75 Badass Names for Boys for Your Little Rebel

Updated: June 4, 2021
We've put together the ultimate list of badass names for boys taking inspiration from nonconformists, activists, and fighters.
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Being badass doesn’t always have to be about breaking the law and wearing leather. In modern times, we regard badass as someone who is an overall nonconformist, activist, or fighter. With so much happening in the world right now, it’s only fitting to give your baby boy a name that matches a belief or revolution, or the power to overcome a struggle. So, to help you on your badass journey, here are 75 of the best badass names for boys that will luckily last them a lifetime.

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  1. Aera: Unique, and means “strength of a lion.”
  2. Andre: French for “manly.”
  3. Archer: A strong, rugged name that simply means “the archer.”
  4. Arsenio: Meaning “strength” and is mostly known for talk show host Arsenio Hall.
  5. Axl: This name might mean “father of peace” but it’s also linked to the lead singer of Guns n Roses.
  6. Aziz: This unique name means ‘all-powerful’.
  7. Barack: Anyone who becomes the first African American president deserves to be on the badass names list.
  8. Bjorn: Pronounced B-yorn, this name means bear and brings images of cuddly boys and warrior men.
  9. Blaze: Of Latin origin meaning, “fire.”
  10. Bond: That’s right… Bond. James Bond.
  11. Bowie: A nod to David Bowie, legendary singer-songwriter.
  12. Boyan: The youngest person to have ever received the highest environmental award from the UN.
  13. Bruce: The real name of Batman, Bruce Wayne.
  14. Ceaser: After Julius Ceaser, the Roman conqueror.
  15. Cobain: Kurt Cobain helped to revolutionise grunge and music.
  16. Corbin: This name suggests mystical undertones, meaning “Raven.”
  17. Damion: Well-known for the character in The Vampire Diaries, Damion is also a symbol of true friendship, especially during dangerous times.
  18. Darwin: The famous naturalist and scientist who wrote, On the Origin of Species.
  19. Dean: This name creates images of guys who are not only dangerously handsome but are ‘too cool for school,’ like James Dean.
  20. Draco: Conjuring images of dragons and vampires.
  21. Einer: This Old Norse name means “warrior” and to stand alone.
  22. Elon: Some might think his intelligence is out of this world but Elon Musk has bigger things to think about… like managing SpaceX.
  23. Enzo: Going the Italian route, try this name, meaning “rules the home.”
  24. Fox: A name that conjures a wild animal and eccentric detectives like Fox Moulder from X-Files.
  25. Gunnar: The traditional meaning of this name is ‘bold warrior.’
  26. Hawk: A raptor always makes for a badass name, or you can try “Gavin” which means hawk.
  27. Hawking: A badass name from the quantum physicist, Stephen Hawking.
  28. Hemingway: From the famous author, Ernest Hemingway.
  29. Hendrix: Giving nods to the late and great Jimi Hendrix.
  30. Iggy: The name of the father of punk, Iggy Pop.
  31. Jacques: After the ocean explorer, Jacques Cousteau.
  32. Jade: A type of ancient healing stone with a cool green color.
  33. Jax: For anyone who wants a son of anarchy.
  34. Johnny: A classicly cool name like Johnny Cash and Johnny Depp.
  35. Keanu: Because who doesn’t love Keanu Reeves?
  36. Kestrel: A bird of prey, like a hawk or falcon, but means rattle.
  37. King: After the non-violent civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr.
  38. Krishna: After Sri Krishna who taught the Bhagavad Gita on the battlefield.
  39. Lars: For a Scandinavian descent, this name sounds bold and means “crowned with Laurel.”
  40. LeBron: After LeBron James, the NBA star who started the LeBron Jame Family Foundation to help children in his hometown.
  41. Legend: A positive spin, like John Legend, who advocates for chopping down barriers to male stereotypes.
  42. Lennon: From the late, great Beatle member, John Lennon.
  43. Logan: Wolverine’s real name.
  44. Luke: Because, well, Skywalker.
  45. Malcolm: Not only from Malcolm X a human rights activist and minister, but it’s also a royal name in Scotland.
  46. Maverick: Whether you’re a Top Gun fan or love the sound of it, this name means independent-thinker.
  47. Mick: Whether you love Mick Jagger or Mick Dundee, this name is pretty badass.
  48. Neil: After the famous astronaut, Neil Armstrong, who was the first man to walk on the moon.
  49. Neo: This name means “new” and has an edgy futuristic feel to it, like in The Matrix.
  50. Neron: A unique name meaning “sea” that brings to mind an edgy sailor or merman.
  51. Orion: Meaning “son of fire” or “hunter” it’s mostly known for the constellation, Orion’s Belt.
  52. Orwell: After George Orwell, author of The Farm and 1984.
  53. Phoenix: A mythical bird that rose from the ashes. Extra points for a family that has metaphorical ties.
  54. Quintin: Who doesn’t love a good Quentin Tarantino film?
  55. Ranger: For someone who might be a guardian of the forest, this one has all the badass deep-woods feels.
  56. Roan: This name offers an adventurous feel that sounds like “roam.”
  57. Rocco: This name has a distinct edgy flavor to it, but it actually means to rest. Something all badasses need to do from time to time.
  58. Royal: Cut straight to the glory so all know he’s from royalty.
  59. Rumi: One of the most influential and popular poets and mystics of all time.
  60. Ryder: A name for anyone who loves to ride, whether it’s a race car driver, a motocross lover or a buckin’ bronco.
  61. Sawyer: Adventurous, means “timber cutter,” and was made famous from Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
  62. Sid: After one of the musicians in the Sex Pistols.
  63. Snow: From the character, Jon Snow in Game of Thrones.
  64. Talon: To add to other bird-type names, this one simply means “claw.”
  65. Thor: An Old Norse God of thunder and strength.
  66. Tyson: You might think of Mike Tyson, but this is a nod to Neil deGrasse Tyson, the famous astrophysicist from the show Cosmos.
  67. Vader: From Star Wars, Vader actually means “father” while Darth means “dark.”
  68. Valentino: A romantic twist, which can be shortened to Val like Val Kilmer.
  69. Van: After singer-songwriter Van Morrison and famous artist Vincent Van Gogh.
  70. Wilder: This name has adventure written all over it.
  71. Winston: England’s prestigious, Winston Churchill, who was one of their most famed Prime Ministers.
  72. Wolfe: If you’ve considered Fox or Hawke, you might as well think of Wolf.
  73. Wyatt: While sounding a little country, it also means “brave and strong.”
  74. Zale: This Greek name means “sea of strength.”
  75. Zeke: For something biblical, try this name meaning “God strengthens.”

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