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100 Popular Asian American Girl Names (with Meanings)

Looking for the most popular Asian American girl names? Check out our list of top Asian American names for girls with meanings and origins.
100 Popular Asian American Girl Names (with Meanings)
Updated: June 12, 2023
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If you are interested in an Asian American name, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the 100 most popular Asian American girl names with name meanings. 

There are obviously many different origins and cultures that fall under the umbrella term “Asian American” from Pacific Islanders, Cambodian names, Filipino names, Chinese names, Korean names and many more!  

If you have Asian heritage and want to honor it with the name your choose for your baby girl, this baby name list offers some inspiration! 

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What is The Most Common Name for Asian Girls in the U.S.? 

When looking at recent data for popular Asian names, Amy was the most common for girls in the United States in 2021. Grace, May, and Alice are also common names for Asian American girls according to baby name data from the Social Security Administration. 

Most Popular Asian American Girl Names Meanings & Origins 

  1. Akira - Japanese name for “distinct.”
  2. Barkha - An Indian name that is Sanskrit for “rain.”
  3. Biyu - The Chinese name for Jasper, a precious stone.
  4. Cheng - Chinese for “accomplish.”
  5. Dara - Hebrew name for “pearl of wisdom” and Thai for “star.”
  6. Devi - Sanskrit name for “goddess.”
  7. Divina - Latin and Filipino for “goddess.”
  8. Eun - Korean girl name for “silver.”
  9. Gurmeet - A Hindu name that means “friend of guru.”
  10. Hae - Korean for “girl who is like the ocean.”
  11. Harsha - Sanskrit for “joy” or “happiness.”
  12. Ila - Sanskrit for “earth” or “speech.”
  13. Iseul - Korean for “morning dew.”
  14. Jiao - Chinese for “to teach.”
  15. Kamala - Hindi girl’s name for “lotus.”
  16. Linh - Vietnamese for “gentle spirit.”
  17. Maya - Hindi for “God’s creative divine power.”
  18. Mei - Chinese for “plum.”
  19. Mina - Hindi for a precious blue stone.
  20. Mira - Hebrew for “light” and Sanskrit for “peace.”
  21. Nguyen - Vietnamese for a musician of a stringed instrument.
  22. Nin - Thai for “sapphire.”
  23. Nirantara - Hindu for “uninterrupted.”
  24. Parima - Hindu for “firstborn.”
  25. Priyanka - Hindi for “loved one.”
  26. Rani - Hindi for “a queen.”
  27. Sachiko - Japanese for “bliss.”
  28. Samira - Arabic name for “entertaining.”
  29. Seiko - A Japanese name for “force” or “truth.”
  30. Shanti - Hindi for “peaceful.”
  31. Tam - Vietnamese for “heart” and African American for “stubborn.”
  32. Uma - Hindi for “mother.”
  33. Vanna - An Asian name that means “golden colored.”
  34. Veda - Hindi for “knowledge” or “wisdom.”
  35. Veera - Hindu for “brave girl.”
  36. Wakako - Japanese for “child of harmonious song.”
  37. Xia - Chinese for “glow of the sunrise.”
  38. Yachi - Japanese for “good luck.”
  39. Yawen - Chinese for “graceful clouds.”
  40. Yuet - A Chinese name for “moon.”
  41. Zara - Arabic for “blooming flower” or “radiance.”
  42. Zhu - Chinese name for “wish.”

