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105 Bird Names for Girls and Boys that are Sweet as a Songbird 

Looking for a bird name for a girl or boy that is as beautiful as a swan or strong as a hawk? We promise names that mean bird work for human babies too!
105 Bird Names for Girls and Boys that are Sweet as a Songbird 
Updated: October 11, 2022

Choosing a name for your child is a big decision, but knowing the meanings behind names can help make the decision easier. If you want to inspire your little one to fly toward their dreams, or be a lover of nature, consider giving them a bird name. Each type of bird has its own characteristics. Some love to chatter and others are known for their strength or leadership.

Whether you choose a moniker after a small bird known for singing, or a bigger species, off of a bird characteristic or well-known bird character, there are plenty of avian-inspired baby names to choose from for your little songbird.

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Bird Names for Girls and Meanings 

For your little dove or beautiful baby chick, any of these bird names for baby girls has a unique meaning and story. 

  1. Aghavni - Armenian name meaning “dove.”
  2. Alouette - French name meaning “skylark.”
  3. Ava - German/Latin for “birdlike, lively.”
  4. Avis - Latin name meaning “bird.”
  5. Aya - Hebrew name meaning “bird.”
  6. Birdie - German name meaning “bright,” “famous,” or “bird.”
  7. Branwen - Welsh name meaning “fair raven.”
  8. Chenoa - Native American name meaning “white dove.”
  9. Cholena - Native American -Delaware name meaning “bird.”
  10. Circe - Greek-derived name meaning “bird.”
  11. Daisy - After Daisy Duck. Old English name meaning “day’s eye.”
  12. Daya - Hebrew name meaning “bird of prey.”
Bird Names for Girls and Meanings 
  1. 13 Deora - Hebrew name meaning “bird, a swallow.”
  2. Dove - English name meaning “peace.”
  3. Drora - Hebrew name meaning “sparrow.”
  4. Eileen - Gaelic name meaning “little bird.”
  5. Einan: Hebrew name meaning “little bird.”
  6. Enara - Basque for “bird.”
  7. Evelyn - Irish name meaning “beautiful bird.”
  8. Faigel - Yiddish name meaning “bird.”
  9. Gwennol - Cornish for “swallow.”
  10. Gwylan - Welsh name meaning “seagull.”
  11. Halcyon - Greek name meaning “calm,” from the seabird in Greek mythology.
  12. Jarita -Hindi name meaning “mother or legendary bird.”
  13. Jemima - Hebrew name meaning “dove.”
  14. Jena - Arabric/Sanskrit name meaning “little bird.”
  15. Lark - British name meaning “a playful lighthearted songbird.”
  16. Linette - Welsh/French for “a small songbird.”
  17. Loa - Scandinavian name meaning “spring bird.”
  18. Luscinia - Scientific name for the nightingale.
  19. Mavis - French name meaning “songbird.”
  20. Morrigan -Irish name meaning “phantom queen.” After the crow in Irish mythology.
  21. Nydia - Latin name meaning “nest.”
  22. Palila - Hawaiian name meaning “bird.”
  23. Paloma - Mexican name meaning “dove.”
  24. Phoebe - Greek name meaning “bright,” also an American bird species.
  25. Philomela - Greek name after goddess turned into a nightingale. Means “lover of song.”
  26. Rhea - After the bird breed. This Greek name means “flowing.”
  27. Rosella - Australian parrot species.
  28. Sephora - Hebrew name meaning “beauty” or “bird.”
  29. Suzume - Japanese name meaning “sparrow.”
  30. Tori - Japanese name meaning “bird.”
  31. Tweety - English name meaning “sweetie.” After the “Looney Toons” canary.
  32. Usoa - Basque name meaning “dove.”
  33. Wren - British name meaning “small brown songbird.”
  34. Zippora - Hebrew name meaning “Bird.”

Bird Names for Boys and Meanings 

Bird Names for Boys and Meanings

s your baby boy as powerful as a hawk or proud as a peacock? These bird names for boys include names meaning “bird” from all different cultures and countries!   

  1. Altair - Arabic name meaning “falcon.”
  2. Arnold - German name meaning “strong ruler” or “eagle power.”
  3. Birtle - British name meaning“hill of birds.”
  4. Bran- Gaelic name meaning “bramble” or “raven.”
  5. Byrd - Old English name meaning “bird-like.”
  6. Callum - Scottish name meaning “dove.”
  7. Chelidon - Greek name meaning “a swallow bird.”
  8. Colman - Irish name meaning “dove.”
  9. Corbin - British name meaning “crow.”
  10. Corvus - Latin for “crow.”
  11. Crane - English name meaning “long-necked bird.”
  12. Culver - English name meaning “dove.”
  13. Donald - Scottish name meaning “proud chief.” After Donald Duck.
  14. Drake - English name meaning “male duck” or “dragon.”
  15. Eagle - Native American name meaning “impressive” and “Sharp eyed.”
  16. Efron - Hebrew for “bird.”
  17. Falcon - English name meaning “bird in the hawk family.”
  18. Faulkner - English meaning “falcon trainer.”
  19. Fechine - Irish name meaning “raven.”
  20. Gannet - German name meaning “goose.”
  21. Gawain - Welsh name meaning “may hawk.”
  22. Griffon - French name meaning “strong lord.”
  23. Gull - Celtic name meaning “long-winged swimming birds.”
  24. Gunther - German name meaning “battler” or “warrior.” After the “Adventure Time” penguin.

Gender-Neutral Baby Bird Names and Meanings 

One great thing about choosing a baby name inspired by the Animal Kingdom is there are lots of unique gender-neutral name options to choose from. These gender-neutral baby names will be perfect for your little one even after they leave the nest.  

Gender-Neutral Baby Bird Names and Meanings
  1. 90 Aderyn - Welsh for “bird.”
  2. Columba - Latin/Irish name meaning “dove.”
  3. Covey - Middle English name meaning “brood of birds.”
  4. Deryn - Welsh name meaning “birde.”
  5. Finch - English name meaning “songbird.”
  6. Hula - Native American name meaning “eagle.”
  7. Kestrel - English name meaning “small, colorful falcon.”
  8. Nesta - Welsh name meaning “messenger” or “pure.”
  9. Oriole - Latin for “golden,” after the North American blackbird.
  10. Peregrine - Latin name meaning “traveler, wanderer.” After the peregrine falcon.
  11. Phoenix - Greek/Egyptian meaning “dark red.”
  12. Robin - German name meaning “bright,” “shining,” or “famous.”
  13. Sam - Hebrew name meaning “told by God.” After Toucan Sam.
  14. Starling - British meaning “star” or “bird.”
  15. Swan - English name after the bird species.
  16. Teal - American name after the breed of duck.

Want to pluck one of these great bird names for babies for yourself? Make sure to pin the baby name list for later. 

105 Bird Names for Girls and Boys that are Sweet as a Songbird


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