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101 Nonbinary Names and Gender-Neutral Baby Name Ideas

For unique nonbinary names and gender-neutral name options, check out our nonbinary names with meanings and origins. Discover cool nonbinary baby name ideas!
101 Nonbinary Names and Gender-Neutral Baby Name Ideas
Updated: May 8, 2024
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The beauty of nonbinary names lies in their ability to fit any child, regardless of gender identity, providing a sense of individuality and inclusivity from day one. These names can be inspired by nature, derived from words with meaningful connotations, or selected for their unique sound and rhythm. They often carry with them stories of strength, resilience, and beauty, embodying qualities that parents might wish for their children.

In this list, we've curated a selection of nonbinary baby names that are as diverse and beautiful as the individuals who will bear them.

101 Nonbinary Names for Babies

Nonbinary Names

Choosing a nonbinary name for a baby can be both an exciting and meaningful decision. It's wonderful to select a name that transcends traditional gender binaries, offering a sense of uniqueness and flexibility. Here are 101 nonbinary name ideas with name meanings to consider! 

  1. Addison - English, meaning "son of Adam."
  2. Alec - Greek, meaning "defender of the people."
  3. Alexis - Greek, meaning "helper, defender."
  4. Allyn - Galic, meaning "precious."
  5. Aly - Arabic, meaning "high or elevated."
  6. Amaranth - Greek, meaning "unfading, also a flower."
  7. Andi - Greek, meaning "manly."
  8. Angel - Latin, meaning "messenger."
  9. Aren - Armenian, meaning; unknown."
  10. Ari - Hebrew, meaning "lion of God."
  11. Ariel - Hebrew, meaning "lion of God."
  12. Asher - Hebrew, meaning "blessed, happy."
  13. Ashton - Old English, meaning "ash tree town."
  14. Aspen - English, meaning "the tree."
  15. Atlas - Greek, meaning "enduring."
  16. Avery - French meaning "elf king."
  17. Bai - Chinese, meaning "pure."
  18. Bailey - English, meaning "bailiff."
  19. Bao - Vietnamese, meaning "treasure."
  20. Beck - Germanic, meaning "brook, stream."
  21. Blair - Scottish, meaning "battlefield."
  22. Caelan - Gaelic, meaning "eternal warrior."
  23. Cameron - Gaelic, meaning "crooked nose."
  24. Carlin - Gaelic, meaning "little champion."
  25. Cass - Persian, meaning "treasurer."
  26. Dale - Old English, meaning "valley."
  27. Dallas - Gaelic, meaning "meadow dwelling."
  28. Dakota - Sioux, meaning "friend or ally."
  29. Delaney - Irish, meaning "dark challenger."
  30. Eli - Hebrew, meaning "high, elevated."
  31. Elisha - German, meaning "noble."
  32. Ellis - English, meaning "my God is Yaweh."
  33. Elm - Engish "meaning "elm tree."
  34. Emerson - English, meaning "son of Emery."
  35. Emery - German, meaning "home strength."
  36. Everest - English, meaning "the mountain", named after its surveyor, George Everest.
  37. Everly - English meaning "wild boar in a woodland clearing."
  38. Fable - Latin, meaning "tale or legend."
  39. Faer - English, meaning "traveler."
  40. Finley - Old Irish, meaning "white warrior."
  41. Finn - Irish, meaning "fair."
  42. Forest - English, meaning "woods."
  43. Frankie - Latin, meaning "Frenchman."
  44. Gael - Welsh, meaning "Gaelic."
  45. Gideon - Hebrew, meaning "great warrior."
  46. Gray - Old English, meaning "gray-haired."
  47. Harper - Irish, meaning "harp player."
  48. Hayden - English, meaning "fire."
  49. Henley - Old English, meaning "high meadow."
  50. Hollis - Old English, meaning "holly tree."
  51. Iceland - Old Norse, meaning "island, good fortune."
  52. Indigo - Greek, meaning "Indian dye."
  53. Isa - Hebrew, meaning "the salvation of God."
  54. Jace - Greek, meaning "healer."
  55. Jay - Latin, meaning "to rejoice."
  56. Jayden - Hebrew, meaning "thankful."
  57. Jazz - English, meaning "jasmine flower, jazz music."
  58. Jennis - American, meaning "God is gracious."
  59. Jody - Hebrew, meaning "Jehovah increases."
  60. Kai - Hawaiian, meaning "ocean."
  61. Kami - Japanese, meaning "Lord."
  62. Karmen - Spanish, meaning "fruitful orchard."
  63. Kendall - Old English, meaning "the Kent River valley."
  64. Kinsey - Old English, meaning "the king’s victory."
  65. Lei - Chinese, meaning "flower bud."
  66. Lennon - Irish, meaning "lover."
  67. Lyric - English, meaning "the words of a song."
  68. Maple - English, meaning "maple tree."
  69. Marley - English, meaning "seaside meadow."
  70. Monroe - Scottish, meaning "from the mouth of the Roe" (a river).
  71. Myler - Welsh, meaning "miller."
  72. Nasen - unknown origin, meaning "powerful, successful."
  73. Nox - Latin, meaning "night."
  74. Nova - Latin, meaning "new."
  75. Oakley - Old English, meaning "meadow of oak trees."
  76. Olev - Estonian, meaning "ancestor’s descendant."
  77. Onyx - Greek, meaning "claw, nail"; geography, meaning "gemstone."
  78. Parker - English, meaning "keeper of the park."
  79. Pax - Latin, meaning "peaceful."
  80. Peyton - English, meaning "fighting man’s estate."
  81. Penn - Old English, meaning "enclosure, hill."
  82. Phoenix - Greek, meaning "deep red"; Greek Mythology, meaning a flying creature that bursts into flames and rises again from its ashes.
  83. Quael - Gaelic, meaning "son of Paul."
  84. Quinn - Irish, meaning "head, chief."
  85. Rae - Hebrew, meaning "female sheep."
  86. Raegan - Irish, meaning "king."
  87. Reese - Welsh, meaning "ardor, enthusiasm."
  88. Riley - Irish, meaning "unknown."
  89. Robin - Germanic, meaning "fame, bright."
  90. Roux - Latin, meaning "russet."
  91. Rowan - Arabic, meaning "a river in paradise."
  92. Sawyer - English, meaning "one who saws wood"; literature, the surname of the protagonist in Mark Twain’s 1876 novel, “Tom Sawyer”.
  93. Skylar - English, meaning "noble scholar."
  94. Sydney - Old English, meaning "wide meadow."
  95. Taylor - Old English, meaning "a tailor."
  96. Teraven - Unknown origin, meaning "unknown."
  97. Urith - Hebrew, meaning "brightness."
  98. Vere - English, meaning "alter."
  99. Vix - Latin, meaning "victory."
  100. Wyesh - Unknown origin, meaning "unknown."
  101. Wren - Old English, meaning "songbird."
  102. Xen - Greek, meaning "stranger."

