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Updated October 11, 2022

Sweden is a beautiful Scandinavian country full of culture and mythology. Historians have dated people inhabiting Sweden as far back as 10,000 - 8,000 BCE. These original people were known as the Sami. Artifcats found from the Bronze Age show that the Scandinavian people were advanced in culture and art.

Swedish Language and Name Meaning Origins 

The Swedish language can be traced back to Old Norse, the language of most of Scandinavia and the Vikings. However, Scandinavia began to split into different lands and more defined cultures starting around the 9th century CE. Therefore many Swedish baby names can be traced back to Norse Mythology or may be shared with other Scandinavian languages like Norwegian and Danish

Around the same time, Christianity was introduced to the Scandinavian lands; therefore, it is not uncommon to find Christian and old Hebrew names in Sweden. 

Swedes also traveled and traded with Russia, Iceland, Germany, and other European countries. In addition, the Vikings often invaded Britain and would bring back slaves and sometimes wives. 

If you’re interested in a Viking name or traditional something from mythology, Check out our complete list of Swedish baby names!

Most Popular Swedish First Names on FamilyEducation: Anker, Svensson, Hagen, Larsson

And check out our list of Swedish surnames and meanings as well! 

Common Swedish Girl Names and Meanings

  1. Agda - Scandinavian. Good. 
  2. Agnes - Greek. Pure.
  3. Alice - English/German. Kind or nobel. 
  4. Alma - Swedish/Latin. One who is living and a nurturing soul.
  5. Astrid  - Norse. Divinely beautiful.
  6. Blenda - Latin. Dazzling bright.
  7. Brigitta - Scandinavian. Strength or the exalted one. 
  8. Caren - This common Swedish name means genuine or pure. It has Celtic, Latin, & Greek roots.
  9. Clara - Latin. Bright and clear.
  10. Effe - Greek/Swedish. Well-spoken. This unique name is also used in Finnish and sometimes spelled Effi. 
  11. Elina - Italian/Spanish. Bright and shining light.
  12. Elisabeth - Hebrew. God is my oath.
  13. Ella - German/English. A fairy maiden. 
  14. Elsa - Swedish. Pledged to God. Due to the popularity of the Disney film Frozen, everyone is familiar with this Swedish name.
  15. Emma - German. Universal. A common name in Sweden and the U.S.
  16. Elvira - Spanish. White or fair. 
  17. Eva - Hebrew. An Old Testament name that simply means life.
  18. Freja - Norse. The goddess of love in Norse mythology. The “j” is pronounced like a “y.”
  19. Greta - German. Pearl.
  20. Ingrid - Norse. Ing was the god of the earth’s fertility. Ingrid translates to Ing’s beauty. Famed Hollywood beauty and brain Ingrid Bergman helped make this name popular in the U.S. 
  21. Karina - Swedish. Beloved, flower, chaste.
  22. Kia - Swedish. A Christian.
  23. Lily - Latin. A beautiful flower, pure or rebirth. 
  24. Linnea - Scandinavian. Lime or linden tree.
  25. Louise - Old German. This name means famous warrior—a strong name for your baby girl.
  26. Lova - Scandinavian. Promise.
  27. Maja - Slavic. Mother. 
  28. Matilda - German. Battle-mighty. 
  29. Mila - Russian. Gracious and dear. Mila Kunis is a famous Ukrainian actress who has made this name popular. 
  30. Nellie - This adorable name has Latin roots and means sun-ray.
  31. Olivia - Latin. Olive. A symbol of peace and fertility in ancient Greece.
  32. Selma - Celtic. Beautiful view.
  33. Svea - A Swedish girl name that is the personification of Sweden.
  34. Tuva - Norwegian. Beautiful.
  35. Ulla - German/Scandinavian. Will or determination. If you’re familiar with the movie or the musical, The Producers, you’ll have heard this Nordic name before.
  36. Vera - Russian. Faith. 
  37. Ulrica - Swedish. Wolf power. 
  38. Wilma - German. Strength or helmet. It is a feminine form of William. 

Common Swedish Boy Names and Meanings

  1. Anders - Greek. Man or warrior.
  2. Andersson - Son of Anders.
  3. Andreas - Greek. Man.
  4. Axel - This hip name is Hebrew and means the father is peace. If you grew up listening to Guns ‘N Roses, this name might make your final cut (although he spelled it Axl).
  5. Baldur - Old Norse. The Norse god of light. This Scandinavian name also means prince. 
  6. Bjorn - Swedish/Dutch. Bear. 
  7. Ebbe - Old German. Brave boar. 
  8. Edvard - The popular Swedish name is a variation of Edward. It means wealthy guard.
  9. Elias - This biblical name means the Lord is my God.
  10. Enar - Swedish. Lone warrior or fighter.
  11. Erik - Scandinavian. Eternal ruler. Erik the Red was a Norse explorer who founded Greenland and even explored parts of North America.
  12. Finn - Old Norse. Refers to someone from Finland. 
  13. Greger - Swedish. Watchful.
  14. Gustave - French, Staff of the gods.
  15. Hans - Scandinavian. A version of John. It means God is gracious.
  16. Hugo - English. Mind.Spirit. 
  17. Ingvar - Old Norse. The Norse god of peace. 
  18. Jarl - Scandinavian. Nobleman. 
  19. Johan - A German and Scandinavian form of John.
  20. Karl - Old German. Free man.
  21. Knut - Norse. Knot. It was a common name among Viking kings.
  22. Lars - Scandinavian. Crowned with laurel.
  23. Larsson - Scandinavian. Son of Lars.
  24. Lindgren - Swedish. Typically used as a last name. It means lime or linden tree.
  25. Linus - Greek. Flaxen or blonde.
  26. Nils - Greek. People of victory. 
  27. Olaf - An Old Norse name meaning an ancestors relic. It is the name of a saint in Norway, not to mention everyone’s favorite snowman!
  28. Otto - German. Fortune and prosperity.
  29. Peder - The Swedish version of Peter. It means rock or stone.
  30. Sixten - Scandinavian. Victory stone. 
  31. Stellan - Swedish. Calm.
  32. Sten - Swedish. Stone.
  33. Svante - Scandinavian. Blessed people.
  34. Sven - Scandinavian. Boy.
  35. Thor - Old Norse. The god of Thunder and a great Marvel character!
  36. Torvald - Old Norse. Thor’s ruler.
  37. Ulf - Old Norse. Wolf. 
  38. Vide - Swedish. Willow tree.

Gender-Neutral Swedish Names and Meanings 

  1. Alva - Scandinavian. Elf. 
  2. Beck - English. A small stream. 
  3. Bo - Slavic. Living.
  4. Carson - Old English. Son of the marsh dwellers. 
  5. Dana - This Scandinavian name means from Denmark. 
  6. Gry - Scandinavian. Dawn. A popular girl’s name in Denmark currently.
  7. Kim - English. Gold.
  8. Noah - Hebrew. Rest. A popular Biblical name. 
  9. Nova - Latin. New.


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