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101 Modern Girl Names for a 21st-Century Baby Girl

These modern girl names are new and trendy options for your baby girl. Find over 100 unique baby girl names and meanings.
101 Modern Girl Names for a 21st-Century Baby Girl
Updated: February 22, 2023

If you’re looking for a girl name that feels fresh, new and modern, it can be difficult to tell which baby girl names are just flash-in-the-pan trends, and which girl names will stay cool for years to come. 

Some of today’s most popular baby girl names are only trendy for a short time, while others have been in the top girl name lists for decades!

Browse our list of these new-age, trendy and popular modern names for girls to find which 21st-century name will be the best pick for your baby girl.

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Most Popular Modern Girl Names

These modern baby girl names have topped the list of the most popular name list for 2022 according to the SSA. If you love today’s name trends one of these popular choices might be the right pick

1. Olivia - Olivia is a Latin and Old Norse girl name meaning “kind one”

2. Emma - Emma is a German girl's name meaning “all-encompassing”

3. Charlotte - Charlotte is a French name for girls meaning “little and womanly” 

4. Amelia - Amelia is a German name for girls meaning “industrious” 

5. Ava - Ava is a Latin name for girls meaning “blooming” or “birdlike” 

6. Sophia - Sophia is a Greek girl’s name meaning “wisdom” 

7. Isabella - Isabella is a popular girl’s name with Hebrew origins meaning “consecrated to God” 

8. Mia - Mia is a popular girl’s name with Italian, Hebrew and Scandinavian roots. Mia can mean “mine,” “bitter,” or “star of the sea” 

9. Evelyn - Evelyn is an English girl’s name meaning “hazelnut” 

10. Harper - Harper is an Old Norse name for girls meaning “whaler” 

Trendy Baby Girl Names 

These modern girl names are huge hits for millennial and Gen Z parents. From unique name spellings to nature-inspired name choices, there are lots of interesting baby name trends we found in some of the most common girl names of the last few years.

  1. Adalynn - The name Adalynn is of French origin and means "noble, nobility.” 
  2. Addison - Originally a boy’s name, Addison is a popular modern girl’s name meaning “son/daughter of Adam.” 
  3. Aislynn - Old English form of "dream."
  4. Aria - Hebrew for "like a beautiful melody" and Greek for "melody."
  5. Athena - Goddess of war in Ancient Greece. 
  6. Bella - Hebrew for "gift of God's favor" and Spanish for "beautiful."
  7. Blakely - Old English name that means "dark wood." 
  8. Cora - French for "beloved" and Greek for "maiden."
  9. Demi - Old English for "fort on a hill" and Greek for "Goddess of the Harvest."  
  10. Elliana - Hebrew for "my God has answered."
  11. Eloise - The name Eloise is of French origin and means "healthy, wide." 
  12. Elsa - One of the most popular Scandinavian names and it means "consecrated to God" in Hebrew.
  13. Emery - The name Emery is of Latin origin and means "loving.” 
  14. Emilia - The name Emilia is Spanish and Italian and means "rival."
  15. Evie - Hebrew for "life."
  16. Everly - English name that means  "wild boar in woodland clearing."
  17. Faye - Old French name for "fairy."
  18. Gemma - Latin for "precious stone" and Hebrew for "dove."
  19. Gianna - Italian for “the Lord is gracious.” 
  20. Isla - Scottish name meaning “island.” 
  21. Ivy - Old English name meaning “vine.” 
  22. Jade - Spanish for "stone of the loins."
  23. Kendra - Celtic name for “ruler of the valley.” 
  24. Kennedy - Irish and Scottish for "chief with helmet."
  25. Lacey - Latin for "cheerful."
  26. Lyla - Arabic for "dark as the night" and French "from the island."

