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Updated May 4, 2023

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If your family has Vietnamese roots, you may want to honor them by choosing a name of Vietnamese origin for your little one. Below you will find several categories of Vietnamese baby names. You may even find your first name as well. Plus, there is some information on the naming practices in Vietnam as well.

History Of Vietnamese Names

The written order of Vietnamese names follows the Chinese naming system. There isn’t much when it comes to the history of names, but the Vietnamese people have become less strict overall and have allowed for more options when it comes to naming.

Naming Traditions in Vietnam 

When looking at a Vietnamese name as a whole, you will notice that it consists of three parts. They are family name, middle name, and then given name. Traditionally, the family name is passed on by the patriarch, or father of the family. When it comes to the middle name, it was common to have several or none at all.

Practices have changed, but some families used to use their generation or separate branches of a family when deciding on a middle name. These days, it is less strict and many people choose a name with a positive meaning.

As far as the given name is concerned, parents choose this based on characteristics they want their child to possess. It is common for people in Vietnam to be formally addressed by both their given name and middle name.

Popular Vietnamese Boy Names

  1. Bao - This common boy’s name of Vietnamese origin means “precious treasure.”
  2. Duong - This given name is often found in the Chinese communities in Vietnam. It means “poplar” in Chinese.
  3. Gia - This is derived from a popular Chinese surname found in the communities of Chinese in Vietnam. It means “family.”
  4. Hien - This Vietnamese boy's name means “gentleman.”
  5. Khanh - This boy’s name means “celebrate” in Sino-Vietnamese.
  6. Nam - This Vietnamese name means “manly.”
  7. Nguyen - This is the most common surname in Vietnam. As a first name, it means “complete.'“
  8. Phong - This male name means “wind” in the Vietnamese language.
  9. Quang - This Vietnamese boy’s name means “clear” or “bright.”
  10. Quoc - This name is generally used for baby boys. It means “country” or “nation” in Vietnamese.
  11. Sinh - This boy’s name means “full of life” in Vietnamese.
  12. Vien - This is a typical Vietnamese given name that means “complete” or “full.”
  13. Xuan - This boy’s name is Vietnamese for “born in the spring.”

Strong Vietnamese Boy Names

  1. Anh-Dung - This boy’s name means “strength” or “heroism.” It is chosen to promote valiant character.
  2. Hao - This strong name of Vietnamese origin means “good” or “perfect.”
  3. Hung - This Vietnamese name is often used in the Chinese language as well. It means “hero.”
  4. Kai - This name means “victory” in Vietnamese but it also has Hawaiian roots where it means “ocean.”
  5. Mang - This name is derived from a surname that is seen in Chinese communities in Vietnam. It means “courageous.”
  6. Thang - This boy’s name means “victorious” in Vietnamese.
  7. Quan - This Vietnamese name means “army man” or “dignified.”
City in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam,

Popular Vietnamese Girl Names

  1. Bich - This popular Vietnamese girl name means “blue-green color” or “jade.”
  2. Cai - This is the female equivalent to the boy’s name “Kai.” It means “feminine” in Vietnamese.
  3. Diep - This name comes from the Sino-Vietnamese word for “leaf.”
  4. Hang - This girl’s name means “moon” in the Vietnamese language.
  5. Hoa - This common Vietnamese name for girls means “flowers” or “peace.”
  6. Lien - Sometimes seen as a surname, this girl’s name means “lotus flower” in Vietnamese.
  7. Mai - This name has a few origins besides Vietnamese, such as Japanese and Hebrew. It means “tomorrow” or “future” in Vietnamese.
  8. Phuong - This popular name means “phoenix” in the Vietnamese language.
  9. Quyen - Sometimes seen as a surname, “Quyen” is Vietnamese for “dove.”
  10. Tham - This common Vietnamese name means “gracious.”
  11. Trang - The meaning of this girl’s name in Vietnamese is “intelligent.”
  12. Trinh - This name is of both Sanskrit and Vietnamese origin. It means “virtuous” or “chaste.”
  13. Tuyet - This pretty and popular name is Vietnamese for “snow.”

Nature-Inspired Vietnamese Girl Names

  1. Cuc - This Vietnamese girl’s name means “chrysanthemum.”
  2. Giang - The meaning of this name is “river” in Vietnamese.
  3. Hue - This Vietnamese name for girls means “lily flower.”
  4. Suong - Meaning “she is like a fog,” this is another nature-inspired name for a girl in Vietnamese.
  5. Thuy - This name means “water” in Vietnamese.Unisex Vietnamese Names
  6. Chau - This gender-neutral name means “pearl” in Vietnamese.
  7. Kim - This is a common unisex name in Vietnam. It means “gold” or “metal.”
  8. Lanh - The meaning of this Vietnamese baby name is “gentle” or “kind.”
  9. Minh - Another popular unisex name, “Minh” is Vietnamese for “bright.”
  10. Quy - The meaning of this name is “treasured” or “precious” in the Vietnamese language.
  11. Thanh - This name means “bright blue” in Sino-Vietnamese and “brilliant” in Vietnamese.
  12. Vinh - Although this name is gender-neutral, it is more commonly used for baby boys. It is Vietnamese for “bay” or “gulf.”

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