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35 Baby Name Tattoo Ideas You'll Fall In Love With

We've curated a list of 35 of our favorite baby name tattoo ideas to help inspire you choose a tattoo to honor your kids!
Baby Name Tattoos
Updated: September 16, 2022

Your child is always going to be a part of you and so is a tattoo. This is why many parents choose a tattoo with their children's names on it. A name tattoo is a way to always carry a piece of your child with you because their name will be forever inked on your body. This is why you want to choose wisely!

When it comes to a name tattoo, you want to choose an experienced tattoo artist you trust and maybe even one who has done several tattoos with kids' names. They may have some name tattoo ideas that you end up liking, and maybe even some that are better than the tattoo designs you bring to the table.

While this can be helpful, some parents already have a clear idea of what they want their baby name tattoo to look like. From the lettering to the coloring and detail, they have design ideas firmly implanted in their heads. Often, these are meaningful tattoos that have their child's name, birthdate, and maybe even a handprint or footprint.

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Whether this is your first time getting a tattoo or you're a seasoned pro at getting inked, we have some baby name tattoo ideas for every parent.

Why do parents get baby name tattoos?

Every parent has a way of expressing love for their children. For some people that means getting their baby’s name permanently inked.

There are many different styles of baby name tattoos that people put all over their bodies, even on their collar bones. Some can have roman numerals, while others can be simpler and just have names. Whatever the case, there are baby name tattoos for every parent!

35 Baby Name Tattoo Ideas

1. Baby name with birthdate, baby feet, and designs

Source: #babynametattoos hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

Here's a cool name tattoo that also has the baby's birth date and footprints. There are stars and the moon along with some shading.

2. Baby Minnie with name and date of birth

Source: #babynametattoos hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Video

Calling all Disney fans! This is a rather simple tattoo, but one that has a super fun theme if you love Minnie Mouse and Disney. This tattoo for parents of a baby girl can be put just about anywhere because it's not going to take up a lot of space...unless you want it to!

3. Ribbon tattoo with baby's name and birth date

Source: #babynametattoos hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

This tattoo may be better suited for those with some experience getting inked, not for first-time visitors to the tattoo parlor! This one has a good amount of detail and shading which means more time and probably more pain. But, the result is a meaningful tattoo that stands out.

4. Building blocks with baby's name

Source: #babynametattoos hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

Here's another one that goes into the detailed, but very cool tattoo category. Have your tattoo artist spell out your child's name with blocks. Add a small design at the end like a doll or other toy. This tattoo can work whether you have a baby boy or a baby girl.

The tattoo size is going to depend on how long your child's name is. If you're a pro at getting inked, a longer name shouldn't be a problem! It's those that are visiting a tattoo artist for the first time that may have more trouble sitting for so long.

5. Twin baby tattoos

Source: #babynametattoos hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

Got twins? No problem! Since you have two arms and two wrists, you can get your children's names tattooed on both for each. You can add shading or make it look like a watercolor design.

There are plenty of design ideas that you can incorporate into this name tattoo.

6. Floral tattoo with baby's name and birthdate

Source: #babynametattoos hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

This is a simple, but meaningful tattoo that a parent may choose to put on the back of their neck or another part of their body.

With some flowers and the baby's name and birthday inside, this is one of many design ideas that don't require spending a long time with your tattoo artist.

7. Floral tattoo with baby's name as the stem

Source: #babynametattoo hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

When it comes to baby name tattoo ideas, this one ranks pretty high in the creativity department. Yes, it's a flower. But, look at the stem. The baby's name is incorporated into the design. Some people may not see it at first, but once you do, you'll agree this is one cool tattoo.

8. Baby name tattoo with footprints

This is a simple tattoo when it comes to the elements it has, but it's still meaningful. You can get your child's name inked in cursive with baby feet on it too. This is a baby name tattoo idea whether you have a baby girl or a baby boy.

9. Motherhood tattoo for moms of twins


A post shared by Michael Thomas (@tat2miket)

Source: #babynametattoo hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

Name tattoo designs when you have twins can be a lot of fun. This one fits the bill for a meaningful tattoo and one that is pretty cool too. This one is big and long, so be sure to put it somewhere you have space.

10. Baby name tattoo on the back of the head

Source: #babynametattoo hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

This tattoo may not be the best idea for someone getting one for the first time because it's big and is in a place where you may feel a lot of pain. We don't know how long it took the tattoo artist to complete this tattoo but kudos to the dad and the person doing the ink!

