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Updated October 21, 2022

If you are searching for baby names and you have Portuguese in your heritage, this may be just the list for you. Below we have included the most common Portuguese names for both boys and girls. There is also a little bit of history of naming children in Portugal so you can learn more about your ancestors.

Portuguese Naming Traditions

Believe it or not, Portugal is fairly strict when it comes to choosing a given name. There is a list of approved names for you to pick from. Portuguese culture requires a name of Portuguese origin, using the Portuguese spelling. You also can’t use a shortened version of a name as a legal name.

There is also a law against using a name that isn’t gender-specific, so you, unfortunately, won’t see any gender-neutral names in Portugal. Any name with a different spelling or is not on the list, must be approved by authorities. These naming laws are similar to ones enforced in Brazil as well.

Popular Portuguese Boy Names with Meanings 

  1. Afonso - Portuguese for “noble and ready.”
  2. Dinis - Portuguese for “follower of Dionysus.”
  3. Gonçalo - Portuguese for “battle genius.”
  4. João - Portuguese for “God is gracious.”
  5. Lourenço - Portuguese for “from Laurentum.”
  6. Martim - Portuguese for “son of Mars” or “warlike.”
  7. Miguel - Portuguese for “who is like God.”
  8. Pedro - Portuguese for “rock” or “stone.”
  9. Rodrigo - Portuguese for “famous ruler.”
  10. Tiago - Portuguese for “may God protect.”

More Portuguese Boy Names with Meanings 

  1. Adao - Portuguese for “made from the earth.”
  2. Alexandre - Portuguese, French, and Greek for “defender of the people.”
  3. Antonio - Portuguese for “flourishing.”
  4. Artur - Portuguese for “noble” or “courageous.”
  5. Bernardo - Portuguese for “strong as a bear.”
  6. Diogo - Portuguese for “supplanter.”
  7. Duarte - Portuguese and Spanish for “rich guardian.”
  8. Filipe - Portuguese for “lover of horses.”
  9. Guilherme - Portuguese for “resolute protector.”
  10. Gustavo - Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish for “staff of the Geats.”
  11. Henrique - Portuguese for “home-ruler.”
  12. Hugo - Portuguese, German, and Spanish for “mind” or “intellect.”
  13. Joaquim - Portuguese for “established by God.”
  14. Jorge - Portuguese and Spanish for “farmer.”
  15. Jose - Portuguese and Spanish for “God will increase.”
  16. Luis - Portuguese for “famous warrior.”
  17. Manuel - Portuguese for “God is with us.”
  18. Mateus - Portuguese for “gift of God.”
  19. Paulo - Portuguese for “small.”
  20. Rafael - Portuguese for “God has healed.”
  21. Ricardo - Portuguese and Spanish for “strong ruler.”
  22. Tomas - Portuguese for “twin.”

Popular Portuguese Girl Names with Meanings 

  1. Ana - Portuguese and Spanish for “grace.”
  2. Beatriz - Portuguese and Spanish for “she brings happiness.”
  3. Camila - Portuguese for “helper of the priest” or “young religious servant.”
  4. Carolina - Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish for “free man.”
  5. Diana - Portuguese and Latin for “divine.”
  6. Francisca - Portuguese and Spanish for “from France.”
  7. Gabriela - Portuguese and Spanish for “God is my strength.”
  8. Ines - Portuguese for “pure” or “virginal.”
  9. Maria - Portuguese for “of the sea,” “bitter,” or “beloved.”
  10. Sofia - Portuguese and Greek for “wisdom.”

More Portuguese Girl Names with Meanings 

  1. Angelina - Portuguese for “messenger of God.”
  2. Bruna - Portuguese for “brown one.”
  3. Catia - Portuguese for “chaste” or “pure.”
  4. Daniela - Portuguese for “God is my judge.”
  5. Doroteia - Portuguese for “gift from God.”
  6. Elena - Portuguese for “shining light.”
  7. Filipa - Portuguese for “friend of horses.”
  8. Helena - Portuguese for “bright.”
  9. Ida - Portuguese for “labor” or “work.”
  10. Lara - Portuguese for “protection.”
  11. Madalena - Portuguese for “woman from Magdala.”
  12. Matilde - Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish for “strength in battle.”
  13. Nathalia - Portuguese for “birthday of the Lord.”
  14. Paolina - Portuguese and Italian for “small.”
  15. Pedra - Portuguese for “rock” or “stone.”
  16. Rafaela - Portuguese and Spanish for “God has healed.”
  17. Renata - Portuguese for “reborn.”
  18. Rosita - Portuguese and Latin for “rose.”
  19. Sonia - Portuguese for “wisdom.”
  20. Tatiana - Portuguese for “fairy queen.”
  21. Vera - Portuguese for “faith.”


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