Our Favorite 1920s Girl Names Making a Comeback in the 2020s

Updated: April 7, 2021
We've curated a list of the most popular girl names from the 1920s along with their meanings that are sure to trend again in the 2020s.
75 1920s Girl Names
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The roaring twenties are here again, and along with the decade, some of the most popular girl’s names from a century ago are back in style! The truth is, many of these elegant names have never really gone out of style but may have waned in popularity.

Perhaps you like one of the classic names like Elizabeth or Evelyn. You could also go with a fun and whimsical flapper name like Josephine or CoCo. No matter which one of these unique names you decide to go with, the 1920s are a great resource of terrific baby names!

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We checked with the Social Security Administration to see the most popular baby names in the 1920s and have curated a list of 75 of the most classic and unique baby names inspired by the 1920s.

No matter which one of these names you choose for your little girl, every name on this list has proven to have staying power, and you are guaranteed to find the perfect name.

75 1920s Baby Girl Names

  1. Ada - German, nobility
  2. Alice - German, noble, exalted
  3. Anne - English/Latin, grace, favor
  4. Audrey - Anglo-Norman, noble strength
  5. Beatrice - Italian, she who makes happy
  6. Bette - Dutch/English/Hebrew, God’s promise
  7. Catherine - Greek, pure, alternate spelling Katharine or Katherine
  8. Clara - Latin, bright clear
  9. Coco - American, chocolate bean, it is also considered French after the famous designer Coco Chanel
  10. Cora - Greek, just, honest, virtuous, good
  11. Della - German, noble
  12. Dolores - Spanish, lady of sorrow
  13. Doris - Greek, gift
  14. Dorothy - English/Greek, gift of God
  15. Edith - Old English, riches, and blessed
  16. Elizabeth - English, pledged to God
  17. Elsie - English, a variation of Elizabeth
  18. Eloise - French/English, healthy, wide
  19. Emily - Latin, stiving, eager, derivative of the name Amelia
  20. Emma - German, universal
  21. Esther - Persian, star, Jewish wife of the King of Persia
  22. Eunice - Greek, victory, good
  23. Evelyn - French/English, wished for child
  24. Eva - English/Latin, life, living one, full of life, mother of life
  25. Faye - Middle English, fairy
  26. Flora - Latin, floral, Roman goddess of springtime
  27. Florence - Latin, flourishing, prosperous
  28. Frances - Latin, from France a free man
  29. Genevieve - French, has Celtic origins, woman of the race
  30. Gladys - Latin, royalty, or princess
  31. Grace - English, virtue of God
  32. Hattie - German, variant of Harriet, home ruler
  33. Hazel - English, the hazelnut tree, hazel symbolized protection and authority
  34. Ida - German, labor, work
  35. Imogene - Irish, maiden
  36. Inez - Portuguese, pure, virginal
  37. Irene - Greek peace
  38. Irma - German, world, universal, war goddess
  39. Jane - Hebrew, gracious, merciful
  40. Jean - French, God is graciou
  41. Josephine - French/English, female version of the name Joseph, God shall grow
  42. Julia - Roman, youthful
  43. June - Roman, summer, sunny days, named after the Roman goddess Juno who was the protector of pregnant women
  44. Kathleen - Irish, pure, clear, innocent
  45. Laura - Greek/Roman/Latin, by the laurel tree, victory, honor, strength
  46. Lila - Hebrew/Arabic, night, beauty, variations are Lylah and Lilah
  47. Lois - Greek, most desirable
  48. Lola - Spanish, sorrows
  49. Louise - French, female version of Louis, renowned warrior
  50. Lucille - French, comes from the name Lucilla which means light
  51. Mabel - English, loveable, dear
  52. Marion - French, star of the sea
  53. Marilyn - English, drop of the sea, bitter or beloved
  54. Margaret - Greek, pearl, one variant is Marjorie
  55. Mildred - Anglo-Saxon, gentle strength
  56. Nellie - Latin, horn, or sunray
  57. Olive - English, olive tree, symbol of peace, success
  58. Pearl - English, smooth, a round bead formed by a mollusk
  59. Rachel - Hebrew, ewe, one with purity
  60. Roberta - Old English/Old German, bright fame, feminine version of Robert
  61. Rose - Latin, flower
  62. Rosemary - Latin, dew of the sea
  63. Ruby - Latin, deep red precious stone
  64. Ruth - Hebrew, companion, a vision of beauty
  65. Sally - Hebrew, princess
  66. Sarah - Hebrew, lady, princess, noblewoman
  67. Shirley - English, bright meadow
  68. Sylvia - Latin, the spirit of the woods
  69. Theresa - Greek, late summer
  70. Virginia - Latin, pure, virginal
  71. Velma - German, determined protector
  72. Vera - Russian, faith
  73. Victoria - Latin, victory
  74. Vivian - Latin, lively
  75. Winifred - Welsh, fair one, white and smooth, soft, happiness, pure

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