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150 Female Vampire Names and Meanings

These female vampire names are inspired by famous female vampire characters, books and mythology. Discover great baby girl names for a creature of the night.
150 Female Vampire Names and Meanings
Updated: June 28, 2023

If you’re into all things vampire culture, you may consider a vampire name for your little girl. Vampires have a dark and mysterious past, usually not favorable, but modern vampire culture has created female characters with depth and feelings who are quite powerful.

Vampire girl names offer some unique and less heard options that span several cultures and languages. Many male vampire names like Dracula, Lestat, and Vlad are well known. But female vampires are equally important. 

In fact the first big vampire novel actually stared a powerful female vampire. 

 Irish author Sheridan Le Fanu published his novel “Carmilla” in 1872, a whole 25 years before “Dracula!” “Carmilla” inspired many future female vampire characters with some pretty cool names! 

Many of the best vampire names come from fiction. Books and movies like Anne Rice’s “Interview with the Vampire,” “The Vampire Chronicles,” and “True Blood” have provided us with vampire monikers. But there are also names from history, mythology, or that simply invoke feelings of vampire culture. 

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If you love all kinds of vampire lore, take a bite out of our list of 150 female vampire names and their meanings. 

Female Vampire Names from Mythology and History 

While many of the below names are types of creatures and not the names of individual vampires we think they could work as a first name. There have also been some females throughout history with a bloody, violent past that have made our vampire name list!


  1. Adze - A vampiric being from Ewe folklore in Africa.
  2. Agrippina - Latin name meaning “Born feet first.”In Ancient Rome, Agrippina was the sister of one of Rome’s most corrupt rulers Caligula and the mother of another, Nero.
  3. Amelia - German name meaning “work.” Amelia Dyer is one of the most infamous serial killers in history, having killed over 300 infants over thirty years during the 19th century in England. 
  4. Anne - Hebrew; “Gift of God’s favor.” Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife was accused of witchcraft and other devious sins so he had an execute to have her executed and marry his third wife. 
  5. Bantu - A creature from African Zambian culture.
  6. Bhuta - In Indian culture a Bhuta is a ghost or form of a deceased person. 
  7. Bruja - A type of witchcraft and occult beliefs from Latin America.
  8. Catherine - Greek; “pure.” Catherine Medici was infamous for her cruelty and masterful use of poisons to eliminate her enemies.
  9. Churel - A mythical unclean female creature from South East Asia. 
  10. Daeva - Indian/Zoroastrian name for an evil spirit. 
  11. Darya - Hebrew and Persian name meaning “a bit of wisdom.” Russian noblewoman Darya Satlykova murdered nearly 150 of her serfs in the 18th century. 
  12. Delphine - Greek. A woman from Delphi. Delphine LaLaurie was a New Orleans socialite who often tortured and killed her slaves. 
  13. Dhampir - In Balkan mythology, a Dhampir is a creature that results from a vampire and human union. 
  14. Empusa - A shape-shifting female deity in Greek mythology
  15. Enma - The Buddhist god of Hell. Traditionally a boy’s name but it works for a girl too. 
  16.  Enyo - Greek. Goddess of war and destruction.
  17. Elizabeth - Hebrew; “God is my oath.” Elizabeth Bathory was a Hungarian countess convicted of killing hundreds of local girls and bathing in their blood in the 16th century. 
  18. Fifollete - An eerie, glowing creature that appears over the bogs and swamps in Louisana. 
  19. Hecate - Greek. The Greek goddess of witchcraft.  
  20. Jezebel - Hebrew; “impure.” Probably not the first choice for a baby girl but works as a dark and devious name.  
  21. Kali - Indian. Dark goddess. Hindi goddess of destruction. 
  22. Karma - The goddess of death in Finnish mythology. 
  23. Kasha - A mythic Japanese creature that steals corpses who have died as a result of evil deeds. 
  24. Keket - Goddess of destruction in Egyptian mythology. 
  25. Keres - Greek name for evil spirits.
  26. Lamia - A child-eating creature from Greek mythology. 
  27. Leonarda - Spanish and Italian. Leonarda Cianciulli was an Italian serial killer who used the remains of her victims to make tea cakes and soap.
  28. Lilith  - Arabic name for “Of the night or night demon.” In some Judeo-Christian stories, she was Adam’s first wife before Eve. 
  29. Mary - Hebrew name meaning “bitter.” Queen Mary I, Mary Tudor, wasn’t a vampire, but she was known as Bloody Mary because she had nearly 300 religious dissenters burned alive at the stake during her five-year reign. 
  30. Medusa - Greek name meaning “cunning.” Medusa is from Greek mythology and was said to turn men to stone when they looked at her. 
  31. Melusine - French. A female spirit half water half serpent. 
  32. Mercy - Latin name meaning “merciful.” Mercy Brown was a girl who died in 1892. When her town was gripped with vampire fear, her body was excavated, and the story says she still looked alive and had blood in her mouth and veins. 
  33. Naamah - A female demon in Jewish mysticism. 
  1. Pandora - Greek name meaning “all-gifted.” Pandora is said to have opened the box that unleashed evil and chaos into the world. 
  2. Pele - Hawaiian goddess of destruction.
  3. Persephone - Greek goddess of the underworld. 
  4. Qarinah - Egyptian mythology says that Qarinah was a succubus who has relations with individuals whilst asleep. 
  5. Ranavalona - Malgasy; “folded or kept aside.” Ranavalona I was the last monarch of Madagascar and is considered the cruelest female monarch in history. She ruled the island through cruelty, torture, and fear for 33 years and killed nearly 50% of the island's population.
  6. Yama - Hindu goddess of death.

