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100 Beautiful Baby Names Inspired by Jewels and Gemstones

These gemstone names for girls and boys are as beautiful as the jewels and stones they come from. Find your gem baby name!
100 Beautiful Baby Names Inspired by Jewels and Gemstones
Updated: July 22, 2022

Your new baby is far more valuable than any precious stone, and you want to choose a name that signifies just how rare and perfect your little one is to you. Consider a gemstone baby name for your brand new bundle of joy.

You could name a blue-eyed little girl Sapphire or you could take your name inspiration from your little one’s birthstone, naming them Pearl or Ruby. There are popular baby name choices, like Crystal or Amber, or maybe you will choose a more unique name, like Citrine.

Many gem names fit best as baby girl names, but there are also baby boy names, such as Beryl or Jasper, or gender-neutral options such as Jade to choose from.

 Choose your perfect name from our list of 75 gemstone baby names and their name meanings.

Gemstone Girl Names and Meanings 

Gemstone Girl Names + Meanings
  1. Amber - Tree sap that forms into solid rock
  2. Amethyst - Violet-colored quartz
  3. Ametrine - A quartz made from a combination of amethyst and citrine
  4. Celestine - French, heavenly; fibrous crystals often used in prayer or meditation
  5. Carnelian - A red-orange semi-precious stone
  6. Citrine - A yellow quartz
  7. Coral - Marine invertebrates whose skeletons are made into jewelry
  8. Crystal - A solid material with a geometrically formed surface
  9. Diamond - The hardest mineral on Earth, a precious gemstone used traditionally for engagement rings.
  10. Ebony - English, black; a dense, black hard wood
  11. Emerald - A green gemstone, May’s birthstone
  12. Esme - French, beloved
  13. Esmeralda - Spanish, emerald
  14. Garnet - A group of precious stones that symbolize love and friendship
  15. Gemma - Italian, precious stone
  16. Giada - Italian, jade
  17. Goldie - Yiddish, gold
  18. Helmi - Finnish, pearl
  19. Ivory - Hard, white material made from animal tusks popular in the Victorian era
  20. Jacinda - Spanish, hyacinth
  21. Lapis - Lapis lazuli is a deep blue metamorphic rock
  22. Lazuli - Lapis lazuli is a deep blue metamorphic rock
  23. Larimar - A light blue precious gem found only in Barahona City in the Dominican Republic.
  24. Mae - English, pearl
  25. Maisie - Scottish, pearl
  26. Margot - French, pearl
  27. Maria - Latin, pearl
  28. Megan - Welsh, pearl
  29. Mica - Hebrew, who is like God; a shiny stone with distinct layers
  30. Onyx - A variant of chalcedony, which can be a red or black gemstone
  31. Opal -  Sanskrit, gem
  32. Pearl - Crystallized calcium carbonate formed in the soft tissue of a mollusk. An iridescent, white sphere.
  33. Quartz - Silicon dioxide formed into hard crystal
  34. Rosegold - A blend of gold, copper, and silver, with a distinctive pink hue
  35. Ruby - A deep red gemstone
  36. Rumi - Japanese, lapis lazuli
  37. Rupa - Sanskirt, shape, form
  38. Sapphire - A blue gemstone, September’s birthstone. The Ancient Greeks believed that wearing sapphire protected one from harm and from envy.
  39. Serpentine - English, winding, curving; a green and grey gemstone with a mottled appearance that resembles a reptiles’ coloring
  40. Silvia - Italian, forest
  41. Topaz - A yellow precious stone, November’s birthstone
  42. Tourmaline - A multi-colored mineral formed from many compounds
  43. Turquoise -  French, Turkish stone; an opaque blue-green gemstone
  44. Umina - Japanese, sea

Gemstone Boy Names and Meanings 

Gemstone Boy Names + Meanings
  1. Beryl -  Blue, yellow, pink, or green gemstones that form naturally into hexagonal shapes
  2. Flint - A form of quartz
  3. Heliodor - Gold-colored beryl
  4. Jasper - Persian, bringer of treasure
  5. Jade - A pale green gemstone is usually worn for good luck
  6. Jett - A gemstone made from coal
  7. Kyanite - A light blue gemstone that forms in elongated blades
  8. Malachite - A silky green mineral, often patterned
  9. Malachy - Irish, second
  10. Neel - Greek origin, Nile River; blue sapphire
  11. Neelam - Sanskrit, blue sapphire
  12. Obsidian - A rock formed from volcanic gas
  13. Pyrite - A gold-colored mineral known as “fool’s gold”
  14. Silver - A precious metal, from which the color got its name
  15. Shale - Yiddish, prayed for; fine sedimentary rock with bits of quartz in it
  16. Slate - A fine-grain metamorphic rock that forms and splits into thin, flat, strong pieces
  17. Soraya - Japanese, sky
  18. Zircon - A natural stone that comes in many colors

Gender-Neutral Gemstone Baby Names and Meanings 

Gender-Neutral Gemstone Names
  1. Agate - A multi-colored volcanic rock formation
  2. Alexandrite - A gemstone that changes color from purple to green
  3. Almas - Arabic, diamond
  4. Amazonite - Pale green gemstones
  5. Bich - Vietnamese, jade
  6. Bijou - French, kiss
  7. Gem - A precious stone
  8. Hira - Sanskrit, diamond
  9. Hyacinth - A precious stone that was previously thought to be sapphire. Also the name of a flower
  10. Kin - Japanese, gold
  11. Peridot - An olive-green gemstone
  12. Stone - English, stone
  13. Yari - Spanish, small gold jewelry

Birth Stone Name Inspiration 

Birthstone Name Inspiration

Beyond the popular gem and jewel names, there are many unique gem names that will make a beautiful choice for your family’s crowning jewel. Many parents may want to choose a baby name inspired by their child’s birth month and their matching birthstone. 

  • January - Garnet
  • February - Amethyst
  • March  -Bloodstone
  • April - Diamond
  • May - Emerald
  • June - Pearl
  • July - Ruby
  • August - Peridot
  • September - Sapphire
  • October - Opal
  • November - Topaz
  • December - Turquoise

Names That Mean Pearl 

Names that Mean Pearl

Mary, along with its many variations and diminutives, means “pearl”. Mary has been one of the most popular names through time and across cultures.

Here are a few names that mean pearl:

  1. Dara - Hebrew 
  2. Farita - Arabic 
  3. Greta - Greek
  4. Gretchen - German
  5. Mairead -Irish 
  6. Margot - French
  7. Maria - Spanish
  8. Mary - English
  9. May - English
  10. Peggy - Greek
  11. Rita - Spanish

Modern Alternatives to Crystal 

The name Crystal was a popular name in the 1970s, ‘80s, and ‘90s, but it has declined in popularity since then. Crystal is poised to fall off the charts soon.

The name Crystal may be going out of style, but some modern alternatives include types of crystal, such as:

  1. Amethyst
  2. Celestine
  3. Quartz

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