75 Tree Names (& Meanings) to Inspire Your Baby Name Search

Updated: December 16, 2021
If you're keen to embrace the magnificence and power of the woodland in your little one's name, these tree-themed choices are perfect for your baby.
Tree Names
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Nature inspires us with its beauty. Trees, woods, forests, and glens all evoke magical imagery and wonder; they are the stuff of fairytales and far-off places. Therefore, it is little wonder there are so many baby names related to trees and nature.

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Perhaps you’ve always loved the outdoors or maybe you have a nature name yourself and you wish to carry on the tradition. Whatever the case, you have plenty of outdoorsy and tree names to choose for your baby!

We’ve compiled a list of 75 baby names from around the world all inspired by nature and trees. So, whether you’re seeking out a boy or girl name, or looking for something unisex, our list is sure to have you covered like the shade of a giant oak tree!

Tree Names for Girls

  1. Acacia - Greek. A flower. It means honorable.
  2. Alameda - English. Ash tree lake. It has also been used as a Native American name meaning grove of cottonwood.
  3. Alyvia - Spanish. Olive tree. A unique alternative to Olivia.
  4. Apple - English. Apple is the English word for a type of fruit tree. It is the first name of actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter.
  5. Ayla - Hebrew/Turkish. Oak tree, halo or moonlight.
  6. Beech - Norse. A person who lives near a prominent tree. Beech is also a type of try.
  7. Cassia - Greek. Cinnamon. The cassia tree has yellow flowers and produces a spice similar to cinnamon.
  8. Cherry - Old French. The red fruit-bearing tree. Said alternatively, Chere means dear-one or darling in French.
  9. Chloe - Greek. Young green shoot.
  10. Daphne - Greek. Laurel or bay tree.
  11. Ebony - English. Deeply black wood.
  12. Elowen - Cornish. Elm. Variant spellings are Elowyn and Elowynn.
  13. Fuchsia - Latin/English. Named for the botanist Leonard Fuchs for a flowering tree in the Caribbean that has flowers that bloom in a reddish-purple hue.
  14. Ghusun - Arabic. It means the branches of the tree.
  15. Ginger - Latin. Spring like-flourishing. A plant with a red root. Spicy or fiery.
  16. Hazel - Old English. Light brown. From the hazel tree.
  17. Holly - English. A holly tree has red berries and is related to Christmas and wintertime.
  18. Illana - Hebrew. Oak tree.
  19. Ivy - English. Ivy is an English name that comes from a green leafy plant. It signifies faithfulness.
  20. Juniper - Latin. Young. Juniper is a type of evergreen tree.
  21. Lilac - Persian. A bluish-purple flower.
  22. Lily - English. Purity and innocence. A white, showy flower.
  23. Lindsey - English. Island of the linden trees.
  24. Magnolia - Latin. Magnol’s flower was named after the French botanist Pierre Magnol.
  25. Maple - Old English. A type of tree.
  26. Meadow - American. Field of grass or vegetation.
  27. Olive - Latin/English. From the olive tree. Alternatively, you could use Olivia or Oliver for a boy.
  28. Sakura - Japanese. Cherry blossom.
  29. Sylvie - French. From the forest.
  30. Willow - English. From the willow grove or willow tree.

Tree Boy Names

  1. Aaranay - Hindu. Wild forest. Greenery.
  2. Ackley - English. It means oak meadow.
  3. Adair - Scottish. Adair means from the oak tree ford. It also means fortune or spear.
  4. Alder - Dutch. The alder tree is a type of birch tree.
  5. Ash - Hebrew. Derived from the name Asher. Ash means happy or fortunate. The ash tree. Ash could be a nickname for Ashton.
  6. Bruce - Scottish. Willow woods.
  7. Burleigh - English. A person who lives at the castle’s meadow.
  8. Chane - French. Oak hearted.
  9. Cullen - Irish. Holy tree.
  10. Elon - Hebrew. Oak tree.
  11. Ewan - Scottish. Born of the yew tree.
  12. Forrest - English. Dweller near the woods. Forrest was made popular by the movie Forrest Gump.
  13. Garrick - French. Oak tree grove.
  14. Harac - Czech. It means from the ancient oak tree.
  15. Haslet - Celtic. A person from the hazel tree land.
  16. Heath - Old English. A moor.
  17. Hollis - English. A person who is a dweller near the holly trees.
  18. Ivo - German. Yew wood archer.
  19. Koa - Hawaiian. Warrior. Koa is a type of tree in Hawaii.
  20. Lapu - Native American. Cedar bark.
  21. Moss - English. Dweller by the peat bog. Moss often grows around the bottom of trees.
  22. Nash - English. By the ash tree.
  23. Oren - Hebrew. Laurel or pine tree.
  24. Palmer - Latin. A named that referenced pilgrims who brought branches back from the palm trees in the Middle East.
  25. Perry - Latin. Traveler or wanderer. One who lives or works around the pear tree.
  26. Quesnel - French. It means from the little oak tree.
  27. Ren - Japanese. Water lily or lotus.
  28. Selvyn - Greek. The name refers to Sylvanus, the Greek god of trees.
  29. Tamir - Hebrew/Arabic. A person who has a plentiful supply of dates or a person who owns palm trees.
  30. Yves - French. Yew wood.

Gender-Neutral Names

  1. Aspen - Old English. Shaking poplar tree.
  2. Banyan - Hindi. An Indian fig tree.
  3. Bryn - Welsh. Hill. An alternative spelling is Brynn.
  4. Cedar - Latin. A type of tree with a reddish wood hue.
  5. Cypress - Latin. Cypress tree.
  6. Ellery - English. Island with elder trees.
  7. Elswyth - Old English. It means elf from the willow trees.
  8. Fern - Old English. A leafy, green plant found in forests. Ferns have magical properties in many stories.
  9. Laurel - English. Honor and victory. A laurel tree is an aromatic evergreen.
  10. Lennox - Scottish. Elm grove.
  11. Linden - English. Made from Linwood or lime tree. Coming from the linden tree.
  12. Marlowe - English. Driftwood. Alternative spellings are Marlo and Marlow.
  13. Oakley - English. From the oak.
  14. Pine - Old English. One who lives near the pine trees or in the pine forest.
  15. Rowan - Gaelic. Little red-haired one. A tree with red, flowering berries.

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