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75 Funny Names For Girls That Are Silly and Sweet 

Whether you're looking for a quirky name for your little girl, or a name inspired by famous funny women, we've got you covered with this list of 75 funny girl names.
Funny Girl Names
Updated: June 5, 2024
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By now you have probably been through countless baby names, trying to find the perfect baby girl name. It may seem unconventional, but why not choose a funny girl name for your wee one? 

What makes these silly is some of their origins or because they are funny-sounding names for girls. However, they are also very cute and just plain fun.

We have put together this baby names list of funny female names using some of the funniest names for girls we could find. And yes, these silly and strange baby names have all been used in the past by other parents! These baby girl names may even make you literally laugh out loud.

Funny Girl Names and Name Meanings 

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  1. Abcde - This name is typically unisex but is more chosen for girls. It simply means "the first five letters of the English alphabet."
  2. Adelyte - German name that means "has good humor."
  3. Aerabella - An alternative spelling for "Arabella" which means "beautiful lion" in English.
  4. Audi - German word for "listen" and is based on the last name of the founder of the auto company of the same name, August Horch.
  5. Bambi - Italian name for "little child" and also the title character of the classic Disney film.
  6. Bandit - An American name for a "thief" that is also gender-neutral.
  7. Barbie - This name means "foreign" in Greek and is also the name of the well-known doll.
  8. Banjo  - Named for the string instrument, Banjo can be used for boys and girls.
  9. Bluebell - This beautiful June perennial flower is typically deep purple, white, or blue.
  10. Bodhi - An Indian Sanskrit name that means "awakening."
  11. Brooklyn - English for "one who lives near a brook" and also the name of a borough in New York.
  12. Camera - Camera is a unique baby name that is a great option for photographer parents.
  13. Candy - In Latin, Candy means "dazzling" or "white" and can be a nickname for Candace.
  14. Cat - Greek for "pure." Cat is one of the most common pet names for Catherine.
  15. Cherry - American name that means "dear one" and also refers to the fruit.
  16. Chipmunk - The chipmunk is a type of North American squirrel and could be an adorable choice for your little one.
  17. Couture - Old French for "kitchen garden" and also can refer to the high quality of clothing made by fashion designers.
  18. Cricket - This word means "to crackle" in French and is also the name of a bug. Busy Phillips named her youngest daughter Cricket Pearl.
  19. Curly - This is an endearing name that can be a boy's and girl's name. This funny name usually refers to someone with "a head full of curls."
  20. Didi - German name meaning "warrior of the people," and also the name of the mother of Tommy Pickles in the animated series The Rugrats.
  21. Dolly - This is a common nickname for Dorothy which means "gift of God" in Greek.
  22. Dottie - Another nickname for Dorothy, this name means "gift of God" in Greek.
  23. Dove - American name for the bird that represents peace.
  24. Electra - In Greek mythology, Electra was Agamemnon's daughter. It means "amber" or "radiant" in Greek.
  25. Eleven - This unique name was taken from one of the main characters of the hit TV show Stranger Things.
  26. Empress - British name that means "female rule of an empire."
  27. Essie - This name has many origins including German or Persian and means "star." It is also used as a nickname for Esmeralda or Esther.
  28. Eureka - Ancient Greek word for "I have found it."
  29. Facebook - Taken from the social media platform, an Egyptian couple chose this name in honor of the site being part of the revolution in Egypt.
  30. Fannie - English name that means "free."
  31. Fifi - French name that means "Jehovah increases."
  32. Free - Old English that means "to liberate."
  33. Gal - Hebrew for "father of exaltation." This name is shared by actress Gal Gadot.
  34. Girl - Many parents have opted to keep it simple and choose "girl" for their daughter.
  35. Hashtag - Hashtags are used in social media to mark a word or phrase so it belongs to a unique name category.
  36. Hedwig - Old German for "battle" and also the name of the fictional owl in the Harry Potter series.
  37. Helga - Scandinavian name for "blessed."
