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150 Arthurian Names for Boys and Girls

Find 150 Arthurian names inspired by the legends of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round table. Plus other male and female Arthurian names from medieval queens to sorcerers names.
Arthurian Names
Updated: January 27, 2023

If you are interested in Arthurian legend, then you may have considered an Arthurian name for your baby you’re expecting.

The Legend of King Arthur is an epic tale that has been retold many times in the form of books, movies and more.

We have put together 150 baby names from Arthurian legends including baby boy names and baby girl names inspired by the famous stories about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

What Are Arthurian Names?

Arthurian names are taken from Arthurian legend. Arthurian legends include the body of stories and medieval romances written about King Arthur, his queen Guinevere, and various knights, sorcerers and legendary characters.

Many of these legends were written in French during the 11th century and later translated, so sometimes the names and spellings of these names can vary depending on the language and time period in which it was written.

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Names of The Knights of the Round Table (& Meanings)

King Arthur is a fictional medieval British King of the Kingdom of Camelot. There is some speculation about whether or not he was real, but there’s not enough evidence to prove it.

He is the leader of the Knights of the Round Table, a group that promotes equality rather than having a traditional “head” knight.

  1. Sir Agravaine - The brother of Sir Gawain
  2. Sir Bagdemagus - The father of Maleagant
  3. Sir Bedivere - The head of King Arthur’s court
  4. Sir Bors the Younger - Russian for “fight”
  5. Sir Breunor le Noir - The brother of Dinadan
  6. Sir Elyan - The son of Sir Bors and a Knight of the Round Table
  7. Sir Gaheris - The nephew of King Arthur
  8. Sir Galahad - The son of Sir Lancelot and Lady Elaine
  9. Sir Gareth - French for “watchful”
  10. Sir Gawain - Welsh for “courteous”
  11. Sir Geraint - The eldest son of King Erbin
  12. Sir Kay - Hebrew for “crown of laurels” and English for “keeper of the keys”
  13. Sir Lamorak - The younger son of King Pellinore
  14. Sir Lancelot - French for “lancer” and German for “spear”
  15. Sir Lanval - The knight who falls in love with a fairy
  16. Sir Leodegrance - The father of Queen Guinevere
  17. Sir Maleagant - The knight who abducts Guinevere
  18. Sir Mordred - Depending on when the work was published he is either the son or nephew of King Arthur
  19. Sir Palamedes/Palamydes - a Saracen Knight of the Round Table
  20. Sir Pelleas - An English fisher king
  21. Sir Pellinore - A Welsh name that means “name of a king” in Arthurian legend
  22. Sir Percival - Old French for “pierce the veil”
  23. Sir Safir - The son of Esclabor
  24. Sir Sagremor - A Knight of the Round Table
  25. Sir Tristan - Celtic and Latin for “noise”
  26. Sir Urien - Greek for “heaven”
  27. Sir Ywain/Owain - The son of King Urien

Boy Names from Arthurian Legends

One of the most Arthurian Legends parts of this legend is Excalibur, King Arthur’s sword.

It is said that Arthur was the only one who was capable of drawing the sword out of the stone, proving his worthiness as King of Camelot. It is said that the wielder possessed magical powers.

Arthurian Legends

King Arthur leads his knights on a quest for the valuable treasure of the “Holy Grail” which is only described as a valuable piece of treasure.

Some say it was the cup that Jesus drank from in the last supper. In the end, Sir Galahad is the one the grail is said to have revealed itself to.

