75 Exotic Girl Names for Your Little One

Updated: June 4, 2021
We've compiled the ultimate list of exotic girl names to help you chose a name for your little one that is completely unique and interesting.
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Do you know you want an exotic-sounding name for your little girl, but you’re not sure which one to pick?

If you are attracted to names that sound unique and interesting, there are so many choices out there to sift through until you finally discover that perfect name for your baby-to-be. Our list of exotic names is a great place to start.

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What Does Exotic Really Mean Anyway?

The word “exotic” describes the quality of being from a distant, foreign country. So really, whether a name is exotic depends on your perspective!

Generally, parents who find themselves attracted to names not often used in their own culture, or names that sound unusual, will want to look for an exotic name. You also might appreciate a particular culture (calling all francophiles!) or absolutely love the sound of a certain language, like romantic Italian.

A quick note on cultural appropriation: If you want to adopt a name from a culture completely outside of your own, consider whether this is a sensitive choice. Cultural appropriation might be an issue if you love a name from within a marginalized culture that you are not a part of.

Check out our list of 75 exotic names to get inspired!

75 Exotic Names for Girls

  1. Acadia - Spanish, unknown meaning
  2. Adele - German, means “noble”
  3. Adelita - Spanish, means “noble’
  4. Akila - Sanskrit, means “whole, complete”
  5. Alba - Spanish, Italian, Catalan, means “dawn”
  6. Allegra - Italian, means “cheerful, lively”
  7. Amaranta - Spanish, Italian, a flower
  8. Antoinette - French, unknown meaning
  9. Augustina - Ancient Roman, means “exalted, venerable”
  10. Azize - Albanian, means “powerful, respected, beloved”
  11. Azora - Spanish, means “sky blue”
  12. Bastina - French, means “from Sebaste”
  13. Beatriz - Spanish, Portuguese, means “voyager, traveler”
  14. Bijoux - French, means “kiss” or “jewel”
  15. Calithea - Greek, means “beautiful”
  16. Caraf - Welsh, means “I love”
  17. Carina - Italian, means “cute”
  18. Chanel - French, reference to designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel
  19. Cinnia - Celtic, means “beauty”
  20. Corazon - Spanish, means “heart”
  21. Dalila - African origin, means “delicate, gentle”
  22. Daru - Sanskrit, means “of the cedar tree”
  23. Diamonique - African American name meaning “diamond”
  24. Dita - Czech, German, Latvian, means “wealth and fortune”
  25. Elandra - Aboriginal, means “home by the sea”
  26. Elitsa - Bulgarian, means “little fir tree”
  27. Esmaria - Spanish, means “emerald”
  28. Esperanza - Spanish, means “hope”
  29. Femi - Western African, Yoruba, means, “God loves me”
  30. Francoise - French, means “a french person”
  31. Gaia - Greek, means “the earth”
  32. Gemelli - Italian, means “twins”
  33. Giada - Italian, means “jade”
  34. Huyen - Vietnamese, means “jet black”
  35. Ianthea - Greek, means “violet flower”
  36. Iara - Arabic, means “water lady” or “small butterfly”
  37. Imani - Swahili, means “faith”
  38. Ines - Italian, Slovene, Croatian, means “chaste”
  39. Ishani - Sanskrit, means “desire”
  40. Ivania - Slavic, means “God is gracious”
  41. Kai - Hawaiian, means “ocean”
  42. Kaio - Japanese, means “forgiveness”
  43. Kalina - Slavic, means “flower”
  44. Kamiko - Japanese, means “little goddess”
  45. Kanani - Polynesian, means “the beautiful one”
  46. Keiki - Polynesian, means “child”
  47. Keyara - African origin, means “beautiful river”
  48. Kimeyah - Native American origin, means “singing throat”
  49. Kiora - Aboriginal, means “greetings”
  50. Lapis - Egyptian, a gemstone
  51. Lieu - Vietnamese, means “willow tree”
  52. Lilja - Icelandic, Faroese, Finnish means “lily flower”
  53. Lola - Spanish, means “sorrow”
  54. Lucia - Italian, means “light”
  55. Maeve - Gaelic, means “intoxicating”
  56. Manara - Arabic, means “light”
  57. Maya - Sanskrit, means “illusion”; Hebrew, means “water”
  58. Nia - Swahili, means “purpose”
  59. Nova - Latin, means “new”
  60. Parthena - Greek, means “maiden, virgin”
  61. Philomena - Greek, means “friend, lover”
  62. Rosalba - Italian, means “white rose”
  63. Sadira - Persian, means lotus tree
  64. Serilda - German, means battle armour
  65. Shira - Hebrew, means “singing”
  66. Siona - Irish, means “God is gracious”
  67. Sofia - Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Finnish, Estonian, Slovak, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, means “wisdom”
  68. Svana - Icelandic, a figure from Norse mythology
  69. Talia - Hebrew, means “dew from God”
  70. Tamika - English, unknown meaning
  71. Regina - Italian, means “queen”
  72. Valentina - Italian, Russian, Latvian, German, Croatian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Slovene, Romanian, Spanish, Greek, Ancient Roman, means “stong, vigorous, healthy”
  73. Victoria - English, Spanish, Romanian, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Late Roman, Roman Mythology, means “victory”
  74. Yara - Persian, means “friend, helper”
  75. Ziva - Hebrew, means “bright, radiant”

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