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105 Gilded Age Names for Girls and Boys

Gilded era names are becoming popular again. The Gilded Age of the 1870s was glamorous and flashy, just like these baby names for girls and boys.
105 Gilded Age Names for Girls and Boys
Updated: January 3, 2023
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Decades go in and out of style, music, and even baby names! Forget the ongoing Y2K fashion resurgence or 80s nostalgia, the glitz and glamor of the Gilded Age is having a moment! 

The Gilded Age was a period of the late 19th century of immense economic growth for the United States full of high society parties, wealthy businessmen, and an overall air of prestige. It was the time of the Astors, Carnegies, and Rockefellers. 

The Gilded Age took place in the 1870s through the early 1900s. This time in history is characterized by a burst of industrialized and corporate growth and activity after the reunification that split the country during the American Civil War.

The flashiness and sparkle of the Gilded Age cannot be denied, and interest in the fashion and sparkle of the time is coming back. The 2022 Met Gala, one of the fashion world’s most significant events, used the theme “Gilded Glamour.” 

The Gilded Age era birthed the infamous Titanic and inspired books and movies like The Great Gatsby, The Age of Innocence, and the HBO series The Gilded Age, released in early 2022. 

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Gilded Age baby names were even one of the biggest baby name trend predictions for 2023! Names inspired by wealthy, old money aesthetics, shiny gold and silver jewelry, and a vintage high-society lifestyle are having a comeback. 

So if you’re looking for a classic American baby name, a Gilded Age name like John, Minnie, Gloria, or Emmett might be the ticket. 

See our favorite vintage baby names inspired by the Gilded Age aesthetic.

Gilded Age Girl Names and Meanings

Many popular gilded girl names stem from English, German, and Biblical roots. The names came from women in high society at the time. 

Many high profile women in the Gilded Age were descendants of early American, British and German immigrants who had risen in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia society.

Gilded Age Girl Names

New York City was the epicenter of the Gilded Age being home to the finance and trade industries. It was also the home to oil barons and railroad tycoons. 

The Gilded Age was a time when who you were, and your friends were in New York society mattered most to those at the top.

  1. Ada - Hebrew. Adorned. 
  2. Adeline - German. Nobler or kind. 
  3. Alice - German. Noble. 
  4. Bertha - German/Saxon. Glorious and beautiful. 
  5. Bessie - Often a nickname for Elizabeth or Beatrice, it is also a stand-alone name. It means pledged to God or God’s oath. 
  6. Celia - Latin. Heavenly. 
  7. Delia - Latin. Ropemaker.
  8. Effie - Greek. Well-spoken. 
  9. Elsie - Scottish. Pledged to God. 
  10. Eula - Greek. Fair of speech.
  11. Gladys - Welsh. Princess.
  12. Gloria - Latin. Glory.
  13. Hattie - Ruler of the estate.
  14. Helena - Greek. Torch. 
  15. Isadora - Egyptian goddess of fertility. 
  16. Josephine - Hebrew. He shall add. 
  17. Josie - Hebrew. God will increase. A feminine version of Joseph. 
  18. Lena - This name has roots in several languages, Hebrew, Greek, Persian, and Russian. All the meanings have a reference to light and illumination.
  19. Mae - Hebrew. Bitter.
  20. Marion - French. Bitter. Of the sea.
  21. Maude - Old German. Strength in battle or battle maiden. 
  22. Minnie - Latin/Hebrew. Beloved, butter, rebellion.
  23. Myra - Latin. Behold or wonder.
  24. Nellie -Latin/Greek. Horn or sun ray. Nellie Bly was one of the first female journalists in the United States and lived almost her entire life during the Gilded Age. 
  25. Lottie - Italian. Strong and free. 
  26. Sadie - Hebrew. Princess. 
  27. Sallie - English/Hebrew. Princess or noblewoman.
  28. Tillie - German. Might or power. 
  29. Zeena - More commonly spelled Zena or Xena, this name is Greek for Alive or of Zeus.

Gilded Age Boy Names and Meanings

Top choices for Gilded Age boy names stem from famous industrialists and robber barons like J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller. It was a time of significant change and massive corruption. 

Gilded Age Boy Names and Meanings

However, it was also when labor unions began striking people began speaking out against child labor, and educational reforms began. 

The famous union Knights of Labor, founded by Uriah Stephens, and the American Federation of Labor (AFL), which would grow to become one of the country's largest unions, formed during this time. 