Why Choose a Nonbinary Name? 

Parents may want to choose a gender-neutral name so as not to ascribe certain gender characteristics to the child from birth. Nonbinary baby names may allow your child more freedom to express their interest in less traditionally gendered clothes, toys, careers, and more! 

Choosing non-gendered names, gender-neutral baby clothes, and other baby products are trending more among millennial and Gen Z parents as society learns more about the difference between biological sex and gender identity.

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Many people who identify as nonbinary or gender fluid are interested in choosing a new name later in life that is not tied to a single gender identity and feels more true to who they are. 

What Does Nonbinary Mean?

The concept of “nonbinary” comes from the societal construct that gender is binary (meaning there are only two genders) and people can only identify as “male” or “female.”

However, gender is much more fluid and a person’s identity is shaped by many different personal, social, and cultural factors. Identifying as nonbinary means that someone does not identify within this gender construct. 

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They may identify with different feminine and masculine traits,  feel that their gender identity evolves and changes, or not identify with any particular gender at all. Sometimes these people will identify as agender. 

Understanding nonbinary identities requires understanding the difference between someone’s “sex” and someone’s “gender”—two concepts that are often conflated. 

Understanding the Difference Between Sex and Gender 

Sex: Sex is a person’s sex is biological and it is generally either male or female. Males have an XY sex chromosome pair and females have an XX sex chromosome pair. This can be identified by looking at DNA or more commonly by observing the genitalia at birth or by 20 weeks gestation via ultrasound.

Gender: Gender is a fluid spectrum that refers generally to what kinds of masculine and/or feminine traits a person has. Gender can also be and generally is socially constructed based on sex.

Some people’s gender identity is neither masculine nor feminine, but a combination of both or a blending of the two. In this case, a person may identify as nonbinary, gender fluid, or agender.

Sometimes nonbinary names can be unisex. Unisex names are names that are not typically used as boys’ names or girls’ names. If you are looking for a new name for yourself that isn’t gendered, you can modify your given name or change it completely. 

You may also choose to use your middle name if it fits better with your identity. For inspiration, see our Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Middle Name!

For more baby name inspiration check out these popular baby name lists:

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