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105 Baby Girl Names That Mean Angel

These girl names that mean angel are perfect for any baby girl who is a true gift from the heavens. Learn the meaning of different angelic names.
105 Baby Girl Names That Mean Angel
Updated: December 15, 2022

Do you think your baby girl is a gift from the heavens? Then why not choose a name that means angel to celebrate this special blessing? Names inspired by angels are popular baby girl name choices for parents who want their little girl to feel loved and unique. 


An angel is described as a heavenly messenger of god and is often associated with the Christian religion. However, many religions and cultures have angels or spirits similar to angels. Hermione, for example, was the Greek messenger god. The Hindu religion calls their angels devas, and Judaism and Islam also believe in angelic beings.

A person’s culture and religion color the way they view angels. Many religions see angels as messengers, protectors, and God’s eyes and ears keeping watch over people. The image of the guardian angel is popular in the Christian religion

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However, not all angels are good; some may be mischievous, playful, or even downright evil, like fallen angels. Fallen angels are holy beings that tempt humans to sin and are therefore cast out of heaven. 

Angela, Gabriella, and Michaela are familiar names found on baby name lists and have angelic and heavenly ties. But so do names like Ariel, Malakia, and Parisa.

If you’re considering a heavenly name for your little girl, check out our list of a hundred-plus baby angel names. While we can’t guarantee divine inspiration will strike, our list will surely please angel name seekers from all cultures!

Girl Names That Mean Angel 

Girl Names That Mean Angel

Some religions believe you become an angel when you die or will, at the very least, be among the angels. In most cultures, angels are beings of light and goodness. These girl names that mean angel have diverse origins and cultural significance. 

  1. Adena - Hebrew. Decoration.
  2. Adina - Hebrew. Adorned. 
  3. Aine - Celtic. The goddess of wealth. 
  4. Agnola - Greek. Pure. Heavenly messenger.
  5. Ambrosia - Greek. Immortality. The food and drink of the gods.
  6. Anahera - Maori. Angel. 
  7. Aniela - Greek. Heavenly messenger
  8. Angela - Greek/Italian. Heavenly messenger.
  9. Angelette - Greek/French. Heavenly messenger.
  10. Angelica - Greek. Heavenly messenger.
  11. Angelina - Greek. Heavenly messenger. This name became popular thanks to the movie star Angelina Jolie. 
  12. Angelique French. Heavenly messenger.
  13. Angelisa - Latin. Heavenly messenger.
  14. Apsara - A Hindu and Buddhist spirit of the clouds and water. It means to move in the rain clouds. 
  15. Ariel - Hebrew. Lion of god. Ariel is a Hebrew and Christian angel mentioned in the Bible.
  16. Alya - Arabic. Heaven.
  17. Aurora - Latin. Dawn.
  18. Barbelo - Hebrew. This unique name is for the angel of goodness. 
  19. Cael - Irish. Slender. Cael is a mythical character in Irish folklore and an angel of the zodiac sign cancer. 
  20. Castiel - Hebrew. My cover is god. Traditionally a boy’s name, but it has a pretty ring to it, so it works as a unisex first or middle name.
  21. Celeste - Latin. Heavenly. A beautiful name for your angel baby. 
  22. Celine - French. Heavenly.
  23. Ceylse - Latin. Heavenly. 
  24. Charmeine - Greek/English. Charm. The angel of harmony.
  25. Cherub - Hebrew. Angel. 
  26. Daimone - This name has Greek origins and means deity or spirit. 
  27. Daksha - Indian. Brilliant. Daksha is one name for the deity Lord Shiva’s wife in Hinduism. 
  28. Danielle - Hebrew. Judged by god. The feminine form of Daniel. 
  29. Dara - Pearl of wisdom.
  30. Deva - Hindi. Divine one or heavenly.
  31. Devika - Hindi/Sanskrit. Little goddess.
  32. Diana - The ancient goddess in Greece of the moon and hunting. The name means divine—a lovely choice for your little angel.
  33. Dina - Hebrew/German/English. Justified. Spear ruler.
  34. Divya - Hindi. Heavenly.
  35. Dohna - Tibetan. A female deity. 
  36. Eden - This Hebrew name means paradise. 
  37. Engel - German. Engel has Hebrew origins and is the German word for Angel.
  38. Ellaiyamma - A Hindu deity of boundaries. 
  39. Eloa - Brazilian. Goddess. 
  40. Elysium - Greek. In some Greek mythology tales, this lovely name is the word for the afterlife or paradise.
  41. Esme - Latin/French. Kind defender. 
  42. Esper - African. Magical. It is also a German topographic name for someone who owned a pasture.
  43. Evangelina - Latin/Greek. Good news.
  44. Evangeline - Latin/Greek. Good news.
  45. Ever - American. Always. Eternity. 