  1. Aballach - Modron’s father
  2. Aglaral - Percival’s brother
  3. Alain - Alain le Gros, one of the fisher kings
  4. Albion - Latin for “white”
  5. Aleyn - English origin, name of a fisher king in Arthurian legend
  6. Alis - The brother of Cliges
  7. Amren - The legendary son of Bedwyr
  8. Andred - Tristan’s cousin
  9. Antfortas - Keeper of the grail
  10. Angyush - Isolde’s father
  11. Aurelius - Latin for “golden one”
  12. Ban - The father of Lancelot
  13. Beaumains - Old English for “one with white hands”
  14. Bellangere - Alexandre’s son
  15. Bodwyn - The brother of Mark
  16. Bohort - The uncle of King Arthur
  17. Bran - Cardoc’s father
  18. Breri - A messenger
  19. Bryan - Lord of Pendragon
  20. Calibumus - One of the various names used for King Arthur’s sword
  21. Caradoc - The son of Bran
  22. Cath - The name of a monster in Arthurian legend
  23. Catigern - Son of Vortigern
  24. Cerdic - The founder of the kingdom of Wessex
  25. Clamedeus - This name means “name of a king” in Arthurian legend
  26. Clarion - Scottish for “the name of a king”
  27. Constantine - King Arthur’s cousin and Cador’s son
  28. Dagonet - King Arthur’s fool
  29. Dinadan - A friend of Sir Tristan
  30. Ector - A form of Hector, means “anchor” in Greek
  31. Emrys - Greek and Welsh for “immortal”
  32. Evrain - English for “the name of a king
  33. Frollo - Killed by Arthur in the Legend of King Arthur
  34. Galantyne - The name of Gawain’s sword
  35. Glais - The grandfather of Sir Percival
  36. Gorlois - The husband of Igraine
  37. Gorvenal - This name means “a knight” in Arthurian legend
  38. Gringalet - Gawain’s horse
  39. Guivret - A dwarf king
  40. Houdenc - Sir Tristan’s dog
  41. Isdemus - A “knight of Arthur” in Arthurian legend
  42. Johfrit - Of Arthurian origin and means “a knight”
  43. Kahedin - The brother of Isolde
  44. Kanelinqes - The father of Tristan
  45. Lionel - Brother of Bors the Younger
  46. Lludd - Welsh for “the name of a king”
  47. Lot - Hebrew for “hidden”
  48. Lucan - Latin and English for “light” and also a servant to King Arthur
  49. Madoc - Old Welsh for “champion”
  50. Maldue - This name means “a wizard” in Arthurian legend
  51. Mark - Mark of Cornwall is married to Isolde and the uncle of Tristan
  52. Melechan - Mordred’s son
  53. Meliodas - The second King of Lyonesse
  54. Merlin - French for “blackbird” and Welsh for “fort by the sea,” he was a wizard and King Arthur’s mentor
  55. Morholt - The uncle of Isolde
  56. Oberon - German for “bear heart”
  57. Pant - The father of Sir Lancelot
  58. Pellam - A fisher king
  59. Ryence - This name means “a Welsh king” in Arthurian legend
  60. Taliesen - Welsh for “radiant brow”
  61. Trevrizent - The uncle of Sir Percival
  62. Uther - King Arthur’s father
  63. Vortigern - An English king who fought against the Saxons

Female Names from Arthurian Legends

Women play many different roles in Arthurian legends from seductive and manipulative sorceresses to loving and noble queens. Here are some of names inspired most important figures in Arthurian stories.

  1. Ade - A mistress of Lancelot
  2. Anna - Arthur’s sister
  3. Arthes - Welsh for “she-bear”
  4. Astolat - The Lady of Shalott
  5. Avarona - The name of King Arthur’s burial place
  6. Bedegrayne - The name of a castle in Arthurian legend
  7. Blanchefleur - French for “white flower”
  8. Brangaine - Isolde’s handmaiden
  9. Branwyn - Celtic for “blessed raven” and also the daughter of Llyr
  10. Caelia - Latin for “heavenly”
  11. Chelinda - Sir Tristan’s grandmother
  12. Clarine - Lancelot’s mother
  13. Clarissant - The sister of Sir Gawain
  14. Cundrie - In Arthurian legend, she is the woman who condemns Percival
  15. Dindraine - Grail heroine and daughter of King Pellinore
  16. Elaine - Greek for “torch”
  17. Eneuavc - The daughter of Bedwyr
  18. Enid - Welsh for “soul”
  19. Enygeus - The grandmother of Percival
  20. Ettare - The lover of Pelleas

Female Arthurian Names

  1. Fae - Old French for “fairy”
  2. Galiene - Scottish for “a lady”
  3. Ganieda - Merlin’s sister
  4. Grisandole - A princess who dresses as a man in Arthurian legend
  5. Guanhumora - In Arthurian legend, this name means “Arthur’s queen”
  6. Guinevere - Irish for “white wave”
  7. Gwendoloena - Merlin’s wife
  8. Gwenhwyfach - Queen Guinevere’s sister
  9. Hellekin - Lover of Morgan le Fay
  10. Helsin - The mother of Sir Lancelot
  11. Herzeloyde - Percival’s mother
  12. Iblis - An English name and the wife of Lancelot
  13. Igraine - The mother of King Arthur
  14. Isolde - Old English for “fair”
  15. Laudine - This name means “widow” in Arthurian legend
  16. Lausanne - Another name for Lake Geneva
  17. Lidoine - Daughter of Cavalon
  18. Llamrei - The name of King Arthur’s horse
  19. Lynette - Middle French and English for “linnet bird”
  20. Matilda - Merlin’s mother
  21. Modron - A goddess in Arthurian legend
  22. Morfydd - The twin sister of Ywain
  23. Morgana - A Welsh name and the enchantress half-sister of King Arthur
  24. Morgause - The half-sister of King Arthur
  25. Nimiane - The lady of the lake
  26. Nimue - English for “full of life” or “vibrant”
  27. Olwen - Daughter of Ysbaddaden
  28. Orguelleuse - An arrogant lady and Maiden of Logres in Arthurian legend
  29. Parcenet - A maid of Queen Ettare
  30. Prydwyn - The name of King Arthur’s ship
  31. Ragnall - Sir Gawain’s wife
  32. Rion - Irish for “little king”
  33. Saeth - Welsh for “arrow”
  34. Saveage - The sister of Lyones
  35. Sebille - A fairy
  36. Sigune - Percival’s cousin
  37. Tryamon - A fairy princess
  38. Vivien - Latin for “lively”
  39. Wenhaver - King Arthur’s queen
  40. Ygeme - The mother of King Arthur

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