11. Child name tattoo with a flower

Source: #babynametattoo hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos"

This is a high-quality tattoo complete with the baby's name inked in cursive and a beautiful flower. This is a tattoo many moms may fall in love with because it's very feminine and has meaning at the same time.

12. Baby's face with name tattoo

Source: #babynametattoo hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

The detail on this tattoo is amazing and really stands out. The child's face and name can be put just about anywhere on the body. It looks like this proud parent put it on their arm. This is suitable for a baby boy or a baby girl.

13. Baby name tattoo on fingers

This name tattoo is only going to work if your child has a short name unless you want to get all of your fingers inked. With just one letter on each finger, this may be one of the more unique tattoo designs we've seen.

14. Baby's name tattooed in flower

Source: #babynametattoo hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

You have to look closely to see this kid's name, but it's there. Trust us. The name is written in cursive along the flower's stem. Talk about an intricate baby name tattoo!

15. Baby name tattoo with footprints inked on foot

Source: #babynametattoo hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

If you want tattoos with kids' names, this one hits high on the creative list. How fitting to have footprints on your feet, right? Hopefully, this person isn't ticklish! That wouldn't be fun for anyone in this situation.

16. Detailed flower with baby's name, date of birth, and time of birth


A post shared by The Caged Fox (@thecagedfox)


Talk about detail! Kudos to this tattoo artist who pulled off not only the flower and the child's name in the stem, but included little details like the baby's date and time of birth!

17. Child's name with date of birth

Source: #babynametattoo hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

When it comes to name tattoo ideas, this one is simple but looks amazing. The child's name is written in fancy lettering along with the date of birth. While there's not a lot of color with this one, it still stands out as a cool tattoo.

18. Two kids' names with handprint and footprint


A post shared by kim (@mummybearkimzi)

Source: #babynametattoo hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

The parent here decided to add on to a previous tattoo when baby number two came along. You can see the first name tattoo with the footprint.

Then, the second child's name and date of birth were added with a handprint. This is a great way to get both children in one tattoo design.

19. Baby's name inked on both wrists

Source: #babynametattoo hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

While this isn't a big and colorful tattoo, this one still stands out when it comes to wrist tattoos. It's simple with the baby's name written in cursive on both wrists. The mom in this photo will have a reminder of her baby's name every time she looks at her arms.

20. Baby footprint with a name tattooed inside the foot

Source: #babynametattoo hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

When it comes to different styles of baby footprint tattoo ideas and unique kids' names tattoo ideas, this one is a winner. The baby's name inked inside the footprint is a nice touch. Kudos to the tattoo artist who came up with this idea.

21. Child's name with birth info

Source: #babynametattoo hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

This tattoo looks like a DIY design because it's so unique. You have the child's name along with all of the birth info and an intricate unicorn. While this may not be a sleeve tattoo, it's still big and takes up a lot of space on the arm.

22. Baby's name with a handprint, footprint, and date of birth


A post shared by Simon Bowen (@simon8252)

Source: #babynametattoo hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

When you look at kid's name tattoo ideas, this one is different from just having your child's name tattooed on your arm. Whoever tattoos dad with this one may want to take a photo of the child's handprint and footprint to get the right size.

23. Baby's name with info tattooed in a heart

Source: #babynametattoo hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

While this is not a heartbeat tattoo, it is in the shape of a heart so it still counts if you were looking for that type of design. This one has lots of lettering with the baby's name and birth info as well as some terms of endearment. This one definitely counts as a cool tattoo.

24. Baby's fists and dad's fist tattooed with baby's name

Source: #babynametattoo hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

If you're looking for design ideas that are different, this is one to consider. It looks like the baby's tiny fists with an adult's, giving a little fist pump. The baby's name is inked in cursive below.

25. Block letter name tattoo

Source: Robert Tang on Instagram: “#babynametattoo #blacktattoo”

This tattoo is a no-frills approach to getting a name tattoo. Put it on your bicep or any other part of your body. The longer the name, the bigger the tattoo, so make sure you have plenty of room for it.

26. Infinity Sign Name tattoo


A post shared by Fe Esca ♥️ (@feesca_)

Source: Fe Esca ♥️ on Instagram: “"Feel the pain until it hurts no more." Pak with the ganern. Ay'g pada. :) #tattoocebuph #feathertattoo #romannumerals #birdtattoo…”

Infinity name tattoos are popular and can be customized to use roman numerals or whatever you’d like. These can be smaller or you can go big or go home with a larger design. It all depends on how much ink you’d like!

