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102 Fruit Baby Girl Names That Are Super Sweet

These fruit names for girls include sweet names like Apple, Peach, and Plum. Find a fruit-inspired name from A to Z!
102 Fruit Baby Girl Names That Are Super Sweet
Updated: December 15, 2022

Nature inspires us in many ways, so it’s no surprise that some parents turn to nature when searching for the perfect baby name. Drew Barrymore chose the adorable name Olive for her baby girl, and Gwyneth Paltrow infamously named her daughter Apple. And those are just a few of the adorable fruit and nature-inspired names on our list!

Fruit baby names conjure images of sweetness, beauty, and enjoyment, so it makes sense these cute girl names are trending for both first and middle names for girls

Many fruit names bear ancient Latin and Greek roots, but some of the most beautiful names on the list come from French, Arabic, and English. Some fruit names like Lemon or Berry stand out while others like Avalon or Juniper have a trendy vibe that doesn't jump right out and say “fruit!”

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Baby Girl Names Inspired by Fruit 

Baby Girl Names Inspired by Fruit

Whether you’re searching for a popular name for girls or a more uniquely inspired baby name, our list of sweet baby girl names originating in fruit will serve the perfect name!

  1. Alani - Hawaiian. Orange or fruit tree. 
  2. Almila - Turkish. Red apple. 
  3. Almond - Old French. Almond is an adorable name for foodies to name their little one!
  4. Anara - Hindi. Pomegranate.
  5. Anise - Latin/Greek. An aromatic spice.
  6. Anjou - French. Anjou is a province in France and a delicious type of pear!
  7. Anzu - Japanese. Apricot. 
  8. Apple - American. Fruit. The name of actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter.
  9. Apricot - French/Catalan. Fruit from the plum family.
  10. Avalon - Celtic. Island of apples. 
  11. Bakura - Hebrew. A ripe fruit. 
  12. Bay - Latin. Berry
  13. Bean - English. From the word bene which was a nickname for a friendly person. 
  14. Belle - French. Beautiful.
  15. Berry - English. Small fruit.
  16. Bethany - Greek/Hebrew. House of dates or figs. 
  17. Blossom -  English. Flower.
  18. Bramble - Old English. A blackberry shrub. 
  19. Brie - French. A soft cheese. An adorable food name and brie pairs well with fruit!
  20. Camellia - Latin. Helper to the priest. Camellia is a flower used to make tea.
  21. Carmel - Hebrew. Garden. 
  22. Cerise - French A type of cherry. Red.
  23. Chamomile - French/Latin. A flower used to calm and soothe.
  24. Cherry - French/Old English. A fruit-bearing tree. Red.
  25. Chiquita - Spanish. Little gift. This unique name is associated with the banana brand.
  26. Cinnamon - Ancient Greek. A spice. 
  27. Citron - French. Lemon.
  28. Clementine - Latin. Merciful. A type of small orange.
  29. Clover - English. Meadow flower.
  30. Coco - Courtney Cox chose this moniker for her daughter. Coco could mean a lot of things, chocolate, coconut, or be a diminutive form of names like Nicolette or the Spanish name Soccoro.
  31. Colby - Old Norse. From the dark settlement. Colby is a type of cheese that goes well with apples and grapes!
  32. Crispin - Latin. The name comes from a Latin nickname for curly hair. It sounds like the word crisp; it reminds us of ripe fruits like apples and pears.
  33. Damrazi - Arabic. Fruit. 
  34. Davana - Hindi. Fruit. Flower. 
  35. Dolce - Italian. Sweet. Pleasant. Dessert.
  36. Dolores - Spanish. Sorrow. Dolores O’RIodran was the lead singer of the Irish band The Cranberries. 
  37. Enav - Hebrew. Grape. 
  38. Fig - Old French. Figs are a sweet fruit often used for desserts. This unique name has seen minor popularity. in the 2010s and ’20s. 
  39. Finn - Irish. Fair-haired. Typically a boy’s name, but becoming more common for girls. The last name of the child Americana hero, Huckleberry Finn.
  40. Fraser - Scottish/French. Strawberry.
  41. Gala - English. Joyful. A type of apple.
  42. Garnet - French. Pomegranate. 
  43. Ginger - Latin. Liveliness, pep.
  44. Guava - Spanish. A tropical fruit. 
  45. Hazel - English. Hazel tree. A light greenish-brown color. 
  46. Holly - Old English. The holly bush or berry.
  47. Honey - English. Sweet. Honey is the name of actor Jack Nicholson’s daughter.
  48. Idra - Aramaic. Fig tree.
  49. Jagoda - Slavic. Strawberry. 
  50. Java - American. Coffee. 
  51. Julienne - Latin. Youthful. Julienne is a style of cutting fruit and veggies.
  52. Juniper -  Latin. Young. Juniper is a type of berry.
  53. Kale - Hawaiian. Free man. A leafy, green plant. Typically a baby boy name, but it’s a unique baby name that parents can use for boys and girls. 
  54. Keresen - Cornish. Cherry. 
  55. Lemon - Arabic/French. A tart, citrus fruit.  
  56. Lilikoi - Hawaiian. Passionfruit. 
  57. Linnea - Swedish. Lime tree. 
  58. Lychee - Latin. A sweet fruit from China. 
  59. Malina - Greek. Raspberry.
  60. Maple - English. Maple tree.
  61. Maize - Spanish. Corn. 
  62. Margarita - Latin/Sanskrit. Pearl. Margaritas are fun drinks made with limes.
  63. Melora - Greek. Golden apple. 
  64. Meva - Arabic/Uzbek. Beautiful. Fruit.
  65. Mio - Japanese. Cherry.
  66. Mirabelle - French. Marvelous. A type of French plum.
  67. Momo - Japanese. Peach. 
  68. Mora - Spanish. Blueberry.
  69. Nigella - Latin. Dark. Nigella is a spice, and Nigella Lawson is a famous food writer and television cook.
  70. Olive - Latin. Olive tree
  71. Omena - Finnish. Apple. 

