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75 Tree Names (& Meanings) to Inspire Your Baby Name Search

If you're keen to embrace the magnificence and power of the woodland in your little one's name, these tree-themed choices are perfect for your baby.
Tree Names
Updated: March 26, 2024
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Nature inspires us with its beauty. Trees, woods, forests, and glens all evoke magical imagery and wonder; they are the stuff of fairytales and far-off places. Therefore, it is little wonder there are so many baby names related to trees and nature.

Perhaps you’ve always loved the outdoors or maybe you have a nature name yourself and you wish to carry on the tradition. Whatever the case, you have plenty of outdoorsy and tree names to choose for your baby!

We’ve compiled a list of 75 baby names from around the world all inspired by nature and trees. So, whether you’re seeking out a boy or girl name, or looking for something unisex, our list is sure to have you covered like the shade of a giant oak tree!

Tree Names for Girls

Nature-inspired names have a timeless beauty, and tree names for girls are no exception. These names are rooted in the natural world, evoking the strength, grace, and unique character of trees. From classic names like Holly and Olive to more unique choices like Sakura and Maple, tree names for girls symbolize growth, resilience, and life.

  1. Acacia - Greek. A flower. It means "honorable."
  2. Alameda - English. "Ash tree lake." It has also been used as a Native American name meaning grove of cottonwood.
  3. Alyvia - Spanish. "Olive tree." A unique alternative to Olivia.
  4. Apple - English. Apple is the English word for a type of fruit tree. It is the first name of actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter.
  5. Ayla - Hebrew/Turkish. "Oak tree", "halo", or "moonlight."
  6. Beech - Norse. A person who lives near a prominent tree. Beech is also a type of tree.
  7. Cassia - Greek. "Cinnamon." The cassia tree has yellow flowers and produces a spice similar to cinnamon.
  8. Cherry - Old French. The red fruit-bearing tree. Said alternatively, Chere means "dear-one" or "darling" in French.
  9. Chloe - Greek. "Young green shoot."
  10. Daphne - Greek. "Laurel" or "bay tree."
  11. Ebony - English. Deeply black wood.
  12. Elowen - Cornish. "Elm." Variant spellings are Elowyn and Elowynn.
  13. Fuchsia - Latin/English. Named for the botanist Leonard Fuchs for a flowering tree in the Caribbean that has flowers that bloom in a reddish-purple hue.
  14. Ghusun - Arabic. It means "the branches of the tree."
  15. Ginger - Latin. "Spring like-flourishing." A plant with a red root. "Spicy or fiery."
  16. Hazel - Old English. "Light brown." "From the hazel tree."
  17. Holly - English. A holly tree has red berries and is related to Christmas and wintertime.
  18. Illana - Hebrew. "Oak tree."
  19. Ivy - English. Ivy is an English name that comes from a green leafy plant. It signifies faithfulness.
  20. Juniper - Latin. "Young." Juniper is a type of evergreen tree.
  21. Lilac - Persian. A bluish-purple flower.
  22. Lily - English. "Purity and innocence." A white, showy flower.
  23. Lindsey - English. "Island of the linden trees."
  24. Magnolia - Latin. Magnol’s flower was named after the French botanist Pierre Magnol.
  25. Maple - Old English. A type of tree.
  26. Meadow - American. "Field of grass" or "vegetation."
  27. Olive - Latin/English. "From the olive tree." Alternatively, you could use Olivia or Oliver for a boy.
  28. Sakura - Japanese. "Cherry blossom."
  29. Sylvie - French. "From the forest."
  30. Willow - English. "From the willow grove or willow tree."

Tree Names for Boys

Tree names for boys are as sturdy and dignified as the trees they represent. These names bring to mind the enduring nature of the outdoors and offer a connection to the earth and its natural cycles. Whether you're drawn to the strong simplicity of names that mean oak or cedar bark, choosing a tree name for a boy can instill a sense of strength and steadiness.

  1. Aaranay - Hindu. "Wild forest." Greenery.
  2. Ackley - English. It means "oak meadow."
  3. Adair - Scottish. Adair means "from the oak tree ford." It also means "fortune or spear."
  4. Alder - Dutch. The alder tree is a type of birch tree.
  5. Ash - Hebrew. Derived from the name Asher. Ash means "happy or fortunate." The ash tree. Ash could be a nickname for Ashton.
  6. Bruce - Scottish. "Willow woods."
  7. Burleigh - English. "A person who lives at the castle’s meadow."
  8. Chane - French. "Oak hearted."
  9. Cullen - Irish. "Holy tree."
  10. Elon - Hebrew. "Oak tree."
  11. Ewan - Scottish. "Born of the yew tree."
  12. Forrest - English. "Dweller near the woods." Forrest was made popular by the movie Forrest Gump.
  13. Garrick - French. "Oak tree grove."
  14. Harac - Czech. It means "from the ancient oak tree."
  15. Haslet - Celtic. "A person from the hazel tree land."
  16. Heath - Old English. "A moor."
  17. Hollis - English. A person who is a dweller near the holly trees.
  18. Ivo - German. "Yew wood archer."
  19. Koa - Hawaiian. "Warrior." Koa is a type of tree in Hawaii.
  20. Lapu - Native American. "Cedar bark."
  21. Moss - English. "Dweller by the peat bog." Moss often grows around the bottom of trees.
  22. Nash - English. "By the ash tree."
  23. Oren - Hebrew. "Laurel or pine tree."
  24. Palmer - Latin. A named that referenced pilgrims who brought branches back from the palm trees in the Middle East.
  25. Perry - Latin. "Traveler or wanderer." "One who lives or works around the pear tree."
  26. Quesnel - French. It means "from the little oak tree."
  27. Ren - Japanese. "Water lily or lotus."
  28. Selvyn - Greek. The name refers to Sylvanus, the Greek god of trees.
  29. Tamir - Hebrew/Arabic. A person who has a plentiful supply of dates or a person who owns palm trees.
  30. Yves - French. "Yew wood."

Gender-Neutral Tree Names

In an age where the fluidity of identity is more acknowledged and celebrated, gender-neutral tree names stand out for their versatility and universal appeal. These names are perfect for parents looking for a name that is both unique and connected to the natural world, without the constraints of traditional gender norms.

  1. Aspen - Old English. "Shaking poplar tree."
  2. Banyan - Hindi. An Indian fig tree.
  3. Bryn - Welsh. "Hill." An alternative spelling is Brynn.
  4. Cedar - Latin. A type of tree with a reddish wood hue.
  5. Cypress - Latin. Cypress tree.
  6. Ellery - English. "Island with elder trees."
  7. Elswyth - Old English. It means "elf from the willow trees."
  8. Fern - Old English. A leafy, green plant found in forests. Ferns have magical properties in many stories.
  9. Laurel - English. "Honor and victory." A laurel tree is an aromatic evergreen.
  10. Lennox - Scottish. "Elm grove."
  11. Linden - English. Made from Linwood or lime tree. Coming from the linden tree.
  12. Marlowe - English. "Driftwood." Alternative spellings are Marlo and Marlow.
  13. Oakley - English. "From the oak."
  14. Pine - Old English. "One who lives near the pine trees or in the pine forest."
  15. Rowan - Gaelic. "Little red-haired one." A tree with red, flowering berries.

What Is a Tree Cute Name?

If you're seeking a unique and nature-inspired name for your child, consider the charming option of Willow. This name invokes the grace and resilience of the willow tree, known for its flexibility and the serene beauty of its drooping branches. Another cute name for your baby could be Acorn, representing a baby who is small and adorable.

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