75 Mermaid Names for Your Little Girl

Updated: September 8, 2020
Here’s a list of 75 baby girl names inspired by mermaids, the sea and everything in between.
75 mermaid names for baby girls
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A lot of women and girls have dreams of being a mermaid. How could we not? Many millennial moms came of age watching Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Ariel has been an idol for girls ever since. 

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While you may never get to fully live your dreams of being a mermaid, you can use mermaids and their culture to influence your baby girls’ name. Here’s a list of 75 baby girl names inspired by mermaids, the sea and everything in between.

  1. Adella - one of Ariel’s mermaid sisters, this name means “noble.”
  2. Aerwyna - this Old English name, pronounced ERW-ih-NAH, means “friend of the sea.”
  3. Amatheia - want your little mermaid to be a friend of those with fins? This Greek name means “nurses of fish.”
  4. Anahita - this is the Old Persian format of the Irainan goddess of the water.
  5. Anaitis - the Greek for of Anahita.
  6. Annette - Annette Keller was the first actress to play a mermaid on film back in 1911.
  7. Aqua - you can’t get much more of a mermaid name than this, the Latin word for water.
  8. Aquata - you can also spell this uncommon name that is another of Ariel’s sisters ‘Aquanta.’
  9. Araxie - taken from the Armenian River Arax, this name can be pronounced ah-RAHK-see or AH-rah-see.
  10. Ariel - while it doesn’t actually have a water meaning, it is arguably the most famous mermaid of all. Meaning “lion of God” in Hebrew. You can also use the alternate more feminine spelling Arielle.
  11. Asherah - meaning “she who walks in the sea,” this is the name of a goddess of motherhood and fertility.
  12. Asia - a Greek nereid (sea nymph) and daughter of Oceanus.
  13. Asrai - in English folklore, Asrai are aquatic fairies similar to mermaids. They couldn’t survive daylight, and only came to the surface once a century.
  14. Athena - the Greek goddess of war and invention shares the name of mermaid queen Athena, aka Ariel’s mother.
  15. Ava - not only is this the name of a mermaid on the show H20, this name means “water” in Romansh and “passage through a coral reef for boats” in Samoan.
  16. Avalon - meaning “island of apples,” it’s the name of the Isle where water spirit Melusine lived.
  17. Bayou - evoking Louisiana vibes, this name meaning “small, slow stream” originates from the Choctaw word bayuk.
  18. Beatrice - another one of the Norfolk mermaids, means “she who brings happiness.”
  19. Brizo - the Greek goddess of sailors.
  20. Brooke - the name of a small stream, this name is of Irish origin.
  21. Calypso - this name for a Greek sea nymph is also a style of Caribbean music.
  22. Cari - it means “flows like water” in Turkish.
  23. Cascade - this French name means “waterfall” and is a beautiful and uncommon name.
  24. Ceto - this name comes from a Greek sea goddess who was the daughter of Gaia and Pontus.
  25. Cleodora - the daughter of a river god and lover of Poseidon.
  26. Coral - mermaids likely swim through this stony underwater substance that is often a pinky/orange color.
  27. Coralie - if Coral feels too literal, this is a French name deriving from the Latin word ‘coralium’ which translates to “coral.”
  28. Coralia - a variation of Coralie, this is the name of a mermaid from an 18th century ballet.
  29. Daryah - meaning “sea” in Persian, this name has two pronunciations: DEH-er-AYAH or DA-ryah.
  30. Delphine - this French name means “dolphin,” which is fitting how it’s believed that old sailors mistook dolphins for mermaids.
  31. Dione - a Greek nereid known as “the divine.”
  32. Dominique - this French name meaning “of God” is another of the Norfolk mermaids.
  33. Doris - the Greek nereid of the sea’s bounty.
  34. Esther - meaning “star,” Esther Williams was a swimmer and film star known as the “million dollar mermaid.”
  35. Eudora - the Greek nereid of “fine gifts.”
  36. Galene - the Greek nereid of the “calm” seas.
  37. Halia - this Hawaiian name is the Greek nereid of the “brine.”
  38. Iaira - one of the Greek nereids.
  39. Ianthe - the Greek ocean nymph meaning “purple flower,” it's pronounced ee-AN-thee.
  40. Ione - one of the nereids.
  41. Kai - the Hawaiian name means “sea.”
  42. Kaia - another short and sweet name, it means “the sea” in Hawaiian and “pure” in Greek.
  43. Kailani - another Hawiian name, this means “sea and sky.”
  44. Kallianassa - one of the nereids, “the lovely queen.”
  45. Klymene - the nereid of “fame.”
  46. Lana - it may evoke an Old Hollywood vibe, but in Hawiian, it means “afloat in calm waters.”
  47. Lola - this Spanish name that means “lady of sorrows” is the name of a mermaid statue in Norfolk, Virginia.
  48. Lorelai - this name comes from German folklore of a woman who threw herself into the sea and became a siren who lured men to destruction.
  49. Luna - this celestial name is the connection between the moon and sea.
  50. Madison - if you’ve ever seen the 80s rom-com Splash with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah, you’d know that Hannah plays a mermaid named Madison.
  51. Maira - a nereid, it can also be spelled Maera.
  52. Maj - this brief name originates in the Nordic countries and means “one from the sea.”
  53. Maraja - this Esperanto name means “made of the sea.”
  54. Marcelline - more than just a vampire queen, this French name means “defender of the sea.”
  55. Marin - this Irish name means “star of the sea.” You can also spell it Maren.
  56. Marina - some may think it’s a place to leave your boat, but this Latin name means “a man of the sea.”
  57. Maris - English name meaning “of the sea.”
  58. Mazu - a water goddess and protector of sailors in Chinese mythology.
  59. Melusine - this French name is a figure of English folklore, a female spirit of fresh water who shared characteristics of mermaids.
  60. Meri - this sweet short name means “the sea” in Finnish.
  61. Meribella - in Latin, this -ella name means “star of the sea.”
  62. Moana - this Disney princess name means “wide expanse of water, deep sea” in Maori.
  63. Muriel - this vintage sounding name is English with Gaelic elements and means “bright sea.
  64. Naia - perfect for water babies, this Basque name means “wave” or “sea foam.”
  65. Namiko - this Japanese name means “child of the waves,” perfect for your little merbaby.
  66. Nerida - this Greek name means “mermaid."
  67. Nix - in Norse/Germanic mythology, these are water spirits who appear in human form.
  68. Nixie - this cute name is also the name of a water spirit.
  69. Ondine - this name meaning “small waves,” is the name of a novella, ballet and movie about a water nymph.
  70. Sabrina - this name meaning “from the River Severn,” it’s the name of a Celtic river goddess.
  71. Sequana - in Celtic mythology, she was the goddess of the River Seine.
  72. Sereia - meaning “mermaid,” this Portuguese name sounds like the word siren.
  73. Thaleia - also spelled Thalia, the nereid of the “blooming sea.”
  74. Urmi - this Hindu name means “wave of the sea.”
  75. Zenevieva - this Celtic name means “white wave.”

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