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100 Boy Names Ending in A With Meanings

These unique boy names ending with A are perfect for your baby boy. Pick a boy name that ends in A you love!
Updated: July 11, 2023
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There are many reasons why you might choose a baby name that ends in a particular letter. Some of the most common baby name ideas include blending it with their last name or having a theme with their siblings where all of their names end in the same letter or sound. 

This list of baby boy names that end in A has 100 options to pick from along with the origin and meaning for each one.

If you are looking for a girl's name, don’t worry! Many of these boy names are unisex as well. Great examples are “Dakota,” “Raja,” and “Noah.” 

We divided the categories into popular baby names, short boy names, unique boy names, and names ending in “ah” – a common name ending for biblical boy names. Take a look at the baby name lists below to see if any of them stand out to you.

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Popular Boy Names Ending in A (with Meanings)

  1. Andrea - Greek name for “strong and brave.”
  2. Dakota - Native American name for “friend.”
  3. Ezra - Hebrew for “help” or “salvation.”
  4. Joshua - Hebrew for “God of salvation.”
  5. Koa - Hawaiian name for “warrior.”
  6. Luca/Lucca - Italian and English for “bringer of light.”
  7. McKenna - Irish and Scottish for “son of Cionaodh.”
  8. Mika - Japanese name for “new moon” and Russian for “godlike.”
  9. Nikola - Greek for “victorious people.”
  10. Nova - Latin for “new.”
  11. Sascha - Russian for “defender of mankind.”
  12. Shea - English and Irish for “fairy palace.”
  13. Zuma - Arabic for “peace.”

Short Boy Names Ending in A (with Meanings)

  1. Abba - Hebrew and Arabic for “father.”
  2. Ara - Arabic for “opinions.”
  3. Aria - Hebrew and Greek for “melody.”
  4. Asa - Japanese for “born in the morning” and Hebrew for “healer.”
  5. Baha - Arabic for “brilliance” or “splendor.”
  6. Bela - Several origins and meanings including Hawaiian for “pretty” and Hebrew for “destruction.”
  7. Cuba - The name of the Spanish country.
  8. Dana - English for “bright as day” and Hebrew for “God is my judge.”
  9. Dara - Hebrew for “pearl of wisdom.”
  10. Efra - Hebrew for “fruitful.”
  11. Ilya - Hebrew for “God is lord.”
  12. Ira - Hebrew for “watchful.”
  13. Isa - Hebrew for “salvation of the Lord.”
  14. Jaka - Slavic for “supplanter.”
  15. Kiva - Irish for “gentle” and Hebrew for “protect.”
  16. Koda - Japanese for “friend.”
  17. Mata - Portuguese and Spanish for “wood” or “forest.”
  18. Ola - Hawaiian for “well-being.”
  19. Ota - German for “wealth” and Japanese for “large rice paddy.”
  20. Ra - Scottish for “grace.”
  21. Raja - Arabic for “anticipation.”
  22. Rama - Spanish and Italian for “branch.”
  23. Shia - Hebrew for “gift from God.”
  24. Sora - Native American for “chirping songbird” and Japanese for “of the sky.”
  25. Taha - Arabic for “the purest.”
  26. Toma - Italian, French, and Polish version of Thomas and it means “twin.”
  27. Ziya - Turkish for “light.”

Unique Boy Names Ending in A (with Meanings)

  1. Akira - Scottish for “anchor” and Japanese for “distinct.”
  2. Aquila - Latin for “strong as an eagle.”
  3. Attila - Hungarian for “beloved father.”
  4. Battista - German for “baptizer.”
  5. Brahma - The name of a Hindu God that means “growth” or “creation” in Sanskrit.
  6. Bubba - American for “boy” or “brother.”
  7. Chima - Nigerian for “God knows.”
  8. Chizoba - Nigerian for “God protect.”
  9. Costa - Latin for “constant” or “steadfast.”
  10. Elisha - French for “consecrated by God.”
  11. Figueroa - Galician for “fig tree.”
  12. Garcia - Spanish for “brave in battle.”
  13. Gautama - Siddhartha Gautama was the founder of Buddhism.
  14. Gianluca - Italian for “light” or “God is gracious.”
  15. Hamza - Arabic for “lion.”
  16. Hosea - Hebrew for “salvation.”
  17. Iakopa - Hawaiian for “supplanter.”
  18. Indiana - English for “the land of the Indians.”
  19. Jamaica - The name of the Caribbean Island that is Native American in origin and it means “land of wood and water.”
  20. Jasha - Slavic for “supplanter.”
  21. Krishna - Sanskrit for “pleasing.”
  22. Mahershala - Hebrew for “hurry to the spoils” or “quick to the plunder.”
  23. Mandela - German for “almond.”
  24. Mattia - The Italian version of the Hebrew name Matteo which means “gift of God.”
  25. Mischa - Hebrew for “who is like God.”
  26. Montana - Latin and Spanish for “mountain.”
  27. Mufasa - African for “king.”
  28. Nashoba - Native American for “wolf.”
  29. Obama - African for “bending” or “leaning.”
  30. Ortega - Spanish for “black grouse.”
  31. Osama - Arabic for “lionlike.”
  32. O’Shea - Irish for “fortunate.”
  33. Pacha - The Polish name for Paul, which means “little one” in Latin.
  34. Peeta - American for “rock.”
  35. Ryota - Japanese for “splendid.”
  36. Sanjaya - Sanskrit for “triumphant.”
  37. Santana - Spanish for “saintly.”
  38. Vanya - Russian for “God is gracious.”
  39. Yehuda - Hebrew for “praised.”
  40. Yuria - Hebrew for “my light is Jehovah.”

Boy Names Ending in “AH”(with Meanings)

  1. Abdullah - Arabic for “servant of Allah.”
  2. Azariah - Hebrew for “servant of Nego.”
  3. Elijah - Hebrew for “God the Lord.”
  4. Hezekiah - Hebrew for “God is my strength.”
  5. Isaiah - Hebrew for “salvation of the Lord.”
  6. Jedidiah - Hebrew for “beloved by God.”
  7. Jehovah - The proper Hebrew name for God.
  8. Jeremiah - Hebrew for “appointed by God.”
  9. Jonah - Hebrew for "dove.”
  10. Josiah - Hebrew for “God is salvation.”
  11. Judah - Hebrew for “praised.”
  12. Messiah - Aramaic for “expected savior or deliverer.”
  13. Micah - Hebrew for “who is like the Lord.”
  14. Noah - Hebrew for “comfort” or “wanderer.”
  15. Obadiah - Hebrew for “servant of God.”
  16. Tobiah - Hebrew for “God is good.”
  17. Uriah - Hebrew for “God of light.”
  18. Zachariah - Hebrew for “God remembers.”
  19. Zebediah - Hebrew for “portion of the Lord.”
  20. Zephaniah - Hebrew for “hidden by God.”

We know that finding the perfect baby name can be challenging. 

This is why we are constantly putting together new lists for expecting parents. There are so many different types of names and boy names ending in A make wonderful choices for little ones.

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100 Boy Names Ending in A With Meanings



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