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76 Nature Baby Names Inspired by Mountains and Valleys

These nature names for girls and boys are inspired by mountains, valleys, rivers, and the great outdoors. Choose your nature-inspired baby name.
76 Nature Baby Names Inspired by Mountains and Valleys
Updated: March 7, 2024

You may want to give your new baby an earthy name if you love nature and the outdoors. Consider finding your inspiration in mountains and valleys.

Choosing the perfect name for your new bundle of joy can be fun and exciting, but it’s often overwhelming. There are so many options. Choosing a beautiful name with a unique meaning will stay with your child throughout their lifetime.

If your family loves to go on hikes, enjoy picnics, or camp together, naming your baby after the elements of nature is a special way to pay homage to these family memories.

If you love nature-inspired baby names but prefer to use more traditional first names, you can also use these ideas for your baby’s middle name.

Check out our list of 75 nature baby names inspired by mountains and valleys.

Mountain Boy Names

Nature-Inspired Boy Names

Choose a name from our list of baby boy names inspired by mountains and valleys.

  1. Alder - Old English, old
  2. Arbor - Latin, tree
  3. Asher - Ash tree; Hebrew, happy, blessed
  4. Aspen - English, the tree
  5. Banks - Land by water; Old English, one who lives by or on the banks
  6. Brent - Celtic, hill
  7. Brandon - Old English, hill
  8. Bradley - Old English, clearing in the woods
  9. Bryn - Welsh, hill
  10. Dale - A valley; Old English, one who lives near the dale
  11. Denver - The capital city of Colorado, a mountainous state
  12. Doruk - Persian, mountaintop
  13. Elgon - An extinct volcano in Africa on the border of Uganda and Kenya
  14. Everest - The highest mountain above sea level in the world, part of the Indian mountain range, the Himalayas
  15. Garfield - Old English, triangular field
  16. Giri - Sanskrit, mountain
  17. Fernando - A mountain ridge in New Mexico
  18. Ford - English, a shallow place in a river where one can walk across
  19. Fjord - English, a glaciated valley, a low space between two mountains where water flows through, often frozen
  20. Forrest - English, forest dweller, one who lives in the natural world
  21. Heath - British English, an uncultivated open area
  22. Harun - Arabic, mountain
  23. Joaquin - The San Joaquin Valley is located in central California
  24. Kai - Estonian, pure; Northern European, Hawaiian, sea; Chinese, victory
  25. Lake - English, a large body of water surrounded by land on all sides
  26. Linden - German, linden tree
  27. McKinley - Mount McKinley is the highest mountain peak in North America
  28. Mikeno - Mount Mikeno is an extinct volcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  29. Oakley - Old English, oak tree clearing
  30. Percival - Mount Percival is located in New Hampshire; Arthurian Romance, the protagonist in “Percival, the Story of the Grail”
  31. Phoenix - Greek Mythology, Egyptian Mythology, an immortal bird
  32. Reed - English origin, tall, slender grasses that grow in wetlands; Old English, red
  33. Rocky -  The Rocky Mountains are the largest mountain system in North America; German, to rest
  34. Roman - Germanic, Rome-dweller, helper, and protector
  35. Rowan - Old Norse, the rowan tree; Irish, red
  36. Vulcan - Latin, volcano
  37. Wilder - Old English, wild, untamed
  38. Yama - Japanese, mountain

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