman or one who excels at archery, and is a fun name choice for your little hunter.
  4. Brooks - Typically deriving from “the brook”, this is a nice take on a lazy water pathway.
  5. Bryce - Inspired by Bryce Canyon, a National Park in Utah, this is a popular name for boys.
  6. Buck - If hunting is a family pastime, then Buck or Bucky might be a good choice for your little boy. Meaning both cowboy and deer, this name has dual meaning.
  7. Canyon - The Grand Canyon is known for its expansive size and massive presence, strong features for a little boy.
  8. Clayton - A more formal name deriving from the earth’s clay, we like this name for little boys especially with a meaning of coming directly from the earth.
  9. Cliff - Strong and jagged, a mountain cliff inspires this manly name.
  10. Flint - Inspired by a flint rock that you would use to spark fire, Flint gives a strong name to a little boy who may be an adventurer.
  11. Forrest - An obvious nature inspiration, Forrest is actually a pretty popular name in the U.S, perhaps also from Forrest Gump. We like the strength that comes with this name for a little boy.
  12. Glen - Glen is of Scottish origin and means “from the wooded valley”. It gives a sense of calm and peace, two lovely traits for a boy.
  13. Hawke - A more interesting spelling for hawk, a strong fierce bird who hunts and protects with swift speed and strength.
  14. Heath - Heath is a masculine version of nature inspired objects such as heather and grass.
  15. Heron - A freshwater bird, the heron is tall and strong, standing out among the water. Heron also means hero, a dual meaning for your son.
  16. Leif - Pronounced like leaf, Leif is a unique spelling for a little boy, popular from Scandanavian background.
  17. North - North is a unique name choice with inspiration that you will always be pointing in the right direction. This is a great meaning for a boy that you send off into the world.
  18. Palmer - Inspired by palms, leafy branches often used for fanning, this is a regal sounding name for a boy.
  19. Parker - Inspired by our favorite National Parks, Parker has gained a lot of popularity in the United States.
  20. Reed - Inspired by the plants that grow in wet marshy land, reeds are tall, willowy and can thrive in unexpected environments, all great meanings for a little boy to grow into.
  21. Rocky - For those mountain men who love exploring the rocky terrain, this would make a great name or nickname for a son.
  22. Sterling - This is English for “little star”, a male name that alludes to a sense of strength and royalty.
  23. Wade - When thinking about water-inspired names, Wade is a great choice for a little boy. Whether wading in the water, or traveling the “ford” (wade), this is a strong choice in name.
  24. Weston - Taking inspiration from West, Weston is a great, strong name for a little boy.

Gender Neutral Nature Names

Choose a unique name from the wonders of nature that perfectly suits any child, transcending traditional gender boundaries.

  1. Ash - Coming from the Ash tree, this is a gender-neutral option that is short and sweet.
  2. Aspen - Inspiration for Aspen comes both from the Aspen tree and the ski town in Colorado. If you’re a big skier, or like the meaning that comes with the strength of trees, Aspen is a great choice for either gender.
  3. Bay - A calm sea inlet is a bay of water, not as vast and expansive as the ocean, but still a large body of water. Bay makes a great name choice for either gender.
  4. Brooke - Taking inspiration from a small stream of water, Brooke makes a great nature inspired gender neutral name.
  5. Dusty - A gender neutral name choice that feels a little rustic, Dusty is a unique name for either gender.
  6. Cyan - A blue-green color most closely associated with the blue green color of calm ocean water. This is a unique and interesting name that would help your little one stand out.
  7. Ember - The name Ember means spark, as you think about the embers from a fire. If you’re little one is going to add a little spark to your family, this would be a cute name.
  8. Everest - Inspired by Mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth, it is a strong name for either girls or boys.
  9. Indigo - Inspired by an earthy tone found in nature, Indigo is a rich blue-purple shade found in flowers, plants and sometimes rainbows.
  10. Jade - Inspired by the green jade stone, this is a popular name that can be used for either gender.
  11. Lark - A lark is a songbird, a lovely animal to name your child after. Whether you are inspired by birds or their lovely songs, Lark is a pretty and uncommon name that would give your child a unique and original name.
  12. Lynx - Inspired by the wild cat, Lynx is an uncommon name that would give an unusual flare to either gender. If you’re looking for something unique, this would make a great choice.
  13. Oakley - Inspired by the Oak tree, Oakley is a gender-neutral name that gives feelings of strength and stability.
  14. Phoenix - We love this gender-neutral name, inspired both by the mythological bird and fire.
  15. Raven - Named for the blackbird, Raven is a gender-neutral option that is unique and stately.
  16. River - Inspiration coming from bodies of water such as rivers elicit connotations of soft and calm, like a lazy river, as well as strong and wild, like larger rivers.
  17. Robin - Name for the red Robin bird, this makes a great name for either gender. Male robins are red, bold and fearless.
  18. Sage - Sage is a herb that many people believe have healing and cleaning properties. If you’re looking for a popular name with a beautiful meaning, Sage is a great choice.
  19. Sky - There is nothing more vast than the sky, a huge source of inspiration for so many. Keeping your options gender neutral, if you want to change things up and make the spelling more interesting, Skye and Skylar are great options as well.
  20. Star - If you are inspired by astrology, going right to the source with the name Star is a great way to go for either gender.
  21. Storm - Storm or Stormy give a fierce title with a flare of mystery. This is a name suitable to either gender, Storm is a darker name with underlying beauty.
  22. Sunny - Sunny can be used as a nickname or a first name for either gender. Thinking about the sun just warms a person and likely draws a smile, a wonderful reaction to a child’s name.
  23. Winter - Winter or Wynter are fun ways to draw inspiration from the seasons. Whether you are a snow bunny or your little one is due in the winter, these would make great name choices.
  24. Wren - A wren is a small songbird that would make a unique name for either gender.

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