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The Ultimate Guide to Mexican Boy Names and Meanings

The most popular Mexican boy names with meanings and origins. Find a Mexican boy name from A to Z!
The Ultimate Guide to Mexican Boy Names and Meanings
Updated: December 15, 2022

Do you want to honor your Latin heritage by giving your little boy a Mexican baby name? Take a look at our expanded list of Mexican baby boy names with meanings to find the perfect name for your little one. 

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Mexican History and Spanish Baby Names 

Mexican baby names have Spanish or Latin roots, dating back to Spain's conquest of Mexico in the 16th century. Most Mexican names, therefore, are Spanish names. Spanish names come originally from Latin names that have been reformed for the Spanish language. For example, Antonio is the Spanish form of the Latin Antonius (and the English name Anthony).

Spain also introduced Catholicism to the Mexican people, and Christianity still plays an important role in Hispanic culture today, so we see some Hebrew names and lots of babies being named after prominent saints, like Santiago and Pablo.

Mexican boy Names in Mexico and the United States 

Mexican Boy Names in Mexico and the United States

In the US, common Spanish-language boy names include Santiago, Alejandro, Jose, and Miguel. In Mexico, the most popular names for boys are Juan, Luis, Jose, and Antonio. 

Your family's culture may influence your baby name choice. Maybe you also want to name your child after a special person in your life, like your great-uncle Eduardo, or you're passionate about finding a name meaning that you cherish for your little one.

Ultimate List of Mexican Baby Names for Boys 

In Mexico, many popular names are composites, which means they have two first names (the second name is not a middle name, but part of the first name).

Get inspired by our list of Mexican baby boy names.

Mexican Boy Names that Start with A to E 

Mexican Boy Names that Start with A to E
  1. Adrián - Spanish, Hungarian, Slovak, means "from Hadria"
  2. Alejandro - Spanish, means "defender"
  3. Alexis - Greek, “helper”
  4. Alfredo - Spanish, Italian, means “elf counselor”
  5. Alvaro - Spanish, Portuguese, means "elf army"
  6. Amador -Spanish, Portuguese, means “lover”
  7. Andrés - Spanish, Icelandic, means "masculine"
  8. Ángel - Spanish, “angel” or “messenger”
  9. Anselmo - Spanish, means
  10. Antonio - Spanish, Italian, Croatian, meaning unknown
  11. Arturo - Spanish, Italian, means "bear king"
  12. Axel - a Danish name, means “my father is peace.”
  13. Balam - Mayan name, means “jaguar”
  14. Basilio - Italian, Portuguese, means “basil” 
  15. Benedicto - Italian name meaning “blessed”
  16. Bernardo -
  17. Blas - Spanish, Dutch, means ‘pale.
  18. Bruno - German, means “brown”
  19. Carlos - Spanish, Portuguese, means "man"
  20. Cedro - Spanish, Italian, means “strong gift”
  21. César - Roman, means “hairy.”
  22. Claudio - Italian and Spanish form of Claudius.
  23. Cortés - Latin origin, means “polite”
  24. Cristian - is a Spanish name, meaning “Christian.” A Gender-neutral name in Mexico for baby boys and baby girls.
  25. Daniel - Spanish, English, Hebrew, French, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovene, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Croatian, Armenian, Georgian, Greek, means "God is my judge"
  26. Dante - Latin, means “enduring”
  27. Darío - Italian, “upholder of good”
  28. David - Hebrew name meaning “uncle” or “beloved.”
  29. Diego - Spanish, means "teacher"
  30. Eduardo- Spanish, Portuguese, means "rich guard"
  31. Elías - Spanish name, meaning “my God is Yahweh.”
  32. Elvío - Spanish name meaning “blonde”
  33. Emmanuel - Hebrew, meaning “means “God is with us.”
  34. Erasmo - Greek, means “to love”
  35. Esteban - Spanish, means “crown or garland”

