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50 Names That Mean Red for Your Little One

The color red signifies many things in modern culture including love, fire, flowers, and even the planet Mars. Here are 50 names that mean red to inspire your baby name search.
50 Names that Mean Red
Updated: December 28, 2022

Perhaps you're a natural redhead expecting to be a mom to a gaggle of fiery babes, or your energetic temper has earned you the nickname "Red." Whatever the case might be, if you're looking for a baby name to match the flame, we've got you covered! We have some red-hot names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options.

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The color red has long inspired names for boys and girls. The color red signifies many things in modern culture including love, fire, flowers, gemstones, and even the planet Mars. If you're looking to name your little girl after the color of love and passion, considering a name recognized with romance, such as Ruby or Sienna. Using the word red in a name or title for men has a long history, especially for heroic Vikings and noble kings. Consider naming your future prince Rory, Irish for Red King, or the roman inspired name Titan.

Check out our list below of 50 of the hottest girl's names, boy's names, and unisex names there are. With so many names that mean red, you're sure to find the perfect shade for you.

Boy Names that Mean Red

  1. Adam - Biblical, means son of the red earth, in the top 100 boy's names
  2. Derry - Irish, read at heart or red oak tree
  3. Flann - Irish, red, or ruddy, a common nickname for red-headed boys, short for Flannery or Flanagan
  4. Gough - Australian, red
  5. Harkin - Gaelic, red
  6. Jasper - Persian, gemstone, bringer of riches and treasure
  7. Keegan - Irish, fiery
  8. Radcliff - English, The red cliff
  9. Radley - English, from the red meadow
  10. Redmond - Irish, wise protector
  11. Reed - English, Red-haired, slim variation of Reid, in the top 1000 boy's names
  12. Rousseau - French, red
  13. Rowan - Scottish, little redhead, a tree with red berries
  14. Rudyard - Old English, red yard
  15. Rufus - Roman, red-haired king, a biblical name
  16. Rumo - Cornish, red
  17. Russell - French, fox-colored
  18. Rusty - French, red haired; foxlike
  19. Sorrel - French, reddish-brown
  20. Titan - Roman, red-haired

Girl Names that Mean Red

  1. Akako - Japanese, color red
  2. Alhambra - Spanish, red city
  3. Arusha - Sanskrit - red, Hindu mythology meaning rising run or reddish horses
  4. Auburn - English, Deep reddish-brown, similar to the name Autumn, it invokes fall feelings
  5. Autumn - Latin, of woods
  6. Caera - Irish/Gaelic, firey red, pronounced care-uh
  7. Cherry - English, beautiful red fruit, grower or seller of cherries
  8. Crimson - English, deep rich red
  9. Garnet - French, Pomegranate, or gemstone
  10. Ginger - English, red hair, short for Virginia
  11. Hazel - English, yes, hazel actually means red! It comes from the hazelnut tree
  12. Omaira - Arabic, long life, red
  13. Poppy - English, reddish, orange flowers, red flower
  14. Roisin - Irish, pronounced ro-sheen, little rose
  15. Rosie - English, red roses, a variant of Rose
  16. Rufina - Lartin, red-haired, also spelled Ruffina
  17. Ruby - English, gemstone, deep precious red stone
  18. Scarlett - English, passion, joy, courage, heat, bright red
  19. Shani - Hebrew, scarlet
  20. Sienna - Italian, reddish shade of brown

Gender-Neutral Names that Mean Red

  1. Blaze - English, fire
  2. Carmine - Latin, vivid red
  3. Clancy - Irish, red-haired warrior
  4. Corsen - Welsh, for red, traditionally a girl name in Wales but becoming more gender-neutral in other places
  5. Flannery - Irish, red eyebrows
  6. Flynn - Irish, reddish complexion or ruddy, top 1000 names
  7. Phoenix - Greek, reborn from the ashes
  8. Rogan - Irish, redhead
  9. Rory - Irish, the red king, the descendant of the champion, top 600 name list for girls and top 400 name list for boys
  10. Rowan - Gaelic, the little red one, top 300 name list for both genders

Hopefully, after reading this list, you are not seeing red and now feel inspired to pick the perfect name for your little fireball.

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