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75 Patriotic Baby Names

Here is a list of the best patriotic names to choose for baby boys and girls that pay homage to America.
75 Patriotic Baby Names
Updated: January 11, 2023

If you are proud to be an American, or if you most look forward to the fourth of July, why not choose a patriotic name for your newborn baby? There is no better way to honor our Founding Fathers than to choose the perfect name that also has significant meaning to our country.

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Here is a list of the best patriotic names to choose from for a baby girl or a baby boy. This way you can pay homage to a former President, the National Anthem, or even something that the United States stands for. Plus, there are even unique baby names on this list as well, giving you tons of options. You can choose one for your dog if you like because pets are like children, too!

Patriotic Baby Girl Names

  1. Abigail - For Abigail Adams, a former first lady
  2. Amelia - For Amelia Earhart, renowned pilot
  3. America - For the United States of America, following actress America Ferrara
  4. Belle - For the Liberty Bell
  5. Betsy - For Betsy Ross, the one who made the first American flag
  6. Britannia - For the USS Britannia, a steamship captured by the Union Navy during the Civil War
  7. Brooklyn - For a well-known city in New York
  8. Cheyenne - For a city in Wyoming
  9. Coretta - For Coretta Scott King, activist wife of Martin Luther King Jr.
  10. Deborah - For Deborah Sampson, a woman who disguised herself as a man and became an American Revolution war hero
  11. Destiny - For "manifest destiny," the belief that the United States was destined by God to expand across North America
  12. Eleanor - For Eleanor Roosevelt, a former first lady
  13. Elizabeth - For Elizabeth Cady Stanton, known as a leader in the women's rights and suffrage movements
  14. Georgia - For the state of Georgia
  15. Glory - For the 1989 film Glory that was based on the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
  16. Hannah - For Hannah Adams, an author who wrote books based on United States history
  17. Harriet - For Harriet Tubman, who fought for equal rights
  18. Honor - This word describes men and women of high moral standing
  19. Jackie - For Jackie Kennedy, a former first lady
  20. Jane - For Jane Addams, a leader in social work and women's suffrage
  21. Liberty - From the famous saying "give me liberty, or give me death" by Patrick Henry
  22. Lydia - For Lydia Barrington Darragh, a Quaker turned Patriot spy during the American Revolution
  23. Madison - For James Madison, a former President
  24. Martha - For Martha Washington, a former first lady
  25. Mercy - For the compassion and forgiveness the United States is known for
  26. Molly - For Molly Pitcher, a nickname given for a woman who carried water to American soldiers at the Battle of Monmouth during the American Revolution
  27. Rebel - For the most famous rebellion, the American Revolution
  28. Rosie - For Rosie the Riveter, an iconic fictional person who was created to recruit and represent female factory workers during WWII
  29. Star - For the "star-spangled banner"
  30. Susan - For Susan B. Anthony, an important leader, and women's rights activist
  31. Sybil - For Sybil Ludington, a hero and patriot during the American Revolutionary War
  32. Victoria - For "victory" which can best describe the Revolutionary War
  33. Virginia - For the state of Virginia

Patriotic Baby Boy Names

  1. Aaron - For Aaron Burr, a former Vice President
  2. Abraham - For Abraham Lincoln, a former President
  3. Austin - For a city in Texas
  4. Banner - For the "Star-Spangled Banner"
  5. Benjamin - For Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States
  6. Booker - For Booker T. Washington, one of the most influential Black educator and reformers, and developed Tuskegee University
  7. Boston - For a well-known city in Massachusetts
  8. Bronx - For a bureau in New York City
  9. Carter - For Jimmy Carter, a former President
  10. Columbus - For Christopher Columbus, who was credited with being part of the discovery of America
  11. Dallas - For a city in Texas
  12. Douglass - For Frederick Douglass, a famous American abolitionist
  13. Ellis - For Ellis Island, a site in New York where you can find the Statue of Liberty
  14. Enoch - For a biblical figure who was an ancestor of Noah
  15. George - For George Washington, a former President
  16. Hamilton - For Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States
  17. Harrison - For William Harrison, a former President
  18. Henry - For Patrick Henry, a famous figure of the American Revolution and one of our Founding Fathers
  19. Jackson - For Andrew Jackson, a former President
  20. Jefferson - For Thomas Jefferson, a former President
  21. John - For John Adams, a former President
  22. Knox - For Fort Knox which was named for Henry Knox, the first United States Secretary of War
  23. Lincoln - For Abraham Lincoln, a former President
  24. Martin - For Martin Luther King Jr., a famous activist, and leader in the American Civil Rights Movement
  25. Maverick - For Samuel Maverick, a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence
  26. Mordecai - For Alfred Mordecai, an engineer who made important contributions to scientific research and military technology
  27. Paul - For Paul Revere, a colonialist and patriot hero of the American Revolution
  28. Quincy - For John Quincy Adams, a former President
  29. Revere - For Paul Revere, a colonialist and patriot hero of the American Revolution
  30. Thomas - For Thomas Jefferson, a former President
  31. Ulysses- For Ulysses S. Grant, a former President and Civil War General
  32. Valor - For those who displayed courage during battle
  33. William - The first name of many former Presidents including William McKinley

Patriotic Gender Neutral Names

  1. Aspen - A mountain town in Colorado
  2. Dakota - For states North Dakota and South Dakota
  3. Justice - For upholding the moral righteousness of a cause
  4. Kennedy - For John F. Kennedy, a former President
  5. McKinley - For William McKinley, a former President
  6. Monroe - For James Monroe, a former President
  7. Reagan - For Ronald Reagan, a former President
  8. Sam - For Uncle Sam, a symbolic figure created to personify the United States government
  9. Shiloh - For the Battle of Shiloh, one of the major early American civil war battles

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