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75 Preppy Girl Names

If you're looking for a baby girl name that gives off a preppy vibe, look no further than this list of 75 preppy girl names perfect for your little one.
preppy girl names
Updated: March 29, 2023

So what exactly is a "preppy" name? Well, it started as part of American culture. It can refer to someone who is wealthy or upper-class or attends an Ivy League School. If you find yourself wearing penny loafers or half your wardrobe includes Ralph Lauren or J. Crew, then a preppy name may be the best choice for your little girl.

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Below you will find some of the preppiest baby girl names, including some classic names and modern ones as well. These names would also make a great middle name, or you can use a combination like "Scarlett Poppy" or "Ellison Blythe" to create the perfect name! Some of them may seem old-fashioned, but they are still very trendy and have made a comeback as some of the most popular baby names. There are even a few that you may recognize from the popular TV show Gossip Girl like "Serena" and "Blair."

Also, there are a few unisex names that were thrown in that you can use as a baby boy name instead such as "Ashley" or Emmett" just to name some examples. After all, who said you can't use one of the preppy boy names! There are so many options for you to pick from, to help you choose one of these unique baby names.

Here is the baby name list of preppy baby girl names:

Preppy Names for Girls that Start with A to E

  1. Addison - English origin, means "daughter of Adam"
  2. Ainsley - Scottish, means "my meadow"
  3. Alexandra - The feminine version of Alexander. English, means "defender of mankind"
  4. Amber - Arabic, means "jewel"
  5. Ashley - Old English, means "ash tree"
  6. Audrey - Old English, means "noble strength"
  7. Bailey - French, means "bailiff", or Old English, means "fortification"
  8. Beatrice - Latin, means "happy"
  9. Blair - Gaelic, means "plain" and shares the name with Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl
  10. Blythe - Old English, means "joyous"
  11. Brooke - Old English, means "stream"
  12. Brynn - Welsh, means "hill"
  13. Campbell - Latin, means "beautiful field"
  14. Caroline - The feminine version of Charles. French, means "little and strong"
  15. Charlotte - Another feminine version of Charles. French, means "little and womanly"
  16. Cher - French, means "beloved"
  17. Claire - Latin, means "bright"
  18. Courtney - Old English, means "courteous"
  19. Darcy - Irish, means "dark girl"
  20. Deirdre - Irish, means "sorrowful"
  21. Delaney - French, means "from the elder tree grove"
  22. Edith - Old English, means "expensive gift"
  23. Ellison - Hebrew, means "the Lord is God"
  24. Emerson - Old English, means "Emery's son"
  25. Emmett - German, means "all-embracing"

Preppy Names for Girls that Start with F to P

  1. Fern - Old English, means "leafy plant"
  2. Fiona - Old English, means "white"
  3. Frances - Old French, means "free"
  4. Genevieve - Welsh, means "white wave"
  5. Georgina - The feminine version of George. Greek, means "farmer" and shares a name with Georgina Sparks from Gossip Girl
  6. Grace - Latin, means "blessing"
  7. Gretchen - German, means "little pearl"
  8. Gwyneth - Irish, means "white wave"
  9. Hadley - Old English, means "heather meadow"
  10. Harper - Old Norse, means "whaler"
  11. Heather - English, means "heath" or "shrub"
  12. Jane - The feminine version of John. Hebrew, means "God is gracious"
  13. Jessica - Hebrew, means "wealthy one"
  14. Julianna - The feminine version of Julius. Latin, means "youthful"
  15. Katherine - Greek, means "pure"
  16. Kendall - Celtic, means "ruler of the valley"
  17. Kensington - The name comes from a place that is located west of Central London
  18. Laurel - Latin, means "honor" or "spirit"
  19. Leighton - Old English, means "meadow farm" and shares the name with actress Leighton Meester
  20. Madison - English, means "good" or "child of Maud"
  21. Margaret - Gaelic and Scottish, means "pearl"
  22. Morgan - Welsh, means "dweller by the sea"
  23. Olivia - Several meanings' Old norse for "kind one," Latin for "olive tree," and Old French for "peace"
  24. Paige - French, means "intern"
  25. Paisley - Scottish, means "church"
  26. Parker - Old English, means "cultivated land"
  27. Peyton - English, means "fighting man's estate"
  28. Poppy - Latin, means "flower"

Preppy Names for Girls that Start with Q to Z

  1. Quentin - Latin, means "5th born child"
  2. Quinn - Gaelic and Greek, means "wise" or "queen"
  3. Regan - Latin, means "queenly"
  4. Rory - Scottish, means "famous ruler" or Irish, means "red" and shares the name with Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls
  5. Samantha - Aramaic, means "listens well"
  6. Scarlett - MIddle English, means "deep red" and shares the name with actress Scarlett Johansson
  7. Schuyler - Dutch, means "shield" or English, means "strength"
  8. Serena - Latin, means "peaceful one" and shares the name with Serena Vanderwoodsen from Gossip Girl
  9. Sheridan - Irish, means "wild one" or English, means "untamed"
  10. Sloane - Gaelic, means "warrior"
  11. Stacey - Latin, means "stable"
  12. Sutton - Norse, means "from the southern land"
  13. Teagan - Welsh, means "beautiful"
  14. Tiffany - French, means "appearance of God"
  15. Tilly - German, means "battle maiden"
  16. Tinsley - Old English derivative of the English surname Tinley, means "town clearing"
  17. Valentina - Latin, means "good health"
  18. Vanessa - Greek, means "a butterfly"
  19. Victoria - Latin, means "victory"
  20. Waverly - English, means "to wave from the aspen trees"
  21. Whitney - English, means "from the white island"
  22. Zoe - Greek, means "life"

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