Female Vampire Names from Literature and Pop Culture 

Woman vampire creative make up for halloween

Books, movies, TV shows, and pop culture have provided us with some most well-known vampire names. Not all names on the list are names of vampires.

Some are popular or well-loved characters connected to vampires in books and movies and some are names that simply invoke feelings of vampire culture. For example the names Willow and Bella are two girl names that have been trending as a result of recent nostalgic interest in the “Twilight” series and the 90s TV show  “Buffy the Vampire Slayer!” 

  1. Adela - German. Noble. Kind. 
  2. Akasha - Hindi. Sky. A character in “Queen of the Dammed” by Anne Rice.
  3. Anna - Hebrew. Gift of God. Anna Paquin was the leading lady on HBO’s “True Blood.” 
  4. Alyson - Irish. Of noble birth. Alyson Hannigan played the iconic witch, Willow on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”
  5. Bella - Spanish, Beautiful. Bella is the main character in the “Twilight” books and movies. 
  6. Bellatrix - Latin. Female warrior. Bellatrix Lestrange was Voldemort’s right-hand woman in the “Harry Potter” series. Not a vampire, but dark and evil. 
  7. Bonnie - Scottish. Good. A  powerful witch character on  “The Vampire Diaries.”
  8. Buffy - Hebrew. A variation of Elizabeth, it means God is my oath. Few vampire story heroines are more famous than “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”
  9. Callidora - Greek. Gift of beauty. 
  10. Carmilla - A female bloodsucker whose racy novel pre-dates “Dracula.” 
  11. Clara - Latin name meaning “bright” Inspired by the character Clara from the film “Byzantine.”  
  12. Claudia - French name meaning “lame.” The female version of Claude. 
  13. Drusilla - Greek name meaning” innocent.” Inspired by the female vampire companion to Spike in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”  
  14. Elena - Greek. Light. A French variation of Helen. Elena Gilbert is the main character from “The Vampire Diaries.” 
  15. Eli - Hebrew name meaning “ascended.” Eli is a lesser-known female vampire than Claudia. She is from the vampire book-turned-movie, “Let the Right One In.” 
  16. Elivria - Spanish name meaning “white or fair.” Elvira isn’t an actual vampire, but the Mistress of the Dark and the Queen of Halloween deserves to make the list!
  17. Eve - Hebrew. "life is." Eve is a central character from “Only Lovers Left Alive.” 
  18.  Fuyumi - Japanese name meaning “winter beauty.” A character from “Blood Lad.”
  19. Irina - Greek and Russian name meaning “peace.” Irina is a name from the 1973 Belgium film “Female Vampire.”
  20. Karin - Japanese name meaning “friend.” Karin is the name She’s the protagonist of the series “Chibi Vampire.” 
  21. Kate - Greek name meaning “pure, virginal.” The beautiful Kate is a character in the supernatural western horror “Wynonna Earp. “
  22. Katherine - Greek name meaning “pure.” The name of the immortal, killer beauty from “The Vampire Diaries.”
  23. Lorena - English. Crowned with Laurel. A dark character from “True Blood.” 