  38. Hildegarde - Old German for "battle guard" and this name is actually used in the Polish language.
  39. Jezebel - Hebrew for "pure" or "virginal."
  40. Keeley - This Irish name is the anglicized form of the Gaelic name "O Caollaidhe." It means "slender" or "graceful."
  41. Lemon - This name is derived from Middle English and means "sweetheart." It is also obviously the name of the sour citrus fruit, too.
  42. Litzy - Spanish name that means "joy."
  43. Maybelline - English for "lovable" and shared by the popular cosmetics company.
  44. Milady - French version to address a lady, ("my lady").
  45. Missy - Greek for "bee" and also a nickname for the name Melissa.
  46. Moon - Simply named for Earth's moon. Actress Moon Unit Zappa shares this name.
  47. Nala - This is the name of the fictional lioness in the classic Disney film The Lion King.
  48. Nevaeh - This name is simply "heaven" spelled backward and is actually a very popular girl name.
  49. Nubia - Nubia is a region in Africa that means "gold" in English.
  50. Nutella - Many parents have chosen this funny female name for the brand of the popular hazelnut spread as a name for their baby girl.
  51. Oralee - Hebrew for "my light."
  52. Pansy - French name for "flowering plant with velvety petals." Pansies are a beautiful flower fit for a beautiful girl.
  53. Peridot - Greek name for "bestow wealth" and also the name of the green birthstone for the month of August.
  54. Pinky - This name refers to the little finger as well as being pink in color.
  55. Precious - English word for "of great worth."
  56. Puma - Spanish word for "lion" that is an athletic brand as well as the name of singer Erykah Badu's daughter.
  57. Queen - This is the English title for a female royal.
  58. Rapunzel - This name comes from the famous Brothers Grimm fairy tale.
  59. Rosebud - Rosebud is best known as the name of a character in Citizen Kane by Orson Welles.
  60. Royal - This is actually a unisex name that means "of the king" in English.
  61. Sansa - Sanskrit for "praise," and you can find this name in Game of Thrones.
  62. Santa - This is generally gender-neutral and is Spanish for "saint."
  63. Savvy - American origin word that means "smart."
  64. Scout - American name for "first explorer" and is shared by one of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughters.
  65. Seven - Simply meaning the number, Erykah Badu chose this name for her son. It works great for both boys and girls.
  66. Sissie - Welsh for "blind" or "sixth."
  67. Style - There are several meanings for this name, but it seems that parents choose it simply as a stylish name for their child.
  68. Temperance - English name that means "self-control."
  69. Tiamii - This name derives from Tiana but some also use it as a pet name for Christina. Jordan and Peter Andre made this part of their daughter's name, which is Princess Tiamii.
  70. Tokyo - This name pays homage to the city in Japan.
  71. Trixie - American name that means "bringer of joy."
  72. Vanity - French for "inflated with pride."
  73. Wednesday - Wednesday is actually an Old English word and can be seen in The Addams Family as one of the main characters.
  74. Whoopi - If you are a Whoopi Goldberg fan, this is a great choice for your baby girl.
  75. Zealand - This is pulled from the country of New Zealand and is great for either a boy or a girl.

What Are Funny Nicknames for a Girl?

Funny nicknames for little girls can add a dash of humor and affection to any relationship. Funniest names for a girl nickname include: Bizzy, Bun Bun, Chatterbox, Dimples, Dooly, Giggles, Itty Bitty, Jelly Belly, Little Bo Peep, Small Fry, Goofball, Firecracker, and Monkey, among others.

What Is a Quirky Girl Name?

Two notable examples of quirky girl names include Zephyr and Juniper. Zephyr, deriving from the Greek word for a gentle breeze, embodies a sense of freedom and lightness. Juniper, named after the evergreen shrub, suggests resilience and a connection to nature. Because a quirky girl name is a unique and unconventional name given to a female child, these names are often associated with creativity, individuality, and free-spiritedness. 

What Is an Odd Girl Name?

An odd girl name is another term used to describe a quirky girl name. These names are often seen as out of the ordinary and may not fit into traditional naming conventions. Along with Zephyr and Juniper, other examples of odd girl names include Clementine, Persephone, and Luna. These names can be reminiscent of different cultures or have strong literary or mythological origins.

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