Even More Fruit Baby Names for Your Baby Girl 

Fruit Baby Names for Your Baby Girl 
  1. Parsley - Old French/Norman. A nickname for someone who had a habit of traveling over the water. A leafy green garnish.
  2. Peaches - Latin/Greek. A juicy fruit that dates back to ancient China. 
  3. Pepper - Latin/English. From the pepper plant.
  4. Peri - Persian. Fruit.
  5. Persimmon - Greek. A dry fruit. 
  6. Physalis -Greek. Tangy orange berries in the gooseberry family. 
  7. Pippin - English/Old French. A nickname for Phillip. A type of apple.
  8. Pomegranate - Latin. This fruity name comes from the Latin word pomum for apple.
  9. Pomeline - French. Apple.
  10. Poppy - Old English. A red flower. 
  11. Prunella - French. The color of a plum.
  12. Rimona - Hebrew. Pomegranate. 
  13. Rose - Latin. Rose. Flower. 
  14. Rosemary - Latin. A flower.
  15. Quince - Latin. A hard, fragrant, yellow fruit. 
  16. Sabra - Hebrew. Prickly pear.
  17. Sage- Latin/English. Wise one. From the sagebrush.
  18. Sakura - Japanese. Cherry blossom. 
  19. Samra - Arabic. A type of fruit in the Quran. 
  20. Sherry - French/Hebrew. Beloved. A fruity wine.
  21. Shirley - English. Country meadow. The Shirley Temple is a classic mocktail made with cherries.
  22. Sprout - Old English/German. A young shoot from a veggie or plant. 
  23. Star - Latin/Greek. A star. The star fruit is a delicious yellow fruit. 
  24. Taffy - Welsh. Beloved. A stretchy, candy treat, usually fruit flavored. 
  25. Tamar - Hebrew. Date palm tree. 
  26. Tamarind - Arabic. A spice tree. 
  27. Tuptim - Persian. Pomegranate.
  28. Umeko - Japanese. Plum blossom. 
  29. Vanilla - Spanish. Little pod. 
  30. Victoria - Latin. Victory. A type of English plum. 
  31. Zetta - Hebrew. Olive.


Cultures around the world have used fruit-inspired names for their little girls. Fruit-inspired names often reflect the time of year a baby was born, a temperament the parents wish for their baby, or perhaps a favorite food mom craved while pregnant!


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102 Fruit Baby Girl Names That Are Super Sweet


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