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75 Nerdy Names for Baby Your Inner Geek Will Love

We've rounded up 75 of the best nerdy names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options. Let your inner geek shine!
75 Nerdy Names
Updated: May 20, 2023

Many parents are choosing to stray away from traditional names and are opting for more unique names for their babies. If you are a true nerd at heart, then you probably already have a list of baby names that contain characters from your favorite shows, anime, or video games that you hold dear to your heart. However, if naming your precious baby boy or baby girl is becoming a bit of a struggle, have no fear! We created a list of the ultimate nerdy baby names so you can let that geeky side of you shine. Here are 75 of the best names that you will recognize if you watch a lot of movies or TV!

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Nerdy Baby Girl Names

  1. Ada- Daughter to Lord Byron and the first computer programmer to work on Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine
  2. Alice- The main character from the popular story Alice in Wonderland
  3. Arwen- Half-Elven princess from the Lord of the Rings franchise
  4. Astrid- Old Norse for "super strength," and also a protagonist in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise
  5. Aurora- The name of the title character Sleeping Beauty
  6. Blanche- Made popular from the Pokemon franchise, she is the leader of Team Mystic
  7. Brienne- Comes from Brienne of Tarth of the Game of Thrones series
  8. Buffy- The main character of the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  9. Carol- You can find Carol Danvers in the Marvel universe as the superhero Captain Marvel
  10. Deanna- Was made popular by the character Deanna Troi from the Star Trek: The Next Generation series
  11. Echo- The name of a nymph from Greek mythology, and also a heroine from Joss Whedon's TV show Dollhouse
  12. Felicity- Come from DC comics, Felicity Smoak is an IT hacker in the Arrow universe
  13. Fleur- For Harry Potter fans, Fleur Delacour can be found as one of the competitors in the Triwizard Tournament that takes place in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  14. Hermione- Comes from Hermione Granger, the most popular female witch from the Harry Potter series
  15. Inara- For Firefly and Serenity fans, Inara Serra leases a shuttle and becomes a companion onboard the Serenity
  16. Jessica- Comes from Marvel character and TV series, Jessica Jones
  17. Kara- The real name of Supergirl from the DC universe
  18. Kaylee- A main character from the popular series Firefly and the movie Serenity
  19. Keiko- Recognizable from Star Trek: The Next Generation as the wife to Miles O'Brien
  20. Khaleesi- Well-known character from Game of Thrones and also goes by the name Daenerys Targaryen or the "Mother of Dragons"
  21. Kitana- A lead character from the Mortal Kombat animated series and video games
  22. Leela- One of the main characters from the Adultswim TV series Futurama
  23. Leia- The main female character from the original Star Wars trilogy
  24. Liliana- A necromancer and healer from the popular playing card game Magic: The Gathering
  25. Lyra- The female protagonist from the popular Pokemon games HeartGold and SoulSilver
  26. Natasha- Comes from Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow from the Marvel universe
  27. Ophelia- A character in William Shakespeare's popular play, Hamlet
  28. Peggy- Comes from Peggy Carter, a member of SHIELD from the Marvel universe
  29. Primrose- From the Hunger Games series, the younger sister of Katniss Everdeen
  30. Quinn- The last name of a popular villain from the DC Universe, Harley Quinn
  31. Ripley- Taken from Ellen Ripley, the female protagonist in the Alien series
  32. Rose- From Doctor Who, Rose Tyler is one of the doctor's most well-known companions
  33. Ruby- Comes from the birthstone of Yukihiro Matsumoto, who created the object-oriented scripted language of the same name
  34. Serenity- The film that was created as a followup to the popular series Firefly, also the ship's name in the series
  35. Thalia- A character in Percy Jackson and the Olympians who could summon lightning
  36. Zelda- Comes from the title princess of the popular Nintendo franchise The Legend of Zelda

Nerdy Baby Boy Names

  1. Albus- Comes from Albus Dumbledore the Headmaster at Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series
  2. Alistair- You will this name in many fandoms such as Dragon Age, Doctor Who, and Spiderman
  3. Anakin- The Skywalker Jedi who later becomes Darth Vader in the Star Wars saga
  4. Ash- Lead character in the Pokemon animated series
  5. Bjorn- From the series Vikings, the character known as King Bjorn Ironside
  6. Cassius- A character in William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar
  7. Clark- Alter ego of Superman, Clark Kent
  8. Dax- A character from Star Trek: The Next Generation
  9. Desmond- A playable character from the Assassin Creed series
  10. Emmett- From the Back to the Future series, scientist Dr. Emmett Brown
  11. Ender- The title character from Orson Scott Card's book Ender's Game
  12. Ganon- A nickname for Ganondorf, a popular character from The Legend of Zelda franchise
  13. Genji- A playable character from the popular video game Overwatch
  14. Geordi- Comes from Geordi La Forge, a character from Star Trek: The Next Generation
  15. Harry- The title character from the Harry Potter series
  16. Issac- For Sir Isaac Newton
  17. Ivar- Comes from Viking leader Ivar the Boneless
  18. Jace- A human planeswalker from the card game Magic: The Gathering
  19. Kai- A supporting character from the series The Legend of Korra
  20. Kal-El- Superman's birth name
  21. Kent- The last name of Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent
  22. Kylo- A character from the newest Star Wars trilogy, Kylo Ren
  23. Leonard- Comes from Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played Spock in the original Star Trek series
  24. Link- A recurring character in The Legend of Zelda franchise
  25. Logan- A Scottish Gaelic name that Wolverine uses as his Alias
  26. Luke- Another member of the Skywalker clan from the Star Wars saga
  27. Malcolm- Captain of the Serenity from the Firefly series
  28. Oberon- A paladin from the video game Warframe
  29. Oliver- The real name of the Green Arrow from the DC Universe, Oliver Queen
  30. Peeta- A main character from the Hunger Games series
  31. Ronan- From the Guardians of the Galaxy
  32. Tobias- A character from Star Wars, Tobias Beckett
  33. Wesley- From Wasley Crusher, a minor character from Star Trek: The Next Generation
  34. Xavier- From Charles Xavier or Professor X of the X-Men universe

Gender-Neutral Nerdy Names

  1. Harley- Popular villain Harley Quinn from the DC Universe
  2. Joss- Comes from Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy and Firefly
  3. Kit- After Kit Harrington who stars in Game of Thrones
  4. River- After River Song, a character from Doctor Who
  5. Rory- For Gilmore Girls fans, after Rory Gilmore

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