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Updated August 22, 2022

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Armenian and Persian culture is very intriguing. The names used in Armenia are no different/ Whether you are looking for the perfect baby name for your little one or seeking more information about your heritage, you’ve come to the right place.

Armenian Name History and Traditions

There isn’t a lot to be said about Armenian names. It is, of course, chosen by the parents. Many choose either the child’s grandmother or grandfather’s name. If not, it is almost always a traditional name. Biblical names of Hebrew or Latin origin are the most popular choices. There are no restrictions on names, but there are some that are undesirable such as “Adolf” or “Lucifer.” Below are lists of the most popular Armenian baby names as well as some others that can be heard in Armenia.

Most Popular Armenian Boy Names and Meanings

  1. Ara - This boy’s name means “king” in Arabic, Hebrew, and Armenian.
  2. Aram - This Armenian name means “son of the sun.”
  3. Ararat - This common Armenian name for boys means “holy ground.”
  4. Davit - This is the Armenian form of “David” and it means “beloved.”
  5. Gor - This name is derived from the Armenian word for “brave” or “proud.”
  6. Hayk - This popular Armenian name means “the head of the family” or “patriarch.”
  7. Hovhannes - This is the Armenian version of “John” and it means “God’s gift.”
  8. Narek - This is shared with the name of an ancient Armenian city.
  9. Tigran - This name comes from the powerful king “Tigran the Great.”

More Armenian Boy Names  and Meanings

  1. Arakel - This boy’s name of Armenian origin means “to send.”
  2. Arsen - This name is the Armenian form of the Greek name “Arsenios.” It means “masculine” or “strong.”
  3. Avedis - This name means “brings good news” in Armenian.
  4. Boghos - This is the Armenian form of “Paul” and it means “little one” in Latin.
  5. Dikran - This name means “name of a king” in Armenian.
  6. Garo - This name means “looming” or “desire” in Armenian.
  7. Hagop - This is the western Armenian form of “Jacob” and it means “supplanter.”
  8. Haig - This name is fairly common and it means “enclosed with hedges” in Armenian.
  9. Jirair - This masculine Armenian name means “hard-working.”
  10. Levon - This is the Armenian form of “Leon” and it means “lion.”
  11. Nishan - This name of Armenian origin means “sign” or “cross.”
  12. Toros - This is the Armenian variation of “Theodore.” It means “gift of God.”
  13. Vahan - This Armenian boy’s name means “shield.”
  14. Vahe - This masculine name means “best” in Armenian.
  15. Vartan - This Armenian name means “giver of roses.”
  16. Yervant - This name is Armenian for “king” or “ruler.” I also has Persian roots.
Armenian girl in mountains

Most Popular Armenian Girl Names and Meanings

  1. Aghavni - This popular Armenian girl’s name means “dove.”
  2. Anahit - This name is shared with the goddess of healing and fertility in both Armenian and Persian mythology.
  3. Anoush/Anush - There are two spelling variations of this Armenian name. However, they both mean “sweet-tempered.”
  4. Berjouhi/Berj - This popular Armenian name means “elegant lady.” “Berj” is often used as a shortened version or nickname.
  5. Gayane - This popular Armenian name was derived from the Greek word “Gaia” who was the earth goddess.
  6. Nare - This Armenian name has two possible meanings; “pomegranate” or “fire.”
  7. Tatev - This name comes from the Tatev monastery. It means “bringer of wings” in Armenian.

More Armenian Girl Names  and Meanings

  1. Arev - This Armenian name also has Greek and Latin origins. It means “sun.”
  2. Dalita - This Armenian girl’s name means “pure.”
  3. Erato - This name is Armenian and Greek for “the muse of erotic poetry.
  4. Gadar - This name means “peak” or “summit” in Armenian.
  5. Garine - This girl’s name was derived from the Armenian city “Garin.”
  6. Karyan - In Armenian, this girl’s name means “dark one.”
  7. Lucine - This is the Armenian form of “Lucy” and it means “moon.”
  8. Maral - Referring to the Caspian red deer, this name means “deer” in Armenian and Mongolian.
  9. Seda - This name has Armenian and Polish roots. It means “spirit of the forest.”
  10. Siran - This Armenian name means “beautiful.”
  11. Siroun - This Armenian name means “lovely.”
  12. Sirvat - This name has Armenian and Russian roots. It means “rose of love” or “beautiful rose.”
  13. Taleen - Also spelled “Talin,” this is the name of a city in Armenia.
  14. Yeva - This is the Armenian, Russian, and Ukrainian form of the Hebrew name “Eve.” It means “life-giving.”
  15. Ziazan - This Armenian name for girls means “rainbow.”

Popular Armenian Unisex Names  and Meanings

  1. Arax - This gender-neutral Armenian name is the name of a river that flows through Armenia.
  2. Keran - In Armenian, this name means “wooden post.”
  3. Nairi - This unisex name means “land of canyons or river” in Armenian.
  4. Ohanna - This Armenian name means “God’s gracious gift.'“
  5. Sevan - Even though this is a gender-neutral name, it is primarily chosen for baby girls. It is Armenian for “life-giving sweet water.”
  6. Shahan - This unisex name of Persian origin means “king” or “queen.”

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