  1. Alvin - Old English. Elf wine.
  2. Calvin - Latin. Bald. 
  3. Cornelius - Latin. Hornblower. Cornelius Vanderbilt built his wealth via railroads.
  4. Curtis - French. Polite or courteous. 
  5. Creighton - English/Scottish. Hilltop.
  6. Edwin - Old English. Rich friend.
  7. Eugene - Greek. Wellborn. 
  8. Felix - Latin. Happiness.
  9. Frank - French. Free man.
  10. Gilbert - German. Bright desire. 
  11. Gus - Latin. Exalted.
  12. Jasper - Persian. Keeper of the treasure. 
  13. Julius - Latin/English. Youthful 
  14. Oscar - Old Norse. Divine spear.
  15. Otto - German. Wealthy. 
  16. Lawrence - Latin. Crowned with laurel. 
  17. Leland - Old English. From the meadowland. 
  18. Levi - Hebrew. United.
  19. Martin - Latin. Warlike. 
  20. Marshall - French. Keeper of the horses. 
  21. Percy - Old French. Pierce the veil
  22. Perry - French. Pear tree. 
  23. Reuben - Hebrew. Behold a son. 
  24. Silas - Latin. Wood or woodman.
  25. Wesley - Old English. West meadow. 
  26. Uriah - Hebrew. God is light. 
  27. Vance - Middle English. Dweller by the windmill.

The Most Popular Names of the Gilded Ages 

Some Gilded Age names were in style before the era, and while they have waned in and grown in popularity have never really gone out of style. Here are some of the most popular names from the Gilded Era. 

The Most Popular Names of the Gilded Ages

Popular Gilded Age Names for Girls

  1. Anne - Hebrew. Gift of God’s favor.
  2. Callie - Greek. Castle or fortress.
  3. Crystal - Greek. Anointed. A clear, brilliant glass popular during the Gilded Age.
  4. Elizabeth - Hebrew. God is my oath. 
  5. Ellen - English. Light. 
  6. Emma - German. All-embracing. 
  7. Eva - Hebrew. Life.
  8. Jennie - Welsh. White Wave. 
  9. Lily - Arabic. Of the night. 
  10. Lola - Spanish. Sorrows. 
  11. Nora - Latin. Shining light. 
  12. Sophy - Greek. Wisdom. This rare spelling was once just as common as the common Sophie. 

Popular Gilded Age Names for Boys

  1. Andrew - Greek. Valiant. Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist. 
  2. Elijah - Hebrew. God the Lord. 
  3. Emmett - German. All-embracing.
  4. Jacob - Greek. The supplanter.
  5. Jake - Hebrew. The supplanter. A common nickname for Jacob.
  6. John -Hebrew/Greek. God’s Grace. The name of two Gilded Age tycoons, John Jacob Astor and John D. Rockefeller.
  7. Owen - Irish. Born to the nobility.
  8. Victor - Latin. Victor or conquer. 
  9. William - German. Protector. 

Gilded Names with Shiny and Bright Meanings

In addition to traditional American Gilded Age names, we’ve included some trending names with bright, shiny, and metallic meanings. These silver and gold baby names invoke brightness, wealth and good fortune

Gilded Names with Shiny and Bright Meanings

Shiny and Metallic Names for Girls

  1. Aileen - Irish. Shiny or bright.
  2. Aurelia - Latin. Golden. 
  3. Diamond - English. Brilliant. Bright stone.
  4. Eleonora - German/Italian. Bright shining one.
  5. Garnet - Latin. Red stone. 
  6. Opal - Sanskrit. Jewel.
  7. Orla - Irish. Princess. Gold.
  8. Pearl - Latin. Pearl or jewel. 
  9. Zahava - Hebrew. Gold.

Shiny and Metallic Names for Boys

  1. Abner - Hebrew. Father of light. 
  2. Anwar - Arabic. Shafts of light.
  3. Ferris - Irish. Strong man. An ironworker. 
  4. Lucius - English/Latin. Light.
  5. Orville - French. Gold town. 
  6. Thursten - Norse. Thor’s stone.
  7. Tolliver - English. Metal worker.

Gender-Neutral Gilded Era Names

Many of the names in America during the Gilded Age were and are still very gender specific. However, there are a handful of popular gender-neutral baby names on the list that can be used for boys and girls. 

  1. Astor - The last name of Gilded Age tycoon John Jacob Astor who died on the Titanic. 
  2. Charlie - German. Free man.
  3. Emery - English/German. Industrious. 
  4. Everett - German. Strong bear. 
  5. Fynn - Irish. Bright. Fiery. Fair-haired.
  6. Harlow - Old English. A rocky hill/
  7. Jesse Greek. God’s Gift.
  8. Lou - Latin. Light. 
  9. Onyx - Greek. A dark, precious stone.
  10. Sam - Hebrew. To hear. 
  11. Sidney - French. From the city of St. Denis. 
  12. Sterling - English. Genuine or valued. 

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The Gilded Age began to fade as the 20th century approached and was truly over by the mid-1920s as America approached The Depression and post-WWI economic decline. But your love for Gilded era names doesn’t have to end! 

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105 Gilded Age Names for Girls and Boys

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