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105 Boho & Hippie Girl Names and Meanings

These hippie names for girls are perfect for a true flower child. Choose a boho and hippie name for your baby girl that represents freedom!
Updated: December 15, 2022

The words boho and hippie evoke images of peace, love, music, and chill vibes. The bohemian lifestyle is one in touch with the earth, the arts and music, and minimalism. The traditional boho and hippie life involves traveling, meeting new people, and enjoying new experiences. 

If you live the boho style or appreciate the freedom it offers, consider a hippie baby name. There’s no specific formula on what makes a boho name, but names related to nature, peacefulness, music, and art make up the bulk of our list. Names like Blossom, Allegra, and Lyric are just a few of the boho-inspired baby girl names you’ll see on the list.

Boho baby names lend themselves to being gender-neutral names as well since the lifestyle is typically more open-minded and free than traditional cultures. For example, names like Aspen, Denver, and Phoenix are all traditional baby boy name choices boho parents may consider for their little girl.

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Hippie-styled baby names may also deviate from traditional spellings and often have a specific meaning that is special to the parents. We’ve put together a list of over a hundred hippie boho names perfect for first and middle names, ideal for any boho baby girl. 

Hippie Names for Girls Fit For a True Flower Child

Hippie Names for Girls Fit For a True Flower Child 

Our list of Boho and Hippie girl names includes names from many different cultures and origins. Choose the perfect bohemian hippie themed name for your baby girl from the list below. 


