75 One-Syllable Girl Names That Are Short and Sweet

Updated: December 22, 2021
Looking for a short yet sweet middle name for your baby girl? Here is the ultimate list of one-syllable baby names for girls.
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Names don't have to be lengthy and complicated to be beautiful. Single-syllable names are bold and strong! They can say a lot with just a few letters. There are classic baby girl names like Anne and Jane that have stood the test of time. And if you're looking for a trendy and unique girl name, names like Fawn, Lux, and Brooke have also gained popularity. One-syllable names also offer a variety of unisex name options like Wren and Quinn. 

A common misconception with one-syllable names is that they are only good to be used as middle names. This doesn't have to be the case. There are plenty of adorable short names that are perfect to be used as a first name.

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Below is a list of one-syllable baby names that would be perfect for your baby girl. Each of these baby girl names comes complete with its origin and meaning so you can choose the name that fits your little one best.

One-Syllable Names for Baby Girls 

  1. Anne - Hebrew for "gift of God's favor"
  2. Ash - Old English for "ash tree" and a short variation of the popular name Ashley. It's a great unisex option, too.
  3. Bea - Latin for "happy" and a short variation of Beatrice or Beatrix
  4. Belle - Spanish for "beautiful" or Hebrew for "dedicated"
  5. Bess -Hebrew for "consecrated to God"
  6. Beth - Hebrew for "God's oath" and a short variation of the popular name Elizabeth
  7. ​Blue - For the primary color and following the Carter family's daughter Blue Ivy
  8. Blythe - Old English for "joyous"
  9. Bree - Irish for "resolute" or "strong"
  10. Brooke - Old English for "stream"
  11. Brynn - Welsh for “hill”
  12. Cher - French for "beloved" and a cute idea for a fan of the famous singer with the same name
  13. Claire - Latin for "bright"
  14. Dawn - English for "daybreak"
  15. Dot - Greek for "gift of God" and a short variation of Dorothy
  16. Dove - Hebrew for "bear" and doves usually represent love or peace
  17. Drew - Greek for "courageous" and also a great unisex option
  18. Elle - French for "woman" or "girl"
  19. Eve - Hebrew for "life"
  20. Faith - Latin for "trust"
  21. ​Fawn -Latin for "young deer"
  22. Faye - Old French for "fairy"
  23. Fern - Old English for "leafy plant"
  24. Fleur - French or Latin for "flower"
  25. Flo - Latin for "flourishing" and a short variation of the name Florence
  26. Fran - Old French for "free" and a short variation for Frances, which is also used as a boy name
  27. Gayle - Irish for "stranger" or Old Norse for "to sing"
  28. Grace - Latin for "blessing"
  29. Greer - Greek for "watchful" and is also used as a boy name
  30. Gwen - Irish for "white wave" and sometimes used as a shorter version of Gwendolyn
  31. Hope - Old English for "faith"
  32. Jade - Spanish for "stone of the loins" and is known as a deep green colored gemstone
  33. Jane - Hebrew for "God is gracious"
  34. Jeanne - Scottish for "God is gracious"
  35. Jewel - Old French for "priceless gem"
  36. Jill - Short form of Jillian which is Latin for "youthful"
  37. Joan - Feminine form of John which is Hebrew for "God is gracious"
  38. Joyce - Hebrew for "God is gracious"
  39. June - Latin for "young"
  40. Kai - This name has several origins including Hawaiian for "ocean" and Scottish for "fire" but it is also a great unisex name
  41. Kate - Greek for "pure"
  42. Kay - Arabic for "beloved" and Irish for "slender"
  43. Kim - Old English for "chief" and a short variation of Kimberly
  44. Lane - Middle English for "narrow road"
  45. Lark - English for "a bird" and Irish for cruel" but is also used as a boy name
  46. Leigh - Gaelic for "poet"
  47. Liv - Norwegian for "life" and a shorter variation of Olivia
  48. Lou - Old German for "warrior maiden"
  49. Lux - Spanish for "light"
  50. Mae - Greek for high tower" and Latin for "great"
  51. Maeve - Several origins and meanings including Celtic for "queen" and Irish for "joyous"
  52. Maude - English for "strength in battle"
  53. Midge - Greek and Persian for "child of light"
  54. Neve -Latin for "snow" and made popular by famous actress Neve Campbell
  55. Niamh - Irish for "radiance" or "beauty"
  56. Paige - French for "intern"
  57. Pam - Greek for "honey" and a short form of Pamela
  58. Pax - Latin for "peace"
  59. Pearl - Latin for "jewel"
  60. Prue - Latin for "foresight" and a short form of Prudence
  61. Rae - Several meanings and origins including Scottish for "grace"and Spanish for "unique"
  62. Reese - Welsh for "enthusiastic"
  63. Rose - Latin for "a flower"
  64. Rue - Greek for "regret" or an herb name in Latin
  65. Ruth - Hebrew for "compassionate friend"
  66. Sage - French, and English for "wise one"
  67. Shea - English for "a gift" and Irish for "fairy palace"
  68. Skye - English for "eternal life"
  69. Sloane - Irish for "raider"
  70. Star - American word for "a luminous astronomical object in the sky" and shared by celebrity Star Jones
  71. Sue - Hebrew for "lily" and a short form of Susan or Suzanne
  72. Tess - Latin for "essence" and Greek for "the fourth born"
  73. True - German for "adored warrior"
  74. Wren - Welsh for "chief"
  75. Wynn - Welsh for "fair"

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