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Top 100 Brazilian Boy Names and Meanings

Discover the most common Brazilian names for boys, cool Brazilian boy names and the most unique Brazilian names and meanings for your baby boy.
Top 100 Brazilian Boy Names and Meanings
Updated: September 19, 2023
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If you are looking for a popular baby name from Brazil, we have the most diverse list of Brazilian names for boys. These 100 Brazilian boy names have fantastic options with so many cultural influences.

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. Portuguese is spoken by about 98% of the population, and many common Brazilian first names have Portuguese origins. Brazil also has present cultural influences from Germany and various Indigenous communities. 

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Naming Traditions in Brazil

Given names in Brazil are commonly taken biblical names or names of Catholic saints. If a child is baptized, then they often are given one or two more given names. 

Those names are chosen at the time of baptism. “José” is the most common first name for boys in Brazil and often were given a second name that they would go by. The same is done with “Maria” for girls.

Most Popular Brazilian Boy Names

  1. Afonso - Portuguese; meaning “noble.”
  2. Antonio - Latin for “priceless” and Greek for “flourishing.”
  3. Batte - An English pet name for Bartholomew and also a Brazilian tribe name.
  4. Carlos - German and Spanish; meaning “free man.”
  5. Eduardo - Old English; meaning “rich guardian.”
  6. Felipe - Greek; meaning “horse lover.”
  7. Francisco - Spanish; meaning “free land.”
  8. Gabriel - Hebrew name; meaning “God is my strength.”
  9. Gaspar - Persian and Spanish; meaning “treasure.”
  10. Ignacio - Spanish; meaning “fire.”
  11. Jesus - Hebrew; meaning “God will help.”
  12. Joao - Portuguese; meaning “God is gracious.”
  13. Jose - Portuguese and Spanish; meaning “He shall add.”
  14. Juan - Hebrew and Spanish; meaning “God is gracious.”
  15. Julio - Latin for “youthful” and English for “love’s child.”
  16. Lucas - Latin name; meaning “bringer of light.”
  17. Luiz - Spanish and Portuguese; meaning “famed warrior.”
  18. Manuel - Hebrew and Spanish for “God is with us.”
  19. Marcelo - Latin; meaning “warlike.”
  20. Marcos - Portuguese; meaning “of Mars.”
  21. Miguel - Hebrew name; meaning “who is like God.”
  22. Oscar - Old Norse; meaning “divine spear.”
  23. Pablo - Spanish; meaning “borrowed.”
  24. Paulo - Latin name; meaning “little one.”
  25. Pedro - Latin and Spanish for “rock.”
  26. Rafael - Hebrew; meaning “God has healed.”

Native Brazilian Boy Names

  1. Adriano - Greek for “rich” and Latin for “dark one.”
  2. Agostino - Italian; meaning “exalted.”
  3. Aldo - English; meaning “old and wise.”
  4. Benicio - Latin; meaning “blessed.”
  5. Bernardo - German; meaning “bold as a bear.”
  6. Claudio - Latin; meaning “lame.”
  7. Diego - Spanish; meaning “supplanter.”
  8. Domingo - Latin; meaning “the Lord’s.”
  9. Emanuel - Hebrew; meaning “God is with us.”
  10. Emiliano - Latin for “eager” and Spanish for “work.”
  11. Flavio - Italian; meaning “gold” or “blond.”
  12. Gencio - Latin; meaning “loves his family.”
  13. Guilherme - Spanish; meaning “resolute protector.”
  14. Henrique - Old German; meaning “home ruler.”
  15. Horacio - Greek for “behold” and Latin for “keeper of the hours.”
  16. Joaquim - Portuguese; meaning “established by God.”
  17. Luciano - Latin name; meaning “light.”
  18. Mauricio - Latin; meaning “dark-skinned.”
  19. Onyait - African; meaning “born on the grassland.”
  20. Ricardo - English name; meaning “rich and powerful ruler.”
  21. Rodrigo - German; meaning “famous one.”
  22. Ronaldo - Spanish; meaning “rules with counsel.”
  23. Salvador - Spanish; meaning “savior.”
  24. Santiago - Hebrew and Spanish; meaning “supplanter.”
  25. Tomas - Greek; meaning “twin.”
  26. Tristao - Portuguese; meaning “filled with sadness.”

Cool Brazilian Names for Boys

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  1. Abilo - Portuguese; meaning “proficient” and “skillful.”
  2. Alexandre - Greek and Persian for “protector of mankind.”
  3. Andre - Greek; meaning “valiant” and “courageous.”
  4. Balduin - German; meaning “bold and brave friend.”
  5. Bruno - Italian and Portuguese; meaning “brown’s son.”
  6. Caio - Latin; meaning “rejoice.”
  7. Cesar - Greek for “long-haired” and Latin for “famous emperor.”
  8. Cristiano - Greek for “anointed” and German for “follower of Christ.”
  9. Davi - Hebrew name; meaning “beloved.”
  10. Enzo - Italian; meaning “home ruler.”
  11. Ferreira - A Portuguese topographic name for someone who lived near an iron forge.
  12. Gael - Gaelic and Irish for “stranger.”
  13. Geraldo - French; meaning “spear warrior.”
  14. Giovanni - Italian; meaning “gift from God.”
  15. Gustavo - Swedish; meaning “goth.”
  16. Humberto - German; meaning “famous giant.”
  17. Inacio - Portuguese; meaning “fire.”
  18. Javier - French for “enlightened” and Spanish for “new house.”
  19. Kaua - Portuguese; meaning “sensitive.”
  20. Leonardo - Spanish and Italian; meaning “brave as a lion.” It also has German origins.
  21. Matheus - Portuguese; meaning “gift of God.”
  22. Ramon - German and Old English for “mighty protector.”
  23. Raul - Old English and French for “wolf counsel.”
  24. Silvano - Italian; meaning “forest.”
  25. Vicente - Spanish; meaning “winner.”
  26. Vitor - Latin; meaning “champion.”
  27. Zarco - Spanish and Portuguese; meaning “light blue eyes.”

Unique Brazilian Boy Names

  1. Abramo - The Italian version of the Hebrew name Abraham; meaning “father of a multitude.”
  2. Ademir - Portuguese and German; meaning “famous wealth.”
  3. Adolfo - German; meaning “noble wolf.”
  4. Danilo - Hebrew; meaning “God is my judge.”
  5. Galiano - An Italian habitational name for a place also called Galiano.
  6. Helio - Spanish; meaning “the sun.”
  7. Jando - Greek; meaning “defender of men.”
  8. Jacare - Portuguese; meaning “alligator.”
  9. Jordao - Hebrew; meaning “descender.”
  10. Lazaro - Hebrew; meaning God’s helper.”
  11. Leandro - Greek; meaning “lion man.”
  12. Nicolau - Portuguese; meaning “victory of the people.”
  13. Oswaldo - Old English; meaning “divinely powerful.”
  14. Paco - Spanish; meaning “free.”
  15. Pascoal - Portuguese; meaning “born on Easter.”
  16. Ramiro - Basque; meaning “great judge.”
  17. Sebastiao - Portuguese; meaning “venerable.”
  18. Sergio - Latin; meaning “attendant.”
  19. Thiago - Portuguese; meaning “supplanter.”
  20. Valentim - Latin; meaning “strength.”
  21. Zeferino - Portuguese; meaning “west wind.”

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