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100 Gothic Girl Names for the Strange and Unusual

These unique baby girl names are inspired by Gothic literature and culture. Why not choose an unusual Gothic name for your little one?
100 Gothic Girl Names for the Strange and Unusual
Updated: October 31, 2023
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Put on your black lipstick and transport back to your goth phase with this list of 100 Gothic girl names. If you are expecting a daughter, these moody and dark names are great choices. Of course, when it comes to Gothic names, there’s more than thick eyeliner and black clothing. We will also dive into Gothic culture as well.

We’ve divided these Gothic names for girls into several categories. From traditional and popular to beautiful and unique, there’s something for every goth type.

History of Gothic Names and Culture

Gothic culture all started with music. It began in the United Kingdom during the 1980s. Many consider Gothic rock post-punk, taking a lot of influence from punk rock and turning it into its own music genre. The fashion is often associated with heavy, dark makeup and dark/black clothing.

Gothic literature, however, refers to a type of fiction that combines romance with dark themes, such as horror and suspense. It began in the 18th century. The novel “The Castle of Otranto” by Horace Walpole is the first piece of Gothic fiction ever written. Some well-known authors of Gothic literature and romance include Charlotte and Emily Brontë, Bram Stoker, and Mary Shelley.

Traditional Gothic Names for Girls with Meanings

  1. Branwen - Welsh; meaning “blessed raven.” It’s also a Dutch name for a fiery spirit distilled from wine.
  2. Briar - English; meaning “thorny bush of wild roses.”
  3. Cordelia - Latin; meaning “heart” and Celtic; meaning “daughter of the sea.”
  4. Desdemona - Greek; meaning “ill-fated.” Desdemona is also the name of the tragic heroine in William Shakespeare’s play “Othello.”
  5. Guinevere - Welsh; meaning “white fairy.”
  6. Isolde - German; meaning “fair lady” and Celtic; meaning “ice ruler.” “Tristan and Isolde” is a legendary medieval romance from the 12th century.
  7. Juliet - French and Latin; meaning “youthful.” Juliet is the name of one of the title characters of the play “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare.
  8. Lenore - Greek; meaning “light.” Author Edgar Allen Poe wrote a poem called “Lenore.”
  9. Lilith - Hebrew; meaning “night monster.” Lilith is the name of a demon in Jewish mythology.
  10. Lydia - Greek; meaning “beautiful one.” One of the movie “Beetlejuice” characters is an emo/goth named Lydia Deetz.
  11. Mary - Hebrew; meaning “beloved” or “bitter.” Mary Shelley wrote the classic novel “Frankenstein.”
  12. Mildred - English; meaning “gentle adviser.”
  13. Ophelia - Greek; meaning “help.” Ophelia is a character in the drama “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare.
  14. Pandora - Greek; meaning “all gifts.” Pandora is the first mortal woman in Greek mythology.
  15. Valentina - Latin; meaning “healthy” or “strong.”
  16. Vesperina - Latin; meaning “evening star.” This is the feminine version of the name “Vesper.”

Popular Gothic Names with Meanings

  1. Anastasia - Greek; meaning “resurrection.”
  2. Aurora - Latin; meaning “dawn.” The Roman Goddess of the Dawn is Aurora.
  3. Charlotte - French; meaning “free man” or “little and womanly.” Charlotte Brontë, an author of Gothic literature, inspires this name.
  4. Darcy - French and Irish; meaning “dark one.” Mr. Darcy is a character in Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen.
  5. Elvira - German; meaning “truth.” This name is inspired by the title character of the Gothic horror film “Elvira: Mistress of the Dark.”
  6. Emily - Latin; meaning “rival” or “eager.” This name is inspired by the iconic author Emily Brontë.
  7. Jane - English; meaning “God is gracious.” Jane Austen is a famous author.
  8. Luna - Latin and Spanish; meaning “moon.” Luna is the name of the Roman Goddess of the Moon.
  9. Morticia - This English name means “mortician” and was invented for Morticia Addams the popular character from “The Addams Family” franchise.
  10. Sabrina - Latin; meaning “from the river Severn.” Sabrina is a river goddess from Welsh mythology.
  11. Wednesday - English; meaning “Woden’s Day” or “born on Wednesday.” It is the name of one of the characters of “The Addams Family.”
  12. Willow - Old English for “tree” or “freedom.”
  13. Winter - English; meaning “coldest season of the year.”
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Unique Gothic Names for Girls with Meanings