  24. Lucy - Latin name meaning “light” Lucy is a main character in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.”
  25. Maleficent - Latin name meaning “to cause harm.” The powerful evil sorceress from Disney’s 1959 film “Sleeping Beauty.”
  26. Marceline - Latin. Young warrior. A character from the TV show “Adventure Time.” 
  27. Matska - Slavic in origin but meaning unknown. Matska or Mattie is a character from the modern web series adaptation of “Carmilla.”  
  28. Mikaela -Hebrew name meaning “like God.” An anime vampire from “Seraph at the End.” 
  29. Mina - German name meaning “love.” Mina Murray is a central character in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.” 
  30. Miriam - Hebrew name meaning “bitter.” Miriam Blaylock is the central character in the film “Hunger.”
  31.  Miyu - Japanese name meaning “beautiful evening.” She’s from a 90s anime TV show “Vampire Princess Miyu.”
  32. Morticia - Name of the matriarch of the Adams family inspired by the word “mortician.”  She’s not a vampire but is definitely a dark beauty. 
  33. Nellie - Greek name meaning “brightness or light.” Nellie is the first name of the infamous Mrs. Lovett in the musical “Sweeny Todd who killed people and cooked them into her pies. 
  34. Pamela - Greek name meaning “honey.” Pamela Swynford De Beaufort is a sexy, fierce vampire on the TV show “True Blood.” 
  35. Rosalie - Latin name meaning “flower.” Vampire sister of Edward Cullen in “Twilight.”  
  36. Rosario - Latin name meaning “rose garden.” From the Japanese anime “Rosario to Vampire.” 
  37. Sarah - Hebrew name meaning “princess.” This is the perfect name for parents who want to pay homage to the actress Sarah Michelle Gellar who played Buffy!
  38.  Saya - Japanese name meaning “blossom.” Found in the Japanese anime “Blood.” 
  39. Selene - Latin name meaning “heavenly.” Selene is the main character played by Kate Beckinsale in the “Underworld” series. 
  40. Shiki - The name of a popular horror Japanese anime. 
  41. Sookie  - The main character in HBO’s “True Blood.”
  42. Tamora - Hebrew name meaning “date palm.” Tamora is the wicked queen in the Shakespeare play “Titus Andronicus” who kills and feeds Titus his children. 
  43. Tara - Celtic name for “a rocky hill.” Tara is Sookie’s best friend in HBO’s “True Blood” and the “Southern Vampire Mysteries” book series. 
  44. Ursula - German name meaning “Little female bear.” Ursula is  the infamous sea witch from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” She doesn’t suck blood but she does sap the life out of her victims. 
  45. Vampirella - A graphic novel character. 
  46. Willow - Old English. A willow tree. 

Cool and Unique Names for Female Vampires 

Portrait In The Dark. Vampire in elevator .Halloween theme

These names may not be connected with a vampire, yet, but we think they have the spirit of female vampire culture. The Greek name Ambrosia, for example, means immortal. Morana is a gothic-sounding Slavic name that means death. Both are perfect options for female creatures of the night! 