  1. Aine - Celtic. The goddess of wealth. 
  2. Allegra - Italian. Joyous. Lively.
  3. Almond - Old French name. Almond nut.
  4. Ambrosia - Greek. Immortality. The food and drink of the gods.
  5. Apricot - French/Catalan. Fruit from the plum family.
  6. Apsara - A Hindu and Buddhist spirit of the clouds and water. It means to move in the rain clouds. 
  7. Aspen - Old English. Aspen tree.
  8. Astra - A Latin name meaning star
  9. Aria - Greek/Hebrew. A beautiful melody.
  10. Arlo - German. Famous throughout the land.
  11. Autumn - Latin. Of the woods. 
  12. Aurora - In Greek mythology, she is the goddess of the dawn.
  13. Avery - Anglo-Saxon. Ruler of the elves.
  14. Bay - Latin. Berry
  15. Bean - English. The word bene was a nickname for a friendly person.
  16. Beech - Norse name. A person who lives near a prominent tree. Beech is also a type of try.
  17. Blossom -  English. Flower.
  18. Bramble - Old English name. A blackberry shrub. 
  19. Brooke - German/Old English. A small stream.
  20. Celeste - Latin. Heavenly. A beautiful name for your angel baby. 
  21. Chamomile - French/Latin. A flower used in teas and essential oils to calm and soothe.
  22. Clementine - Latin.Merciful. A small orange fruit. 
  23. Clover - English. Meadow flower.
  24. Dahlia - Scandinavian. Dahl’s flower.
  25. Daisy - Latin/English. Day’s eye. A flower.
  26. Daphne - A Greek name meaning laurel tree or bay tree.
  27. Denver - English. Green valley. A place name. Typically a boy’s name but a cute choice for a little girl.
  28. Dharma - Hindi. The ultimate law of all things.
  29. Dove - English. The bird of peace.
  30. Elodie - A name with French origins that means foreign riches. The name of a type of pink lily.
  31. Elowen - Cornish. Elm.
  32. Enya - Irish name. Fire or grain.
  33. Esme - Latin/French. Kind defender. 
  34. Esper - German topographic name for someone who owned a pasture.
  35. Ever - American. Always. Eternity. 
  36. 36 Faye - Middle English. Fairy. 
  37. Fern - Old English. The perfect nature name, it means a left green plant. 
  38. Freya - Norse. Goddess of love, fertility, and beauty.
  39. Garnet - Old French. A pomegranate. A red gemstone. 
  40. Gemma - Italian for precious stone. 
  41. Ginny - Latin. A derivative form of Virginia.
  42. Haven - Dutch. Harbor. It also means a safe place. 
  43. Hazel - Old English. Light brown. From the hazel tree.
  44. India - Hindi. From India.
  45. Indigo - Greek. Dark blue. This name might be popular with fans of the indie rock group the Indigo Girls.
  46. Ivy - English. Ivy is an English name that comes from a green leafy plant. It signifies faithfulness. 
  47. Jade - Spanish. Stone of the loins. Jade is a green precious stone and is often used in ancient Chinese artwork. 
  48. Jenny - Old Welsh. White wave. Jenny was the bohemian flower child and love interest of Forest Gump.
  49. Juniper - Latin. Young. Juniper is a type of evergreen tree.
  50. Juno - Latin origin. The Roman goddess and queen of the heavens.
  51. Kai -  Hawaiian. Ocean.
  52. Krishna - Indian. It stems from a Sanskrit word and refers to Lord Krishna, the god of protection, compassion, tenderness, and love. 
  53. Lilac - Persian. A bluish-purple flower.
  54. Lily - English. Purity and innocence. A white, showy flower.
  55. Luna - Latin. Moon. 
  56. Lyric - This name has Greek origins from the wore lyre and means the words of a song. 
  57. Maple - Old English. A type of tree. 
  58. Marley - English. A marshy or pleasant meadow.
  59. Meadow - American name. Field of grass or vegetation.
  60. Mina - German. Love. 
  61. Monroe - Scottish. The mouth of the river Roe.
  62. Nell - English/Latin/Greek. Bright and shining.
  63. Nox - A Latin name for the night.
  64. Nova - Latin. New.
  65. Oakley- Old English. This earthy name means from the oak meadow. 
  66. Olive - Latin. Olive tree. 
  67. Orla - Irish. Golden princess. 
  68. Pearl - Latin. Pearl. Jewel.
  69. Pepper - Latin/English. A unique name that means spice.
  70. Persimmon - Greek. A dry fruit. 
  71. Phoenix - A magical bird that catches on fire and then is reborn out of its own ashes
  72. Poppy - Old English. A red flower.
  73. Quince - Latin. A delicious aromatic fruit and a Shakespearean character.
  74. Raven - An English origin name for a type of blackbird. 
  75. Reya - Greek. Angel.
  76. Robin - English. Bright. Famous. A type of bird.
  77. Romy - Greek origin. Refers to a Roman. 
  78. Rose - Latin. Rose. Flower. 
  79. Rowan - English. From the rowan tree. A tree with red berries. 
Boho & Hippie Girl Names
  1. Saffron - English. A flower name.
  2. Sage- Latin/English. Wise one. From the sagebrush.
  3. Sawyer - English. Woodcutter. The perfect name for nature lovers. 
  4. Seraphina - Hebrew. Afire. Angel.
  5. Serene - Latin. Calm  
  6. Sierra - Irish. Dark and ruddy.
  7. Skye - Norse. Cloud.
  8. Soren - Romanian. Sun. A hip name for a free spirit. 
  9. Sylvie - French. From the forest. 
  10. Tansy - Greek. Immortality. A Native American Hopi name for a flower. 
  11. Uma - Hindu. A name for the goddess Parvati.
  12. Violet - Latin. A purple flower.
  13. Willow - English. From the willow grove or willow tree.
  14. Wren - Welsh. Chief. A small bird.
  15. Thora - Norse. Thunder goddess.
  16. Twyla - English/American. Twilight. 
  17. Vega - Arabic. Swooping eagle or falling star.
  18. Vesper - Latin. Evening.
  19. Wolf - German. A unisex name that means wolf.
  20. Xochitl - Native American name. Nahuatl or Aztec for flower. Pronounced SO-chee-tl or SHO-chee-tl.
  21. Yara - Hebrew. Friend or helper. 
  22. Zaria - Slavic. Goddess of the dawn. 
  23. Zetta - A name of Hebrew origin that means Olive.
  24. Zion - Hebrew. The highest point. 
  25. Ziggy - Germanic origins, this sweet name means victory.
  26. Zuriel - Angel of beauty and fertility. 


Hippie and boho baby names are lovely choices to consider for your baby to be. They often have positive and harmonious meanings and cover many cultures and languages. So whether you’re looking for a nature name, something spiritual, a modern name, or something from ancient culture, boho and hippie names have something for everyone! 


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105 Boho & Hippie Girl Names and Meanings


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