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  1. Macie - Polish for "sea of bitterness."
  2. Maeve - Several meanings including Irish for "joyous" and Celtic for "queen."
  3. Mila - Russian for "dear one."
  4. Nora - Latin name meaning “dignified.” 
  5. Novalee - American for "new field."
  6. Olive - Old Norse name for "kind one" or “olive tree” 
  7. Paisley - Scottish for "church."
  8. Poppy - Latin for "flower."
  9. Quinn - Latin name meaning “ a girl who is pretty as two.” 
  10. Raelynn - Modern English name combining two girl names, “Rae” and “Lynn.” 
  11. Rosalie - Latin for "flower" and the Dutch and German version of "Rosalia."
  12. Ruby - The name Ruby is of Latin and French origin and means "deep red precious stone." 
  13. Scarlett - Middle English for "deep red."
  14. Shiloh - Hebrew name meaning “peaceful.” 
  15. Skylar - The name Skylar is of English origin and means "eternal life, strength, love, and beauty."
  16. Talia - Several meanings and origins including Latin for "child born at Christmas," Hebrew for "dew from heaven," and Greek for "blooming."
  17. Teagan - The name Teagan is of Irish origin and means "attractive, beautiful.” 
  18. Trinity - Latin for "the Holy three."
  19. Valentina - Latin name meaning “good health.” 
  20. Violet - Latin for "purple."
  21. Willow - The name Willow is of English origin and means "willow tree.” 
  22. Zara - Arabic name meaning “Blooming flower; radiance “
  23. Zoe - The name Zoe is of Greek origin and means “life.” 

New-Age Baby Girl Names

Do you want a modern name that is less common and more original? These unique baby names make for interesting and modern first names or middle names for your baby girl.

  1. Aluma - Hebrew name meaning “maiden” or “sheaf.” 
  2. Aspen - Old English name meaning “shaking tree.” 
  3. Azalea - Arabic girl name meaning “democracy.” 
  4. Briar - English name meaning “shrub” or “small tree.” 
  5. Cleo - Greek name meaning “to celebrate.” 
  6. Cove - Old English name meaning “small bay.” 
  7. Dara - Hebrew name that means “pearl of wisdom.” 
  8. Eden - The name Eden is of Hebrew origin and means "place of pleasure, delight."
  9. Fallon - Celtic name meaning “of a ruling family.” 
  10. Faye - Old French name meaning “fairy.” 
  11. Freya - The name Freya is of Scandinavian origin and is the name of the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty.
  12. Hadley- Old English "heather field."
  13. Harlow - Old English “from a protected town.” 
  14. Hazel - Old English name meaning “hazel tree.” 
  15. Imogen - Latin name meaning “image” or “last born.” 
  16. India - Hindi girl name meaning “from India” 
  17. Iris - Greek name for “goddess of the rainbow.” 
  18. Juniper- Latin for "young."
  19. Kallie - Greek for "most beautiful" and Cambodian for "best."
  20. Lila  - Arabic name meaning “dark” or “born in the night.” 
  21. Luna - Latin for "moon."
  22. Mara - Greek name meaning “eternally beautiful.” 

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  1. Nova - Latin name meaning “new.” 
  2. Olesia - Slavic name meaning “a girl from the forest.” 
  3. Paisley - The name Paisley is of Scottish origin and means "church or cemetery." 
  4. Philomena - Greek name meaning “friend of strength.” 
  5. Presley - Old English for "priest's settlement."
  6. Rain - Latin name meaning “ruler.” 
  7. Remi - French name meaning “From Rheims.” 
  8. Rylie - Irish name meaning “brave.” 
  9. Serenity - English girl name meaning “peaceful disposition.” 
  10. Shakti - Hindi name meaning “power.”
  11. Sky - English name meaning “sky, sheltering.” 
  12. Sora - Japanese name meaning “Sky.” 
  13. Stella - Latin for "star."

Modern Unisex and Gender-Neutral Names

Many old classic boy names are now more popular girl names! These unisex name options make great picks for your little one. 

  1. August - The name August is of Latin origin and means "exalted." 
  2. Bay - English, French, and Dutch name for someone with chestnut or auburn hair. 
  3. Blake - Old English, meaning “fair, white, pale.” 
  4. Blue - English and French name after the color blue. 
  5. Brooklyn - Modern English for "beautiful brook."
  6. Camden - Scottish and Irish name meaning “winding valley.” 
  7. Charlie - Italian name meaning “valiant, strong, free.”
  8. Ember - The name Ember is of Old English origin and means "spark." 
  9. Indigo - Greek name meaning “dark blue.” 
  10. Jade - Spanish name meaning “stone of the loins.” 
  11. Harlow - Old English name meaning “from the protected town.” 
  12. Parker - The name Parker is of Old English origin and means "cultivated land." 
  13. Phoenix - Greek name from mythology for the dark red mystical bird. 
  14. Ren - Japanese name that means waterlily.
  15. River - English name for a river/body of water. 
  16. Sloane - Irish name that means “raider.” 
  17. Vesper - A unisex name meaning “evening star.” 

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