75 Names That Mean Death or Darkness

Updated: March 30, 2022
Whether you’re looking to avoid names that are related to death and darkness or seeking them out specifically for traditional, or spiritual purposes, we’ve picked out our top list of 75 names that mean death.
Names that Mean Death
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When you first think about names that mean death, you could be put off from wanting to choose one of them for your new baby. However, that shouldn't necessarily be the case. Even if the baby name you decide on includes death in its meaning, it doesn't mean that you've automatically chosen something negative or morbid.

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In Western culture, death is a topic usually discussed grimly or avoided altogether. In other cultures, though, death is treated as a celebration of life and often a way to connect to the spiritual world. Life and death go hand-in-hand and there’s a history full of gods and rulers related to the darkness. And don’t worry - you won’t curse your little one into being an evil child by choosing a dark, death-related name! There are some really great choices here that have equally great meanings. Whichever way you feel towards the topic, a death-related name would certainly stand out from the rest.

In this list of names that mean death, there are plenty of options for strong and original names that you will be happy to choose for your little one. In recent years, parents are increasingly adventurous with naming their children, and this list of baby names could well contain one that you fall in love with.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Death

  1. Abiba - African for "the first child born after the grandmother has died."
  2. Achlys - A name found in Greek mythology that is the personification of misery, sorrow, and the "death mist" that clouds the eyes before dying.
  3. Adaliah - Variant of "Adalia" that means "one that draws water, poverty, cloud, and death" in English.
  4. Adrienne - Latin name for "dark one."
  5. Agrona - Old English for the "goddess of strife and slaughter."
  6. Bacia - Ugandan for "family deaths ruined the home."
  7. Bashemath - Hebrew for "confusion of death."
  8. Chiwa - African name that means "death."
  9. Dabria - English, “an angel of death”
  10. Desdemona - Greek for "misery" and is shared by the heroine in Shakespeare's Othello.
  11. Dolores - Latin for "lady of sorrows."
  12. Ernaline - Old Norse and Old German for "battle to the death."
  13. Freyja - The name of the goddess of love, beauty, war, and death in Norse mythology.
  14. Hecate - The name of the goddess of magic, night, moon, ghosts, and necromancy in Greek mythology.
  15. Khalida - Arabic for “immortal” or “deathless."
  16. Keket - The name of the Egyptian goddess of darkness.
  17. Lachesis - One of the three fates in Greek mythology who was responsible for measuring the thread of life.
  18. Libitina - The ancient Roman goddess of funerals and burial.
  19. Lilith - Hebrew for "night monster" and a well-known demonic figure in Jewish folklore.
  20. Lorelai - In German legends, this was the name of a siren who lured men to their death in the Rhine River.
  21. Mallory - This name has an Old French origin that means "unfortunate" or "bad luck."
  22. Mara - Sanskrit for "death."
  23. Marama - The name of the goddess of the moon and death in Polynesian and Maori mythology.
  24. Morana - The name of the goddess of winter and death in Slavic mythology.
  25. Morrigan - Irish for the “goddess of eternal warfare."
  26. Naenia - Latin for "dirge" and also the name of the Roman goddess of funerals.
  27. Nephthys - An Egyptian goddess associated with death and mourning.
  28. Omisha - Hindi for the “goddess of birth and death.”
  29. Persephone - The name of the Queen of the underworld and the goddess of death in Greek mythology.
  30. Shivani - Hindi for "life and death."
  31. Tanda - Native American for “the seer of life and death.”
  32. Thana - Arabic name for "death."
  33. Valdis - An Old Norse derived from the words that mean "the dead" and "goddess."

Baby Boy Names That Mean Death

  1. Ahimoth - Hebrew for "brother of death."
  2. Anpu - The name of the Egyptian god of the dead.
  3. Anubis - The Greek name of the god of death, and also the Greek form of "Anpu."
  4. Athanasios - Greek origin name for “immortal.”
  5. Baladan - The name for "the son of death" in Israeli.
  6. Bhishak - Hindu for someone who cures the disease of birth and death cycles.
  7. Cain - The first son of Adam in The Bible, who killed his brother Abel.
  8. Claeg - English name for "one who is subjected to death."
  9. Clay - English origin that means “mortal” or “one who is subjected to death at any moment.”
  10. Dearil - Scottish and German for “call of death."
  11. Ernesh - Indian for "battle to the death."
  12. Gifflet - According to old Arthurian legend, Gifflet throws Excalibur into the lake after King Arthur's death.
  13. Hades - The god if the underworld in Greek mythology.
  14. Harald - Scandinavian name for "hard ruler." Harald Hardrada was one of the most ruthless vikings and considered the last.
  15. Janardan - Indian name for "the liberator from the cycle of birth and death."
  16. Javaraya - Hindu for “god of death” and used in the state of Karnataka.
  17. Jeevak - Indian for the time from present day until death.
  18. Kalabhiti - Hindu for "of whom death is afraid."
  19. Kalakuta - Indian and Sanskrit, “potion of death.”
  20. Kalaraja - Sanskrit for “lord of death.”
  21. Kalayavan - Indian for "as horrible as death."
  22. Kaliya - Hindi for “time of death.”
  23. Kek - The name of the Egyptian god of darkness.
  24. Lawliet - This wasn't a popular name until it was used for a character in the Japanese series Deathnote.
  25. Markandeya - Hindi for "conquers over death."
  26. Merripen - English gypsy for "life or death."
  27. Methuselah - Hebrew for "man of the javelin" or "death of sword."
  28. Mrithun - Indian for "lord of death."
  29. Nirnasha - Indian for "one who can never die."
  30. Osiris - The name of a god king in Egyptian mythology who died and was reborn every year.
  31. Samael - Hebrew name that means "angel of death" in The Bible.
  32. Sephtis - Persian for "eternal death."
  33. Teivel - This is the Yiddish word for "devil."
  34. Thanatos - He was the personification of death in Greek mythology.
  35. Tuwile - Kenyan for "death is invincible."
  36. Yamajit - Hindu origin name that is another name for Lord Shiva, "the conqueror of death."

Unisex Names That Mean Death

  1. Azrail - Hebrew for "angel of death."
  2. Bela - Hebrew for "devouring" or "destruction."
  3. Jela - Swahili for "father suffered during birth."
  4. Kritanta - Indian for "god of death."
  5. Lefu - African name for "death."
  6. Vendetta - Italian name for "blood feud."

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