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75 Romanian Names (& Meanings) to Inspire Your Baby Name Search

If you have Romanian ancestry or a special connection with Romania—or if you simply like Romanian names—take inspiration from our list of 75 Romanian baby names.
Romanian Names
Updated: March 21, 2024
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Romania is a romantic and magical country in Eastern Europe and is home to nearly twenty million people. The mighty Danube River ends its journey in Romania, and it is home to the majestic Carpathia Mountains.

Romania has been conquered and settled many times and has been influenced by the Greek, Roman, Goth, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires. Russia has also played a significant role in the development and culture of Romania.

While Romania may not be the first culture you think to turn to for baby name inspiration, many popular names in the U.S. are also quite popular in Romania. A country with such a rich cultural history is the perfect place to find unique baby names for your baby boy or girl.

Whether you have Romanian heritage or love the idea of a romantic European name, we have compiled a list of 75 Romanian baby names just as majestic and beautiful as the country they come from.

Romanian Girl Names

Discover a collection of enchanting Romanian girl names, rich in history and meaning. Whether you're seeking a name that's traditional or a bit more unique, our list showcases the beauty and diverse cultural heritage of Romania.

  1. Ada - German. "Noble or nobility."
  2. Adina - Hebrew. "Slender or delicate."
  3. Adriana - Spanish. "From the Adriatic."
  4. Agrippina - Latin. "Feet first."
  5. Alexandra - Greek. "One who comes to save the warriors." The feminine form of Alexander.
  6. Alina - Greek. "Sunray, light."
  7. Ana - Hebrew. "Favor or grace."
  8. Anamaria - Hebrew. "Favored grace."
  9. Antonia - Latin. "Priceless one."
  10. Beatrix - Latin. "She who brings happiness."
  11. Camelia - Latin. "Helper to the priest." A Camellia is also a flower.
  12. Clara - Latin. "Bright and clear."
  13. Corina - Greek. "Maiden."
  14. Crina - Romanian. "Lily."
  15. Dacia -  Romanian. The ancient name for Romania.
  16. Daria - Persian. "Prosperous or wealthy."
  17. Demeter - Greek. Demeter is the Greek goddess of harvest and agriculture.
  18. Elena - Spanish/Italian. "Bright, shining light."
  19. Elica - German. "Noble."
  20. Emilia - Latin. "To strive or excel."
  21. Elvira - Spanish. "Truth." "White." "Beautiful."
  22. Florin - French. "Flower or flourishing."
  23. Gabriela - Spanish/Italian. "God is my strength."
  24. Ilie - Slavic. "The Lord is my God."
  25. Ioan - Scottish. "Purple jewel."
  26. Ioana - Hebrew. "He that God has favored." A form of the name Hannah.
  27. Iolanda - Greek. Violet flower."
  28. Larisa - Greek. Larisa is a Greek name that means "citadel" and is based on an ancient story in Greek mythology.
  29. Lavinia - Latin. "Woman of Rome."
  30. Lulia - Swedish. The name means "she is a diamond."
  31. Madalina - Romanian. "Magnificent."
  32. Mircea - Slavic. "Peace."
  33. Nadia - Russian. "Hope."
  34. Nicolae - Romansh. "Victorious people."
  35. Sofia - Greek. "Wisdom."

Romanian Boy Names

Explore our carefully curated selection of Romanian boy names, each with its own unique charm and historical significance. From classic names rooted in antiquity to modern monikers, find the perfect name that resonates with strength and heritage.

  1. Alexandru - Romansh. "Defender of the people." It is a variation of Alexander.
  2. Alin - Romanian. "To soothe."
  3. Andreea - Romansh. "Strong." "Manly." "Courageous warrior."
  4. Andrei - Slavic. "Man, warrior." It is the Slavic version of Andre.
  5. Anton - Latin. "He was lost."
  6. Avram - Romanian. Avram is the Romanian version of Abraham. It means "the father of multitudes."
  7. Bogdan - Slavic. "God-given."
  8. Boian - Galacian. "Solider or warrior."
  9. Caliban - Romanian. "Black."
  10. Catalin - Greek. "Pure."
  11. Cezar - Latin. "Head of hair." A variation of Cesar.
  12. Ciprian - Greek. "A Cypriot." A person from Cypress.
  13. Constantin - Latin. "Constant." "Steadfast."
  14. Cosmin - Romanian. "Priceless, beautiful."
  15. Cristian - Latin. Cristian is a variation of Christian. It is a name meaning "a follower of Christ."
  16. Dragos - Slavic. "Sweet glory."
  17. Emil - Latin. "Rival." "Laborious." "Eager."
  18. Gheorghe - Greek. "Farmer." It is a variation of the name George.
  19. Lucian - Latin. Lucian is a Latin name that means light."
  20. Mihai - Romansh. It is a Romanian form of Michael.
  21. Octavian - Latin. "Eighth."
  22. Sebastian - Latin." Venerable or revered."
  23. Sergiu - Latin. "Servant, attendant."
  24. Stefan - German. "Crown."
  25. Vlad - Romanian. "Prince."

Gender-Neutral Romanian Names

Our list of gender-neutral Romanian names offers versatility and a modern approach to naming. Perfect for parents looking for a name that defies traditional gender roles, these names are beautiful, meaningful, and inclusive.

  1. Alex - Greek. "Defender of man."
  2. Carrol - German. It means "man."
  3. Cyprus - Greek. Cyprus is a country near Greece. The name also means "an enclosed fortress."
  4. Dana - Greek. "The most beautiful pearl."
  5. Ihrin - Romanian. "Peace."
  6. Marin - Spanish. "Of the sea."
  7. Piper - Romanian. "Flute player or piper."
  8. Robin - English. "Bright." "Famed."
  9. Roma - Latin. "A citizen of Rome."
  10. Sorin - Scandinavian. "The Sun." A more feminine form is Sorina.
  11. Teegan - Irish. "Beautiful, fair bard."
  12. Toma - Russian. "Twin."
  13. Vanda - Italian. "Warrior or wish."
  14. Vasilica - Romanian. "Royal and kingly."
  15. Wodeleah - English. "One from the wooded area."

What Is a Typical Romanian Name?

A typical Romanian name often carries strong historical or cultural significance, blending traditional Romanian heritage with influences from Roman, Slavic, and other origins. Male names like Ion and Andrei, and female names such as Maria and Elena, are common. Surnames often end in -escu, denoting son of, with examples including Popescu ("son of the priest") and Ionescu ("son of Ion").

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