Mexican Boy Names that Start with F to J 

Mexican Boy Names that Start with F to J
  1. Fernando- Spanish, means “brave journey”
  2. Felipe - Spanish, Portuguese, means "friend of horses"
  3. Fernando - Spanish, Portuguese, means "brave journey"
  4. Francisco - Spanish, Portuguese, means "Frenchman"
  5. Gaius - Latin , “to rejoice”
  6. Gerardo - Spanish, Italian, means "spear"
  7. Gilberto - Spanish, “bright”
  8. Gustavo - Spanish, Portuguese, means “leader”
  9. Hernan - German, Spanish “traveler”
  10. Hugo - Spanish, Portuguese and German, means “mind”
  11. Ignacio - Spanish, means “firey one”
  12. Ikal - Mayan, means “spirit”
  13. Jaime - Spanish, means “supplanter”
  14. Javier - Spanish, means "the new house"
  15. Jesús - Spanish, means "God of salvation"
  16. Jorge  - Spanish, Portuguese, means "farmer"
  17. José - Spanish, Portuguese, French, means "he will add"
  18. José Luis - Spanish, means "he will add / battle"
  19. Juan - Spanish, Manx, means "Yaweh is gracious"
  20. Juan Carlos - Spanish, means "Yaweh is gracious / man"

Mexican Boy Names that Start with L to R 

Mexican Boy Names that Start with L to R
  1. Leonardo - Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, means "brave lion"
  2. Luis - Spanish, means "battle"
  3. Luka - Latin, means “light”
  4. Manuel - Spanish, Portuguese, German - means “God is with us”
  5. Marco - Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, reference to the Roman god, Mars
  6. Mario - Spanish and Italian, means “warring”
  7. Martín - Spanish, means “Roman God of War”
  8. Mateo - Spanish, Croatian, means "gift of Yaweh"
  9. Maximiliano - Italian name, means “greatest”
  10. Miguel Ángel, Spanish, means "who is like God? / angel"
  11. Normando - Spanish for “person from the North”
  12. Oro - Latin, means “gold”
  13. Orson - Latin, means “bear cub”
  14. Ovidio - Spanish, means ‘Shepard.’
  15. Pablo - Spanish, means "humble"
  16. Pancho - Spanish, means “tuft”
  17. Pasqual - Latin, means “born on Easter”
  18. Pedro - Spanish, Portuguese, means "stone"
  19. Pino - Spanish, means “pine”
  20. Polo - Mexican, means “petite”
  21. Prieto - Spanish, means “dark-haired”
  22. Ramirez - Spanish, means 'Renowned counselor.'
  23. Ramiro -Spanish, “supreme judge”
  24. Ramón - Spanish, means ‘protective counsel
  25. Rafael - Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovene, Hebrew, means "God heals"
  26. Raúl  - Spanish, means "wolf"
  27. Renaldo - Spanish, means “wise ruler”
  28. Ricardo - Spanish, Portuguese, means "brave ruler"
  29. Roberto - Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, means "bright fame"
  30. Rubén - Spanish, means “behold the son”
  31. Rufino - Latin, means “red-haired”

Mexican Boy Names that Start with S to Z 

Mexican Boy Names that Start with S to Z
  1. Salvador - Catalan, and Portuguese, means “savior”
  2. Santiago - Spanish, Portuguese, means "Saint James"
  3. Santos - Spanish, Portuguese, means “holy”
  4. Séneca - Latin, means “old age”
  5. Sergio - Mexican, means “protector”
  6. Silvestre - Latin, means “wood forest”
  7. Silverio - Spanish for the Greek god of the trees
  8. Tácito - Spanish, means “silent”
  9. Tadeo - Spanish, means “praise”
  10. Tenoch - Aztec and Mexican origin, means “fruit”
  11. Videl - Latin, means “lifegiving”
  12. Vincente - Spanish, means “victorious”
  13. Víctor- Latin, "means “conquered”
  14. Virgilio - Latin, means “flourishing”
  15. Xavier - Spanish, means “new house”
  16. Zacarias - Spanish and Hebrew, “remembered by God”

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The Ultimate Guide to Mexican Boy Names and Meanings


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