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Updated June 10, 2024

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Girl name origins & meanings

What does Emery mean and stand for as a girl's name?


  • German: Industrious ruler
  • English: Home strength
  • French: Brave and powerful
  • Latin: Loving

Gender: Female, unisex

Syllables: 3

Pronunciation: The name Emery is pronounced eh-muh-ree

Originally from Latin, and meaning "loving", the name Emery also originates from German, English, and French traditions. In German, it means "industrious ruler," signifying hard work and leadership. The English meaning, "home strength," represents reliability and stability within the family. In French, Emery translates to "brave and powerful," reflecting a sense of courage and influence. This name is often chosen for its strong and empowering meanings.

Girl name variations

Boy name origins & meanings

What does Emery mean and stand for as a boy's name?


  • German: Industrious ruler
  • English: Home, strength
  • French: Brave and powerful
  • Latin: Loving

Gender: Male, unisex

Syllables: 3

Pronunciation: The name Emery is pronounced em-uh-ree

The name Emery has its origins in Latin, German, and Old English, stemming from the Germanic name Emmerich, which means "ruler of work." In Old English, it is associated with industriousness and leadership. This name has grown in popularity over the years and continues to be a favored choice for its strong and resilient connotations.

Boy name variations

How Popular Is The Name Emery

Family name origins & meanings


English and French: from a Germanic personal name, Emaurri, composed of the elements amja "busy", "industrious" + rīc "power." The name was introduced into England from France by the Normans. There has been some confusion with Amory.

Canadian: This name is recorded in Quebec in 1674, having been taken there from Dordogne, France.


Famous people who gave their babies this name

Emery in Pop Culture

Do you know these fictional characters that share this first name?

  • Emery Whitehill from Star-Crossed - Emery is a compassionate and open-minded human teenager who forms a romantic relationship with an alien named Roman.
  • Emery Lund from Blue Bloods - Emery is a character appearing in one episode as a tech-savvy criminal involved in a cyber-terrorism plot.
  • Emery Hazlitt from The Simpsons - Emery is a recurring character who is a student at Springfield Elementary School.
  • Emery Cottle from The West Wing - Emery is a campaign aid who works on the re-election campaign for President Bartlett.
  • Emery from Fourth Wing - Emery is a prominent character who plays a crucial role in the political intrigue and magical battles that define the series.

Popularity of the Name Emery

According to Social Security Administration data, Emery has seen a rise in popularity, especially in recent years. As of 2023, it ranks within the top 100 baby names in the U.S. This male and gender-neutral name has roots in Old German, meaning "industrious leader," and has been embraced by both boys and girls alike.

Historical figures with the name include Emery Roth, an influential American architect known for designing several iconic buildings in New York City. In media, fictional characters named Emery appear in series like Star-Crossed. The name's versatility and modern appeal make it a favorite among new parents.

Where Is the Name Emery Popular?

This name is most popular across certain states in the U.S., including those highlighted on the map below.

Nicknames for Emery

These shortened names can make great nicknames for your baby.

  • Em
  • Emmer
  • Emmie
  • Ems
  • Ree
  • RiRi

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