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75 Traditional Navajo Indian Names and Meanings

The Navajo tribe has a unique culture around Navajo names for girls or boys. Learn more about native Navajo names and meanings.
75 Traditional Navajo Indian Names and Meanings
Updated: October 7, 2022

If you can trace your ancestry back to a Native American tribe, you may want to choose a Native American name for your new baby. In this article, we rounded up a list of Navajo names and name meanings.

The Navajo Nation is currently the second-largest Native American tribe in the United States, after the Cherokee Nation. The next largest tribes are the Choctaw, the Sioux, the Chippewa, and the Apaches.

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Navajo Baby Names for Girls (and Meanings) 

Navajo Baby Names for Girls (and Meanings)

Native American girl names are inspired by nature or powerful imagery. These baby girl names make beautiful first or middle names.

Popular names include Tallulah, which means leaping water, Chenoa, which means white dove, and Enola, which means magnolia. If you want some inspiration from history, also consider the name Pocahontas, which means playful.

  1. Aiyana: Navajo, forever flowering
  2. Ajei: Navajo, my heart
  3. Asdza: Navajo, woman
  4. Awee: Navajo, baby
  5. Bly: Navajo, high, exalted
  6. Chenoa: Navajo, white dove
  7. Chooli: Navajo, mountain
  8. Dibe: Navajo, lamb
  9. Doba: Navajo, peace
  10. Doli: Navajo, bluebird
  11. Enola: Navajo, magnolia
  12. Haloke: Navajo, salmon
  13. Halona: Navajo, fortune
  14. Haseya: Navajo, she rises
  15. Istas: Navajo, snow
  16. Makawee: Navajo, motherly, all-giving
  17. Malia: Native American, calm
  18. Milena: Native American, new moon
  19. Mosi: Navajo, cat
  20. Nino: Native American, fire, mightiness
  21. Nokomis: Chippewa, daughter of the moon
  22. Odina:  Algonquin, mountain
  23. Olathe: Navajo, beautiful
  24. Pocahontas: Navajo, playful
  25. Sacajawea: Native American, bird-woman
  26. Sakari: Navajo, sweet
  27. Shysie: Navajo, quiet little one
  28. Sialea-lea: Navajo, little bluebird
  29. Tallulah: Navajo, leaping water
  30. Takoda: Navajo, friend
  31. Tayen: Navajo, new moon
  32. Tsintah: Navajo , forest-dweller
  33. Winona: Navajo, firstborn daughter
  34. Yanaha: Navajo, brave

Navajo Boy Names (and Meanings) 

Navajo Boy Names (and Meanings)

Boy names in the Navajo language represent animals or images of power. They are mostly two-syllable names, like Ashkii or Jacy, but there are also a few three-syllable choices, like Kosumi.

Popular names with animal meanings include Adriel, which means beaver, Chayton, which means falcon, and Mato, which means bear. Names with powerful denotations include Cochise, which means warrior chief, and Hashkeh Naabah, which means angry warrior.

  1. Adriel: Navajo, beaver
  2. Ashkii: Navajo, boy
  3. Atsa: Navajo, eagle
  4. Bidziil: Navajo, strength
  5. Cochise: Apache, renowned warrior chief
  6. Chayton: Navajo, falcon
  7. Dasan: Navajo, chief
  8. Elu: Navajo, graceful
  9. Gad: Navajo, juniper tree
  10. Hania: Navajo, spirit warrior
  11. Hashkeh Naabah: Navajo, angry warrior
  12. Jacy: Navajo, moon
  13. Klah: Navajo, left-handed
  14. Kele: Hopi, sparrow
  15. Keekuk: Navajo, watchful
  16. Kosumi: Navajo, salmon fisher
  17. Mato: Navajo, bear
  18. Nahele: Navajo, forest
  19. Nayati: Navajo, wrestler
  20. Nitis: Navajo, friend
  21. Paco: Navajo, eagle
  22. Sani: Navajo, old one
  23. Sahale: Navajo, exalted
  24. Seattle: Navajo , high-status man
  25. Shillah: Navajo, brother
  26. Sicheii: Navajo, grandfather
  27. Tahoma: Navajo, giver of water
  28. Tokala: Navajo, fox
  29. Tasela: Navajo, falling stars
  30. Tyee: Navajo, chief
  31. Wapi: Navajo, lucky
  32. Yas: Navajo, snow

Gender-Neutral Navajo Names (and Meanings) 

The Navajo language has many unisex names that will work for both boys and girls.

One of the most popular gender-neutral Native American names is Kai. Kai is currently a top-100 name in the United States, according to US Social Security name database. Kai is a multi-cultural name. In the Navajo language, it means willow tree. 

In Hawaiian, it means ocean, in Estonian, it means pure, and in Chinese, it means triumph. 

Kai is also a name based in literature, having been used by author Hans Christian Andersen in his story, The Snow Queen, which served as the inspiration for the Disney movie Frozen.

Dakota has also been a common name in the United States, having been in the top 300 or 400 for over 20 years. This is presumably due to parents taking name inspiration from the state names North and South Dakota.

  1. Abedabun: Navajo, dawn
  2. Ahiga: Navajo , fighter
  3. Cheyenne: Sioux, people of a different language
  4. Dakota: Navajo , friend
  5. Kai: Navajo , willow tree
  6. Mika: Navajo, rabbit
  7. Onacona: Cherokee, white owl
  8. Simi: Navajo, valley of the wind
  9. Zuni: Native American, beauty

Brief History of the Navajo People 

The Navajo tribe originated in the Southwest region of the country, primarily in what are now the states of Arizona and New Mexico.

The name Navajo was given to the tribe by Spanish missionaries and explorers. The tribe actually referred to themselves as the Dine. However, the Spanish adapted the Navajo word “navahu’u,” which means farm fields in the valley, and pronounced it “Navajo.”

The Navajos were hunter-gatherers who later became farmers. They farmed beans, corn, and squash, and herded sheep and goats. They were known as skilled weavers, and created beautiful baskets, blankets, and clothing.

The Navajo language is closely related to the Apache language, due to migration patterns and interactions between the two tribes. There are two main dialects and sign language.

In 1864, the Navajos were interned in New Mexico. They were forced to walk many miles without sufficient food, water, or hygiene. Many became ill and died. This period is referred to as The Long Walk.

If you are looking for more Navajo names or Native American baby names, check out our list of Native American names and origins.

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75 Traditional Navajo Indian Names and Meanings


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