  1. Amaryllis - Greek; meaning “fresh” or “sparkling.”
  2. Ash - English; meaning “ash tree.”
  3. Bellicent - Celtic; meaning “brilliant.” Bellicent is also the Celtic Sun God.
  4. Bimasha - Scandinavian; meaning “mighty woman of the sea.”
  5. Blodwyn - Welsh; meaning “white flower.”
  6. Chimera - This is a monster in Greek mythology that has a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail.
  7. Circe - The Goddess of Sorcery in Greek mythology.
  8. Draconia - Latin; meaning “dragon.”
  9. Edana - Irish and Gaelic; meaning “fire.”
  10. Electra - Greek; meaning “shining.”
  11. Ember - Old English; meaning “spark.”
  12. Freya - The name of theOld Norse Goddess of Fertility.
  13. Hesperia - Greek; meaning “evening star.”
  14. Jezebel - Hebrew; meaning “not exalted” or “pure.”
  15. Lycoris - Greek; meaning “twilight.”
  16. Medusa - Greek; meaning “to protect.” Medusa is a figure in Greek mythology.
  17. Onyx - English; meaning “black gemstone” or “claw.”
  18. Perdita - Latin; meaning “lost.”

Beautiful Gothic Names for Girls with Meanings

  1. Acantha - Greek; meaning” thorny.”
  2. Amaris - English; meaning “child of the moon.”
  3. Amethyst - Greek; meaning “purple gemstone.” It was said that amethyst could prevent drunkenness.
  4. Artemia - Greek; meaning “gift from Artemis.”
  5. Belinda - Spanish; meaning “beautiful” or "pretty.”
  6. Belladonna - Spanish; meaning “beautiful.” It is also a poison called deadly nightshade.
  7. Calida - Greek; meaning “most beautiful” and Spanish; meaning “warm.”
  8. Calista - Greek; meaning “most beautiful.”
  9. Danica - Latin and Slavic; meaning “morning star.”
  10. Drusilla - Greek; meaning “innocent.”
  11. Eirisse - Greek; meaning “rainbow.”
  12. Endora - Hebrew; meaning “fountain.”
  13. Feronia - A Latin Goddess of Springs and Woods.
  14. Ketura - Hebrew; meaning “incense.”
  15. Lanira - Russian; meaning “powerful sorceress.”
  16. Lilah - Arabic; meaning “dark” or “night beauty.”
  17. Meredith - Old Welsh; meaning “protector of the sea.”
  18. Nesta - Greek; meaning “pure.”
  19. Orenda - Iroquois; meaning “magic power.”
  20. Rhiannon - The name of a nymph in Welsh mythology.
  21. Sapphire - Greek; meaning “blue jewel.”
  22. Violetta - Italian; meaning “purple.”

Dark Names for Girls with Meanings

  1. Adrienne - Greek; meaning “rich” and Latin; meaning "dark.”

  2. Amaya - Japanese; meaning “night rain.”
  3. Badriyah - Arabic; meaning “resembling a full moon.”
  4. Carmilla - Hebrew; meaning “orchard.” It is also the title character of the Gothic novel by Sheridan Le Fanu.
  5. Corvina - Latin; meaning “like a raven.”
  6. Crimson - English; meaning “dark red.”
  7. Ebony - Greek; meaning “hard wood” or “dark wood.”
  8. Garnet - Middle English; meaning “dark red gemstone” and Latin; meaning “red seed.”
  9. Hecate - A Goddess of Witchcraft in Greek mythology.
  10. Kyra - Irish and Scottish; meaning “dark-headed.”
  11. Layla - Arabic; meaning “night” and Hebrew; meaning “dark beauty.”
  12. Midnight - American; meaning “twelve o’clock at night.”
  13. Myrtle - Greek; meaning “flower.”
  14. Nyx - Greek; meaning “night.”
  15. Phoenix - Greek; meaning “dark red” or “mythical bird.”
  16. Raven - English; meaning “dark-haired.” A raven is also a black bird.
  17. Risna - Arabic; meaning “dark” or “black-haired woman.”
  18. Scarlett - Middle English; meaning “deep red.”
  19. Umbra - Latin; meaning “shadow.”
  20. Yennifer - Welsh; meaning “white phantom.”

Haunted Names with Meanings

  1. Annabelle - Hebrew; meaning “gift of God.”
  2. Arachna - Greek; meaning “spider.”
  3. Banshee - A banshee is a fairy in Irish mythology. It is a symbol of death.
  4. Blair - Gaelic; meaning “plain.”
  5. Carrie - Several origins and meanings, including Latin for “dear” and Irish for “pure.”
  6. Deirdre - Irish; meaning “sorrowful.”
  7. Ethelinda - Old German; meaning “noble serpent.”
  8. Maleficent - Latin; meaning “causing harm.”
  9. Rosemary - English; meaning “bitter rose.”
  10. Salem - Arabic; meaning “secure.”
  11. Thana - Arabic; meaning “gratitude.”

With influences from both the Gothic period and aesthetics, there are plenty of Gothic names that would be perfect for a baby girl.

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