  1. Achlys - Greek. Darkness. 
  2.  Adira - Hebrew. Strong and powerful. 
  3.  Agrona - Celtic. Battle or slaughter. 
  4.  Aithne - Gaelic. Fire. 
  5.  Aletia - Greek. Truth. 
  6.  Alumit - Hebrew. Secret.
  7. Amaia - Basque name meaning “the end; resolution.” 
  8.  Ambrosia - Greek name meaning “immortal.”
  9.  Aurora - Latin. Dawn. 
  10.  Ares - Greek unisex name for the God of war. 
  11.  Asra - Arabic name that means “travels at night.” The perfect name for a little vampire girl!
  12.  Belladonna - Italian. This name means beautiful lady, but is also a name for the deadly poison, nightshade.
  13.  Blake - English name meaning “black; dark.” 
  14.  Braeden - Irish name meaning “dark valley.” 
  15.  Bora - Turkish name meaning “storm.” 
  16.  Brone - Irish. Sorrowful. Brone is traditionally a boy’s name, but it has a hip, dark vibe to it that could work for a girl.
  17.  Celeste - Latin. Heavenly. 
  18.  Chiwa - An African name meaning death. 
  19.  Cian - Gaelic. Ancient. 
  20.  Darcey - Irish name meaning “dark.” 
  21.  Deidamia - Greek name meaning “to destroy.” 
  22.  Diedre - Celtic name meaning “sorrowful.”
  23.  Delilah - Hebrew name meaning “Delicate; languishing.” 
  24. Deinaria - Greek. Man destroyer. 
  25.  Desdemona - Greek name meaning “Ill-starred.” 
  26.  Despoina - Greek. Young lady. 
  27.  Dolores - Latin. Lady of sorrows. 
  28.  Doyle - Irish name meaning “dark stranger.: 
  29.  Duvessa - Irish name meaning “dark beauty.” Irish names have a dark, subtle beauty to them perfect for female vampires. 
  30.  Eilif - Scandinavian name meaning “immortal.” 
  31.  Esmeray - Turkish name meaning “dark moon.” 
  32.  Eztli - Aztec name meaning “blood.”
  33. Fala - Native American name meaning “crow.” 
  34.  Imperia - Latin name meaning “commanding.” 
  35. Kerrin - Gaelic name meaning “dark eyes.”
  36.  Khalida - Arabic. Immortal. Deathless. This Arabic name is strong sounding and has a strong meaning.
  37.  Kora - Greek. Heart. Maiden. 
  38.  Layla - Arabic. Night. 
  39.  Lenora - Greek. Torch. 
  40.  Loki - Scandinavian name meaning “God of mischief” or “trickster.” 
  41.  Luna - Italian. The Roman goddess of the moon. This moon name is perfect for your little vampire.
  42. Maia - Greek name meaning “nursing mother.” 
  43. Morana - Slavic name that means “death.” 
  44. Narkissa - Greek name meaning “daffodil.” 
  45. Nisha - Hindi. Night. 
  46. Noir - French. Black. 
  47. Parris - Greek. Abductor. 
  48. Polona - Greek name meaning “from Apollo.” 
  49. Prantika - Indian name meaning “the end.”  
  50. Nitya - Sanskirt. Eternal. 
  51. Nyx - Latin. Night.
  52.  Omega - Greek name meaning “the end or ultimate.”
  53. Onyx - Greek name meaning “black.” 
  54. Raven - English. Dark bird. Black. 
  55. Sabina - Hebrew name meaning “intelligence.” 
  56. Sable - English/Slavic. Black. 
  57. Styx - Greek. Shuddering. The river Styx in Greek mythology brings souls to the underworld. 
  58. Tahira - Arabic. Pure. 
  59. Tamisra - Bengali. "She who is full of darkness." 
  60. Tanda - Native American name. A seer of life and death. 
  61. Thana - Arabic. Some sources say it means death others say it means thanks or praise. 
  62. Tempest - French. Storm.
  63. Ultima - Latin. Last or endmost.
  64. Verity - Latin/English. Truth. 
  65. Victoria - Latin. Victory. Vampires are often associated with the Victorian era.  
  66. Zelda - German. Dark battle. Warrior.
  67. Zella - Hebrew. Wise and peaceful. 
  68. Zorina - Slavic. Dawn.


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