Even More Angelic Girl Names

Even More Angelic Girl Names
  1. Fadia - Arabic. Savior. 
  2. Fereshteh - Persian. Angel. 
  3. Gabriel - Hebrew. God is my strength. Gabriel is one of the most significant archangels in the Bible and the bringer of good news.
  4. Gabriella - Hebrew. God is my strength. 
  5. Gotzone - Basque. Angel.
  6. Gloria - Latin. Glory.
  7. Halo - Hebrew. Divine aura.
  8. Harini - Sanskrit. Angel.
  9. Heaven - English. Home of the angels.
  10. Hectate - Greek. Mythical goddess of witcraft.
  11. Hermione - Greek. Messenger god. 
  12. Isis - Egyptian. Goddess of plenty. 
  13. Jophiel - Hebrew. The beauty of God. 
  14. Laila - Arabic. Born in the night. Night beauty. 
  15. Lieke - Dutch. Little angel.
  16. Lucianna - A popular Spanish and Italian name. It means light. 
  17. Lucie - Lucifer means light-bringer. However, he is the rebel angel thrown from heaven and known as the Christian devil. 
  18. Luma - Latin. Light.
  19. Luz - Spanish. Light. 
  20. Malaika - African. Angel. The feminine form of the boy’s name Malak. 
  21. Malika - African/Arabic. Queen.
  22. Mariangela - Greek. Angel of the sea and sorrow.
  23. Melek - Turkish. Angel.
  24. Mercy - English. Compassion. 
  25. Michelle - French. Close to God.
  26. Micha -  Hebrew. He who is like God. 
  27. Michaela - Hebrew. Like God. The feminine form of Michael.
  28. Michelangela - A popular name in Italy. It is the feminine form of Michelangelo which means he who is like God. 
  29. Mitra - Hindi/Persian. Angel.
  30. Nevaeh - An invited name that parents can use for a baby boy or girl. It is Heaven spelled backward. 
  31. Nelchael - Angel of learning in occultism. 
  32. Nimphy - Hindi. Maiden. Of the goddess. 
  33. Oriel - Latin/French. The angel of wisdom. 
  34. Ourania- Greek. Heavenly.
  35. Parisa - Persian. Like a fairy.
Angelic Girl Names
  1. Rabia- Arabic. Breeze.
  2. Raphaela - Hebrew. God has healed. A feminine form of Raphael.
  3. Raziel - Aramaic. The angel of secrets. 
  4. Remiel - Hebrew. Thunder of God. 
  5. Reya - Greek. Angel.
  6. Riyon - Indian. The beauty of Heaven. 
  7. Rosangela - Italian. Rose angel.
  8. Saeko - Japanese. Serene and angelic child. 
  9. Sarea - Hebrew. The name of an angel. 
  10. Saint - Latin. A holy person in the Christian religion. 
  11. Sariel - Hebrew. Beloved of God. 
  12. Seraphim - Hebrew. Afire. Angel. 
  13. Seraphina - Hebrew. Afire. Angel.
  14. Serene - Latin. Calm  
  15. Shannon - The Irish goddess of wisdom. 
  16. Tahleel - This Arabic name means there is no God other than Allah. 
  17. Thora - Norse. Thunder goddess.
  18. Tien - Vietnamese. Fairy.
  19. Trinity - Latin. Triad 
  20. Urania - Greek. Goddess of the stars. 
  21. Uriel - Hebrew. Flame of God. Uriel is a boy’s name, but it sounds similar to Ariel and is a unique option for your little one. 
  22. Yael - Hebrew. This biblical name means to ascend. 
  23. Zaria - Slavic. Goddess of the dawn. 
  24. Zion - Hebrew. The highest point. 
  25. Zuriel - Angel of beauty and fertility. 


Whether or not you believe there are angels around us or not, there are definitely plenty of angelic names to choose from for your little girl. Goddesses, angels, and deities from around the globe lent their names to our list. of angel baby names. 


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Many of these ancient names have stood the test of time, making them perfect for a host of new angels! If you want to remember one of these angel baby names for your daughter then pin this baby name list for later: 

105 Baby Girl Names That Mean Angel


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