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25 Creative Nicknames for William

William is one of the most popular baby boy names in the US. If you're looking for a creative nickname to help your son stand out in a unique way, these are our favorite nicknames for William.
25 creative nicknames for William
Updated: September 15, 2020

After settling on the name William, you may be in the market for the perfect nickname for your little boy. Currently, William is #19 on the baby names popularity charts so you might be looking for a creative nickname that helps your child stand out a little bit.

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Jennifer Moss, Founder and CEO of recommends that you give your “child a choice by using a formal name on the birth certificate and using the nickname in their early years.”  She goes on to tell us that “the name William has never really gone out of style, remaining one of the most popular given names for boys in the last 100 years.”  William means “With gilded helmet,” a reference to a warrior, a strong name for a boy.

Below you will find 25 creative nicknames for William should you decide to choose one for him, or help him decide as he grows into his identity.

  1. Bell - Likely deriving from William Bell, a well known English music composer. If you are a music lover, this is such a unique option.
  2. Bill - During the Middle Ages, there was a trend of swapping letters to make rhyming nicknames. Bill is likely derived from Will and makes a great nickname for William.
  3. Billie - If you’re looking for something a little more creative, switching up the spelling might be the way to go.  
  4. Billy - Similar to Will/Bill, Billy derives from Willy, likely coming from the Middle Ages where swapping letters to create rhyming was popular.
  5. Bo - An interesting variant of William, Bo is a popular nickname that is associated with a few different full name versions. This is a creative choice with Scandanavian origin.
  6. Gil - The Spanish version of William is Guillermo, which can be shortened to Gil, creating an unexpected and creative nickname for William.
  7. Gill - As with Bill, Gill is another rhyming nickname that comes from swapping the first letter. This is definitely a little less common than Will or Bill and would make a creative nickname.
  8. Gui - Another option for a nickname deriving from Guillermo, the Spanish version of William.
  9. Guy - The French version of William is Guillaume, making Guy a short and sweet nickname.
  10. Iam - Oftentimes nicknames come from the beginning of a name, but the end of William, Iam, would be a creative option to go with.
  11. Illiam - Continuing with the trend of using the end of a name, if you want something a little longer Illiam would be a unique option. This is not a name you typically hear, but is perfect if you’re looking for something a little out of the box.
  12. Liam - A shortened version of William, Liam is of Irish descent and makes a great nickname for William.
  13. Tuck - Perhaps inspired by William "Tuck" Andress, a popular American Jazz musician, Tuck is a creative and unexpected nickname for William. If you are a jazz lover, this might be a nickname you gravitate towards.
  14. Wally - Wally is a nickname that really can be used for any “W” name, whether Walter or William, Wally is a creative option to choose.
  15. Whit - Short and sweet, Whit is a creative nickname for William. 
  16. Wiley - Typically pronounced Wye-lee, this is a creative nickname for “W” names, William included. It likely derives from an Old English origin.
  17. Willa - A more feminine option, Willa is a pretty choice for a nickname.  
  18. Willard - If you want to play off of William but keep a nickname a little more formal, Willard is a creative way to go.  Not all nicknames have to be childlike, and Willard gives you the choice to keep things a little more formal while still honoring William. 
  19. Willem - Perhaps originating from a child not yet able to pronounce William, Willem is a cute and creative choice for a nickname.
  20. Will - A more common nickname for William, but by choosing the beginning few letters Will makes a perfectly creative option.
  21. Willie - As with Billie, sometimes choosing a more creative spelling jazzes up a nickname just a little bit.
  22. Wills - Sometimes adding that extra letter gives a nickname just a little bit of an extra creative flare. 
  23. Willy - Now that many people choose the rhyming nickname, such as Billy, Willy is a little less common and therefore a creative choice for William.
  24. Wim - A shortened version of the German version of William, Wilhelm, Wim can be pronounced either “whim” or “vim” and would make a unique and creative nickname.
  25. Wylie - A more unique spelling than Wiley, makes Wylie a creative option for a nickname. This feels less like a nickname and more like a name in and of itself.

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