Modern Asian American Names for Girls

Most Popular Asian American Girl Names Meanings & Origins 

  1. Asako - Japanese for “morning child.”
  2. Bora - Korean for “purple.”
  3. Caihong - Chinese for “rainbow.”
  4. Chandra - Sanskrit for “of the moon” and it is also a name for the Hindu Goddess Devi.
  5. Chivy - Cambodian for “life.”
  6. Daiyu - Chinese for “black jade.”
  7. Durga - Sanskrit for “invincible.”
  8. Emi - Japanese for “blessed.”
  9. Fei - Chinese for “dance in the air.”
  10. Hyeon - Korean for “worthy.”
  11. Janya - Hebrew for “gracious.”
  12. Juri - Japanese for “to plant a tree.”
  13. Kanchana - Sanskrit for “gold.”
  14. Lalita - Hindi for “beauty.”
  15. Lanfen - Chinese for “orchid fragrance.”
  16. Lilavati - Sanskrit for “amusing” or “charming.”
  17. Melati - Sanskrit for “jasmine flower.”
  18. Naomi - Hebrew for “pleasant one” and Japanese for “beauty.”
  19. Phet - Thai for “diamond.”
  20. Phuong - Vietnamese for “destiny.”
  21. Priti - Hindi for “satisfaction.”
  22. Qiu - Chinese for “autumn” or “hill.”
  23. Quyen - Vietnamese for “powerful.”
  24. Sakura - Japanese for “cherry blossoms.”
  25. Shiyun - Chinese for “rhythm and harmony.”
  26. Vanya - This is the name of a Hindu Deity of the Forests.
  27. Yue - Chinese for “born under the moon.”

Popular Pacific Islander Names for Girls 

  1. Ana - Hebrew for “favored.”
  2. Apikalia - Hawaiian for “my father is joy.”
  3. Aroha - Maori for “love.”
  4. Elisapeta - Samoan for “born on Saturday.”
  5. Fiafia - Samoan for “happy.”
  6. Hine - Maori for “girl.”
  7. Iolana - Hawaiian for “to soar like an eagle.”
  8. Kaipo - Hawaiian for “embraces.”
  9. Kalina - Hawaiian for “unblemished.”
  10. Kiri - Cambodian for “mountain.”
  11. Leilani - Hawaiian for “heavenly flower.”
  12. Lilo - Hawaiian for “generous one.”
  13. Luni - Samoan for “June.”
  14. Maia - Hebrew for “bitter.”
  15. Makana - Hawaiian for “gift.”
  16. Moana - Hawaiian for “ocean” or “deep sea.”
  17. Momi - Hawaiian for “pearl.”
  18. Nani - Hawaiian for “orange blossoms.”
  19. Ngaio - Maori for “reflections on the water.”
  20. Noelani - Hawaiian for “beautiful girl from heaven.”
  21. Nyrie - Maori for “sea.”
  22. Olaga - Samoan for “life.”
  23. Oliana - Hawaiian for “oleander.”
  24. Papa - Maori for “earth.”
  25. Pele - This is the name of the Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes and Fire.
  26. Rarahu - Samoan for “to eat tapu things.”
  27. Roimata - Maori for “teardrop.”
  28. Saofa’i - This is the Samoan form of the Greek name Sophia, which means “wisdom.”
  29. Tala - Samoan for “story” and Arabic for “palm tree.”
  30. Tiare - Hawaiian and Polynesian for “white flower.”
  31. Vaimiti - Tahitian for “salt water.”

Naming Traditions for Girls in Asian American Families 

The naming traditions used to choose Asian boy names are the same as Asian girl names. They often use the anglicized versions to better “fit in” with American culture but this is becoming increasingly less common. 

Children of Asian heritage who are born in America are often given traditional Asian names when they are born and go by nicknames or English alternatives that are easier to pronounce by their Western peers. You will see this often with Chinese Americans once they start attending school, for example.

This practice has become last common in very recent years as attitudes toward diversity have changed and more Asian Americans seek to embrace their culture and heritage by going only by their given name. 

In Chinese families, people traditionally name their children are given their father’s family name. When written, the surname will always come before the given name. Chinese women do not change their names when they marry. 

When it comes to Hawaiian naming traditions, baby names often come to parents in dreams. They want the name they choose for their child to tell a story and to be unique. They don’t typically name babies after another family member.

These female names are wonderful options if you want an Asian American name for your little one. We hope you find the best match for your daughter. 

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100 Popular Asian American Girl Names (with Meanings)

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