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The Spookiest Vampire and Witch Names for Halloween Babies (or Anyone!)

Having a Halloween baby? Let these spooky witch and vampire names inspire you.
Baby Girl Dressed Up in Witch Halloween Costume Spooky Vampire/Witch Names of 2019
Updated: December 10, 2021

Historically, witches and vampires have had villainous and evil reputations, and rightfully so. But over time, many people have come to love representing their rebellious and magical behaviors by giving a child or pet a mystical or spooky name.  If your baby is born during the month of October or is a Halloween baby, these vampire-inspired names and witch names could be perfect.

If you’re eager to find a name that encompasses your fascination for magical beings, these names are fit for a Scorpio! Get your spellbooks ready to write down our list of the spookiest vampire and witch names for your baby. 

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Top Vampire Names

Did you know that vampire is an Albanian folklore word meaning, to drink with teeth? Vampires are also notorious for being immortal, strong, and attractive. So step aside, Buffy. Here is a wonderfully dreadful list of names that any vampire-lover will love.

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Female Vampire Names

  • Ambrosia: means ‘immortal’ or ‘food for the gods’
  • Belladonna: (a poisonous plant) means ‘beautiful lady’
  • Bronwyn: means ‘a fiery spirit distilled from wine’
  • Elvyra: means ‘impartial judgment’ or ‘close’
  • Esmeralda: means ‘emerald’
  • Luna: means ‘moon’
  • Ophelia: means ‘useful’ or ‘wise’
  • Selene: (mother of vampires) means ‘goddess of moon’ or ‘heavenly’

Male Vampire Names

  • Armand: (from The Vampire Chronicles) means ‘warrior
  • Blade: means ‘knife, sword’ or ‘glory’
  • Bram: (author of Dracula) means ‘raven’ or ‘father of a multitude’
  • Draco: means ‘dragon’ or ‘male swan’
  • Helsing: (vampire hunter from Dracula)
  • Vlad: (Vlad the Impaler) short for Vladimira, means ‘regal’ or ‘to rule with peace’
  • Thorne: means ‘thorn tree’
  • Spike: (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel) means ‘long, heavy nail’

Gender-Neutral Vampire Names

  • Corbin: means ‘Raven’
  • Shadow: means ‘mystique’
  • Zagan: means ‘fallen angel’
  • Zolan: a mysterious name, which could mean ‘restless spirit’ or ‘inspired, introspective’
family in witch and vampire halloween costumes

Top Witch Names

Witches and warlocks are clever, crafty, and mystifying. They’re not all bad, either. In fact, the victims of the Salem Witch Trials were healers, midwives, and herbal gardeners. Not all of the listed witch names sound spooky, but they’re drenched in meaning and lore.

Female Witch Names

  • Agnes: (one of the most famous witches of England) means ‘pure’
  • Alice: (one of the first known witches of Ireland) means ‘noble’ or ‘truth’
  • Cassandra: (mythological princess and seer) means ‘capricious’
  • Gwen: (the first woman to be hanged of witchcraft, but was a healer and herbalist) means ‘white wave’
  • Jadis: (white witch from Chronicles of Narnia) means ‘witch’ in Turkish or ‘long ago’
  • Morgan: (King Arthur’s Morgan la Fey) means ‘white sea’ or ‘dweller by the sea’
  • Samara: (from The Ring) means ‘ruled by God’ or ‘seedling’
  • Xayide: (sorceress in The Neverending Story) means ‘restless, creative nature’

Male Witch Names

  • Alatar: (from The Lord of the Rings) means ‘noble’ or ‘great one’
  • Blaise: (Merlin’s master) means ‘one who stammers’
  • Daemon: means ‘guardian’ or ‘guiding spirit’
  • Hades: (Greek God of the underworld) means ‘unseen’
  • Harry: means ‘commander’ or ‘army ruler’
  • Lucifer: means ‘bringing light’
  • Shade: means ‘secretive’ or ‘mystique’
  • Wolfe: means ‘the wolf’ or ‘wolf strife’

Gender-Neutral Witch Names

  • Hazel: means ‘hazel tree’
  • Crow: means ‘to crow or call’
  • Raven: means ‘dark haired’ or ‘wise’
  • Salem: means ‘peace’


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