27. Name Tattoos on Fingers


A post shared by Alan Bisonte (@alanbisonte)

Source: Alan Bisonte on Instagram: “Letras para mi amigo Tiller. #alanbisontetattoo #alanbisonte #fingertattoo #finger #callos #tattoo #ink #frida #norma #elsa #name #nombres…”

Who said you have to have your baby’s name on your arm or back? You can get your child’s name inked on your finger. If you have more than one child, you can get each name on a different finger.

28. Breastfeeding Name Tattoo


If you are very committed to breastfeeding, have your baby’s name tattoo with an image of a woman breastfeeding. This is a wonderful tribute to the bond you share with your baby.

29. Two names tattoo


A post shared by Sammy Soso (@sam_e_so_so)


Whether you have twins or had two separate pregnancies, you can get both babies’ names on one tattoo. Choose to have two footprints or put a different image in the middle.

30. Elephant chain tattoo

Source: Tatted Dad Company on Instagram: "For her son. #momtattoo #sontattoo #elephanttattoo #girlswithtattoos #twig #twigstattoos #tattoos #tattoo #shawano #wiscomade #wisconsin #art #ink #northwoods #smallbusiness #local #supportsmallbusiness #rotary #cheyenne #ttech #fusion"

Some people really love elephants, so this baby name tattoo just makes sense. It’s super cute with the momma elephant and baby elephant in tow. Add your child’s name and you have a beautiful tattoo to always remember your baby.

31. Tattoo for rainbow babies


A post shared by @ink.alchemist.tattoos

Source: @ink.alchemist.tattoos on Instagram: "Super happy for the opportunity to do this tattoo for Cheryl. Her rainbow baby is coming, I can FEEL it!! Speaking from experience as a rainbow baby myself...We out here!! ❤️🥰❤️ * #rainbowtattoo #rainbowbaby #rainbowbabytattoo #forearmtattoo #meaningfultattoos #hopefultattoos

Some parents choose to have a tribute to their rainbow baby. This heartfelt tattoo symbolizes the hard times that can come before a little miracle baby.

32. Winnie the Pooh blocks


A post shared by John Torres (@jt_jonjon)

Source: John Torres on Instagram: "Poo#poo#winniethepooh#style#colortattoo#babys#jtjonjon#ink#inked#babytattoo#babytattoos#life#thesessions#2017#family#fun"

Winnie the Pooh is a popular childhood character, so it only makes sense that it’s also a cute tattoo. Spell your baby’s name with blocks and have Winnie the Pooh around them.

33. Baby eye tattoo

Source: Stephanie Cecchini on Instagram: "Really enjoyed doing this piece. #tattoo #tattoos #babyeyestattoo #babynametattoo #blackandgreytattoo #ladyluckstudio"

Some people may get freaked out by this tattoo; others will love it. You can get just your baby’s eyes tattooed along with their name. It will also remind you of your little one all the time.

34. Seasonal baby tattoo

Source: ✨🩸𝓛𝔂𝓭𝓲𝓪 𝓙𝓪𝓷𝓮🩸✨ on Instagram: "Added some pretty snowflakes to this piece 😊❄️ . . . . . . #babynametattoo #snowflaketattoos #snowflakes #winterbaby #winteraesthetic #wintervibes #icytattoos #meaningfultattoos #symbolictattoos #lettering #tattoolettering #ellicottcitymd"

Wear your baby’s name with symbols of the season. This one has winter written all over it...literally. Choose to incorporate summer, spring, or fall, to fit your baby’s birthday.

35. Baby name tattoo with egg's nest

Source: #babynametattoo hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

This super cool and unique tattoo rounds out our list of tattoo ideas and tattoo designs using your baby's name. You can see names written on the top and bottom with the egg's nest in between. This is another tattoo that may not be best for newbies. It looks like it has lots of details and took a long time!

As you look for name tattoo ideas, think about how much detail you want, how much you want to spend, and how much pain you're willing to endure. Many parents choose meaningful tattoos that they're proud to show off. Whichever you choose, be certain it's the one you want because tattoos are forever.

See even more of our favorite tattoos real parents have gotten in our list of 15 Tattoo Ideas to Honor Your Kids.

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