75 Disney Girl Names

Updated: September 16, 2020
If you’re looking for a list of names which evoke the magic of Disney, this is the ultimate collection.
75 Disney names for baby girls
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Pass on the joy and magic that Disney brings into your life with these special Disney names, including your favorite Princesses, ducks, geese, robots and more!

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If you’re looking for a list of names which evoke the magic of Disney, this is the ultimate collection:

  1. Abigail - One of the two Gabble sisters from Aristocats.
  2. Adelaide - Another Aristocats pick, Adelaide is the owner of Duchess and her kittens.
  3. Alana - One of Ariel’s many sisters in The Little Mermaid along with Aquata, Adrena, Arista, Adena, and Adella.
  4. Alice - Don’t let her run off to Wonderland!
  5. Amber - Princess Amber is the older step-sister of the titular character in the series Sofia the First.
  6. Amelia - Both a character in Treasure Planet and Abigail’s other half from Aristocats.
  7. Anamaria - Zoe Saldana’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean is never one to back down from a fight.
  8. Anastasia - One of Cinderella’s step-sisters with a regal name!
  9. Anna - Who doesn’t love Frozen?
  10. Ariel - Your very own Little Mermaid who will be a part of your world.
  11. Aurora - Let’s hope for a Sleeping Beauty and a great napper!
  12. Belle - Instill a love of reading early on in your Beauty. 
  13. Bianca - One of the main characters in The Rescuers.
  14. Bonnie - Once Andy heads off to college, Bonnie becomes the owner of his toys in Toy Story 3.
  15. Briar - Aurora of Sleeping Beauty was also known as Briar Rose.
  16. Charlotte - Tiana’s lifelong BFF from The Princess And The Frog.
  17. Clio - This popular Princess at Royal Prep proves to be a true friend to Sofia of Sofia The First.
  18. Coco - An homage to the heartwarming movie Coco.
  19. Colette - Francophiles and foodies will love this pick from Ratatouille.
  20. Daisy - Who doesn’t love Daisy Duck?!
  21. Destiny - Better known as Dory’s best friend in Finding Dory, it’s destiny that this little one came into your life!
  22. Dory - Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!
  23. Elena - An ode to Princess Elena of Elena Of Avalor.
  24. Elizabeth - For lovers of swashbuckling pirates, this pick is a nod to Elizabeth Swan.
  25. Ella - An homage to Cinderella!
  26. Ellie - Pay tribute to Up with this sweet pick.
  27. Elsa - For your Winter baby, what’s a better choice than Elsa?!
  28. Esmerelda - For lovers of the Disney Renaissance, pay tribute to The Hunchback of Notre Dame with this beautiful name.
  29. Eve - Often mistaken by WALL-E as Eva, Eve actually stands for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator.
  30. Felicia - Though an antagonist in The Great Mouse Detective, this name is a great pick.
  31. Helen - Better known as Elastigirl from The Incredibles!
  32. Isabel - Do you have a second princess on the way? Draw inspiration from Elena of Avalor’s younger sister.
  33. Jade - For your future fun-loving girl, there’s no better pick than Sofia the First’s BFF!
  34. Jane - Not only is Jane a main character in Tarzan, but let’s not forget about Jane Banks from Mary Poppins!
  35. Jasmine - Welcome to a whole new world of parenthood!
  36. Jenny - You can’t go wrong with this classic name, better known as Dory’s mother from Finding Dory.
  37. Jessie - Everyone's favorite cowgirl from Toy Story!
  38. Joy - A great emotion to focus on, and one of the leading characters from Inside Out.
  39. Judy - Calling all Zootopia fans, this one's for you!
  40. June - One of Daisy Duck’s nieces along with April and May, all great choices! 
  41. Kiara - Simba and Nala’s daughter, AKA future queen of the Pride Lands. 
  42. Laurel - A lovely pick for your lovely girl, named after the mother in Onward.
  43. Leah - Princess Aurora’s mother in Sleeping Beauty is a name you can’t go wrong with.
  44. Leila - In Maleficent, Disney opted to switch from Leah to Leila.
  45. Lily - Inspired by Tiger Lily of Peter Pan.
  46. Lizzie - Fun fact, this Cars character got its name because Ford Model T’s earned the nickname of “Tin Lizzie” back in the day.
  47. Marie - The sweet and precocious daughter of Duchess in Aristocats.
  48. Mary - Who doesn’t love Mary Poppins!
  49. Megara - Megara is cynical and sassy, but you can call her Meg!
  50. Merida - Do you have Scottish heritage? Merida of Brave is the perfect homage!
  51. Miranda - Allow the kind mother of Sofia the First to be your namesake!
  52. Moana - Perfect for your beach-dwelling daughter!
  53. Molly - Expecting a little one with blonde locks? Andy’s sister from Toy Story is the pick for you.
  54. Mulan - A choice with a meaning any little girl will be proud of.
  55. Nala - Whether you’re a fan of the original movie, or just love Beyoncé, this name for your lioness is the perfect pick.
  56. Naomi - For your future adventure-lover, this pick from Elena Of Avalor is spot-on.
  57. Olivia - One of Basil’s clients in The Great Mouse Detective!
  58. Pearl - Who could forget sweet Pearl’s line: “Aww, you guys made me ink” from Finding Nemo?!
  59. Penny - The best friend and owner of Bolt from the flick of the same name.
  60. Remy - Though this is not only a rat, but a male rat in Ratatouille, this is a sophisticated and alternative option for your baby girl; it’s also a great gender-neutral option.
  61. Riley - You might not always be able to find out what’s going on in Riley’s head, but Inside Out will give you a pretty good idea.
  62. Robin - A unisex pick courtesy of Robin Hood.
  63. Rosa - Adventurous yet stern, Rosa Rivera of Coco is a great pick. 
  64. Rose - As we mentioned above, Aurora was also known as Briar Rose.
  65. Sally - Expecting a Halloween baby? Choose this name from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  66. Sarafina - Nala’s mother doesn’t play a huge role in The Lion King, but your little one certainly will in your heart!
  67. Sofia - The star herself of Sofia The First!
  68. Stella - A beignet-loving pup from The Princess and The Frog.
  69. Thalia - Another one of the five muses from Hercules.
  70. Tiana - This Princess made history, just like yours will!
  71. Vanessa - When Ursula goes above ground to steal Prince Eric, she uses the disguise of Vanessa.
  72. Violet - The eldest child of Bob and Helen, AKA Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl!
  73. Ursula - Though associated with a villain, this is an excellent name pick! 
  74. Wendy - Make sure you lock up the windows at night so Wendy can’t fly off to Neverland!
  75. Willow - Perfect for your future wise one, Grandmother Willow is the adviser to Pocahontas.

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