75 Nonbinary Names and Gender-Neutral Options For Baby Names

Updated: March 30, 2022
Gender is a fluid spectrum, and having a choice of gender-neutral names that reflect identity is important. Here is a list of 75 of our favorite nonbinary names.
75 Nonbinary Names
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Are you looking for a nonbinary name for either yourself or your child? Our list of 75 nonbinary names can help you get started! A non-binary or enby name is typically chosen by people who do not identify as male or female. Gender is a fluid spectrum, and having a choice of gender-neutral names that reflect identity is important. 

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Nonbinary people may also choose to identify as genderfluid, agender, genderqueer, or enby. They may feel as if they are a mix of genders, or that they do not conform to any gender at all. A person’s sex is determined at birth by their biological body parts, but their gender is a social construct that can be chosen and reflect what a person knows they are.

When looking for a nonbinary or unisex name, people may try to avoid names that are typically identified as boys’ names or girls’ names. They might look for a name meaning that speaks to who they are. A given name or birth name that is more known as a masculine or feminine name may be modified or changed completely. Some may also choose to reclaim a middle name as a first name if it feels like more of a fit with their identity.

Here are 75 nonbinary names to consider:

  1. Addison - Addison means Child of Adam, but it can also be spelled in various ways to make it more unique such as Addisyn, Adison, Adyson, or Addyson.
  2. Alec - It means defender of the people and has both Greek and English origins.
  3. Alexis - It means helper or defender and is of Greek origin.
  4. Allyn - It means precious and is of Gaelic origin.
  5. Aly - An Arabic name for high or elevated.
  6. Andi - Although it means manly, it is a unisex name.
  7. Ariel - This Hebrew name means lion of God.
  8. Asher - This Hebrew name means blessed or happy.
  9. Ashton - This American unisex name means ash tree town.
  10. Aspen - This American name means quaking tree.
  11. Avery - This French name means elf king.
  12. Bai - This Chinese name means pure.
  13. Bao - This Vietnamese name means treasure.
  14. Beck - This Germanic name means brook or stream.
  15. Caelan - This Gaelic name means eternal warrior.
  16. Carlin - This Gaelic name means little champion.
  17. Cass - This Persian name means treasurer or clever.
  18. Dale - This Old English name means valley.
  19. Dakota - This Sioux name means friend or ally.
  20. Delaney - This Irish name means dark challenger.
  21. Eli - This Hebrew name means high or elevated.
  22. Elisha - This Old German name means noble.
  23. Emery - This German name means home strength.
  24. Everly - This English name means wild boar in a woodland clearing.
  25. Fable - This Latin name means tale or legend.
  26. Faer - This name means traveler.
  27. Finn - This Irish derived name means fair.
  28. Forest - This English name means woods.
  29. Frankie - This American name means free or truthful.
  30. Gael - A Welsh name meaning Gaelic.
  31. Gideon - A Hebrew name meaning great warrior.
  32. Gray - An Old English name meaning gray haired.
  33. Harper - An English, Scottish, and Irish name meaning a harp player.
  34. Hayden - An English name meaning fire.
  35. Henley - An Old English name meaning high meadow.
  36. Hollis - An Old English name meaning the holly tree.
  37. Iceland - An Old Norse name meaning island or good fortune.
  38. Indigo - A Greek name meaning Indian dye.
  39. Isa - A Hebrew name meaning salvation of God.
  40. Jace - An American name meaning to heal.
  41. Jay - From a Latin name meaning to rejoice.
  42. Jayden - A Hebrew name meaning thankful.
  43. Jazz - An American name referencing the style of music.
  44. Jennis - An American name meaning God is gracious.
  45. Jody - A Hebrew name meaning Jehovah increases.
  46. Kami - A Japanese name meaning Lord.
  47. Karmen - A Spanish name meaning fruitful orchard.
  48. Kendall - An Old English name meaning the Kent River valley.
  49. Kinsey - An Old English name meaning the king’s victory.
  50. Lei - A Chinese name meaning flower bud.
  51. Lyric - An English name meaning words of a song.
  52. Maple - An English name meaning lived by a maple tree.
  53. Marley - An English name meaning pleasant seaside meadow.
  54. Myler - This name references a Welsh surname originally.
  55. Nasen - An enby name suggested on Tumblr.
  56. Nox - A Latin name meaning night.
  57. Oakley - An Old English name meaning meadow of oak trees.
  58. Olev - An Estonian name meaning ancestor’s descendant.
  59. Pax - A Latin name meaning peaceful.
  60. Peyton or Payton - An English name meaning fighting man’s estate.
  61. Penn - An Old English name meaning enclosure or hill.
  62. Phoenix - A Greek name meaning deep red.
  63. Quael - An enby name suggested on Tumblr.
  64. Rae - A Hebrew name meaning ewe or female sheep.
  65. Robin - An Old Germanic name meaning fame and bright.
  66. Roux - A Latin name meaning russet.
  67. Rowan - An Arabic name meaning a river in paradise.
  68. Skylar - An English name meaning noble scholar.
  69. Sydney - An Old English name meaning wide meadow.
  70. Teraven - An enby name suggested on Tumblr.
  71. Urith - A Hebrew name meaning brightness.
  72. Vere - An English name meaning alder.
  73. Vix - A derivative name of Victoria.
  74. Wyesh - This name has astrological connections.
  75. Xen - This name could reference a form of Buddhism or a Greek name meaning stranger.

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