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Game of Thrones Inspired Baby Names

These are our top 20 baby names inspired by Game of Thrones for both boys and girls.
game of thrones baby names
By: Brittany McCabe

Deciding on a baby name can quickly turn into an all-consuming and obsessive activity. Naming your child is one of the first major decisions you must do as a parent and it’s a decision that comes with huge responsibility, weight, and consequences. There can be a lot of meaning taken from a name, as well as prejudgments.

But, all in all don’t take it too seriously and don’t let it stress you out. If you’re looking for an innovative name with a personal connection to you and your partner, why not look to your favorite movies, books, TV shows, and more.

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If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, there are SO many strong and inspiring characters you can draw baby name inspiration from. Game of Thrones has everything, from romance and adventure to sci-fi elements and dragons that just might give you some inspiration.

Here are our top 20 baby names inspired by Game of Thrones for both boys and girls:

Game of Thrones Baby Girl Names


Inspired by: Arianne Martell. She is an adventurous and fierce princess who gets what she wants at all costs.
Origin & Meaning: This is a Latin name from a mythological creature who helped Theseus escape from the Labyrinth.
Nicknames: Ari, Anne, Annie


Inspired by: Asha Greyjoy AKA Yara Greyjoy (see #10). She is a wild, bold, and strong-minded leader who can hold her own.
Origin & Meaning: Sanskrit, meaning hope or desire.
Nicknames: Ashy/Ashie, Ash


Inspired by: Elia Sand. She is a wild and prideful character.
Origin & Meaning: Hebrew, meaning an answer from God.
Nicknames: El, Elz, Ellie


Inspired by: Gilly Craster. She is brave and kind-hearted.
Origin & Meaning: Hebrew, meaning joy.
Nicknames: Gil


Inspired by: Margaery Tyrell. She is an intelligent, cunning, and capable young women.
Origin & Meaning: Scottish, meaning pearl.
Nicknames: Margie, Marge, Jorie, Mari


Inspired by: Meera Reed. She plays a cheerful, protective, and respectful role.
Origin & Meaning: Sanskrit, meaning prosperous.
Nicknames: Mimi, Mae, Mia


Inspired by: Olenna Tyrell. She is a wise, sharp-tongued, and cunning individual.
Origin & Meaning: This is a Ukraian version of the name Helen, which means, bright or shining light.
Nicknames: Lena, Enna


Inspired by: Roslin Frey. She is gentle and petite.
Origin & Meaning: French, meaning red haired.
Nicknames: Ros, Lin


Inspired by: Shae, Camp follower to Lord Tywin Lannister. She is young and beautiful.
Origin & Meaning: Irish, meaning full of majesty.


Inspired by: Yara Greyjoy. As mentioned above, she is a wild, bold, and strong-minded leader.
Origin & Meaning: Brazilian, meaning water lady.

Game of Thrones Baby Boy Names


Inspired by: Jon Snow. Easily one of the most beloved characters, he is known to be an honorable and noble member of the Night’s Watch.
Origin & Meaning: English, meaning fair complexion


Inspired by: Mace Tyrell, a jovial and ambitious character.
Origin & Meaning: English, meaning medieval weapon.
Nicknames: Mac, Ace


Inspired by: Finn of Castle Black, a ranger of the Night’s Watch of Castle Black.
Origin & Meaning: Irish, meaning fair one, or white.


Inspired by: Quentyn Martell, a cautious boy who continuously strives to make his father proud.

Origin & Meaning: Latin, meaning number five or the fifth in order or line.
Nicknames: Quin or Quent


Inspired by: Robb Stark. He plays a devoted, honorable, and just young man.
Origin & Meaning: Scottish, used by several Scotts kings in the 14th century.
Nicknames: Robby, Bob, Bobby


Inspired by: Roderick Casse. He is loyal and courageous.
Origin & Meaning: Latin, meaning a famous ruler.
Nicknames: Rod, Rick, Roddy


Inspired by: White Walkers. Okay, these may be the supernatural creatures that threaten all of mankind; however, this is a very cool and modern name.
Origin & Meaning: English, meaning cloth walker, which is a working name and pretty straight forward.


Inspired by: Ned Stark. He is the first character that everyone rooted for, who has an unyielding sense of honor, kindness, and justice.
Origin & Meaning: American, meaning wealthy guardian.
Nicknames: Ned, Ed


Inspired by: Stark of Winterfell. Are you seeing a theme here with the Stark house, a favorite family filled with strong and honorable members?
Origin & Meaning: There are no mentions of origins for this name.

Nickname: Star


Inspired by: Bran Stark, one of the younger brothers in the Stark family who shares all of the above-mentioned characteristics.
Origin & Meaning: Welsh, meaning raven.

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