75 One-Syllable Middle Names for Girls

Updated: June 4, 2021
Looking for a short yet sweet middle name for your baby girl? Here is the ultimate list of one-syllable baby names for girls.
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We put a lot of thought into first names. How are they going to sound with the baby’s last name? Is it overly common or super popular? And a host of other concerns. But when it comes to middle names, we don’t necessarily put that same amount of care in. 

Finding a good, strong middle name can be hard. You don’t want to make it too much, but you don’t want it to just be filler either. A short-yet-sweet middle name is a safe bet to take. Using a middle name that’s only one syllable leaves an impact, but doesn’t get excessive or super tedious. These 75 one-syllable middle names for girls are a good mix of strong but simple names. 

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  • Ash - Traditionally a nickname for Ashley, the shortened version works in the middle.
  • Bea - It rhymes with ‘pea’, like the star of The Golden Girls.
  • Belle - It means beauty!
  • Beth - A nickname of Elizabeth that stands strong on its own.
  • Bette - As in Midler, not Bette Davi.
  • Bex - A play on the nickname for Rebecca, but a little tougher sounding.
  • Blue - Beyoncé made it a cool first name, but it’s a great middle name too.
  • Blythe - This fancy-sounding first name works well as a middle name.
  • Brynne - You could also spell it Brynn to emphasize the one-syllable thing.
  • Claire - You could also spell it Clare or Clair, but it's a classic no matter what.
  • Clay - Not commonly thought of as a middle name, but it is becoming more popular.
  • Dawn - Meaning the break of day, it also makes a beautiful and tranquil middle name.
  • Dill - If you like plant names, this herb is slightly more masculine or gender neutral.
  • Dove - A beautiful bird of peace, this makes for a unique middle name.
  • Drew - Drew Barrymore made the name famous for girls, why not try it in the middle?
  • Eve - Eve evokes feelings of dusk and serenity.
  • Faith - A great reminder!
  • Faye - Less like Tammy Faye Baker, and more like Faye Dunaway.
  • Fleur - French for flower, it’s a hyper-feminine middle name option.
  • Flynn - Another masculine name that sounds great as a middle name.
  • Glenn - Another slightly more masculine sounding common first name.
  • Grace - A timeless option that never goes out of style.
  • Grey - Not just a color or a last name, but also a chic middle name.
  • Gwen - You could also spell it Gwynne depending on your preference.
  • Hope - A common middle name, it provides a good balance.
  • James - Though it’s rising in popularity as a first name for girls, it works as a middle name too.
  • Jane - It’s not plain if you use it as a middle name!
  • Jean - If it works for Britney Spears, it will work for you too.
  • Jo - A very old-fashioned name, but old enough that’s it’s cool again now.
  • Joan - If you’re thinking of the character from Mad Men, you’re right!
  • Joy - A feeling that you want to capture always.
  • June - The middle month of the year makes for a perfect middle name.
  • Kai - Kai is growing in popularity as a first name, but it’s a great middle name too.
  • Kate - Nicole Richie’s daughter has Kate as one of her middle names.
  • Kay - If you wanted, you could also spell it Kaye.
  • Kit - More popular as a vintage first name, this middle name is definitely sweet like candy.
  • Lake - Not just a body of water, but also a unique middle name.
  • Lane - If it sounds too much like a street, go with Layne.
  • Leigh - Another one with multiple spelling options, like Leah or Lea.
  • Liv - Normally a nickname for Olivia, it works as a middle name as well.
  • Lou - It sounds a little old fashioned, but Lou is actually quite cute.
  • Lux - A little fancy and rich sounding to give you baby a touch of luxury.
  • Lynn - Lynn sounds good with a lot of first names and has been a classic for decades.
  • Mae - Another one of those fun old-timey middle names that should make a comeback.
  • Maeve - Definitely vintage sounding, but also kind of like a fairy.
  • Maude - Like the titular TV character, if it’s too old as a first name, use it in the middle!
  • Max - A common nickname that really works well as a middle name.
  • Moon - Celestial bodies make great names!
  • Nash - A play on the city of Nashville, great if you want a little country and a little rock-n-roll.
  • Nell - It may sound a little like someone’s grandma, but vintage is cool again!
  • Nic - It may sounds a little tough, but you can soften it.
  • Pax - Latin for peace, it’s a little less direct and a little more cool.
  • Pearl - It’s a little old-timey and very Southern, but a true gem.
  • Quinn - A popular first and last name that also works as a middle name.
  • Rae - You could use Ray as well; it’s cute and sounds a little Southern.
  • Rain - You can also use Raine or Rayne; it’s fresh, like a summer sun shower.
  • Reese - You may think of Reese Witherspoon, which isn’t a bad thing.
  • Reign - Strong and regal, the name adds a little oomph!
  • Rex - It sounds a little more masculine, but it’s a good balance for a feminine first name.
  • Rose - It may be overused, but it’s still sweet and a classic name.
  • Rue - Like another famous Golden Girl!
  • Sage - Singer Pink gaver her daughter Willow the middle name Sage too.
  • Saint - Maybe too much pressure for a first name, but just right for a middle name.
  • Skye - You could also go with Sky, or even Skai. 
  • Sloane - Not just a cool last name, it also means warrior.
  • Sue - Like Peggy Sue, you could update it with an offbeat first name.
  • Tate - Another cool first name that works as a middle name, and is a great gender-neutral option.
  • Tea - Pronounced like the drink, it is also the nickname for Teagan.
  • Tess - Another first name that sounds like a sophisticated middle name. 
  • Tor - A play off Tori, or even Thor, and it sounds goddess-like and powerful.
  • True - If you’re looking for something virtuous, this is a great choice.
  • West - Not just a direction, but a cool middle name.
  • Wren - If you’re into nature middle names, this bird is perfect.
  • Wynn - Commonly a last name, it works well as a middle name.
  • Zoe - Like fashion guru Rachel Zoe!

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