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103 Rare Girl Names that are Beautifully Unique

These rare girl names are unique and special just like your baby girl! Fall in love with a rare female name to make your baby girl stand out.
103 Rare Girl Names that are Beautifully Unique
Updated: January 5, 2023
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Want to choose a baby girl name that’s as rare and special as your daughter? 

These baby girl names are unique and uncommon, so you won’t find them on the most popular girl name lists of the last few years. 

Some countries have strict laws about naming little ones. Some, like France, even have a list of banned names. Fortunately, if you live outside those 17 countries, you can give your baby any name you like.

Many people like unique baby names over traditional names. The problem can be finding the perfect one: the baby name that stands out from the rest and is perhaps a bit exotic, but that is also easy to remember.

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These are 100 of our favorite rare and unique baby girl names that also include name meanings. Many of them are even unisex so they can be used as boy names as well. . From flower names to mythological names, they are sweet, strong, and different.

Rare Girl Names That Start A to G 

  1. Aisla - Also spelled Isla, this Scottish Gaelic name is popular in Scotland, but rare outside of the country.
  2. Amber - Amber is an “old-timey” name, which comes from precious material.
  3. Aoife - Irish for “beauty” or “radiance.”
  4. Artemis - This name comes from Greek mythology. Artemis is the goddess of the hunt.
  5. Aspen - An Old English name that means “a shaking tree.”
  6. Astred - Astred isn’t an alternate spelling for “Astrid.” This Norse moniker means “an impulsive girl with divine strength.”
  7. Abir - The Arabic name “Abir” sounds a bit like Amber, but it means “perfume,” specifically a rare perfume that has been lost to the sands of time.
  8. Bellamy - This uncommon first name is an English family name. It comes from French, and means “good friend.”
  9. Berenice - Greek for “bringer of victory.”
  10. Brigitta - Irish for “strength.”
  11. Bronwyn - This is the name of a Dutch spirit made from distilled wine.
  12. Bryony - English for a vine with small blossoms.
  13. Callista - This is a Greek name that means “the most beautiful.”
  14. Cambria - Latin for “from Wales.”
  15. Carys - This name means “to love” in Welsh.
  16. Cassia - If you’re looking for a Biblical name that’s both unique and easy to remember, this pretty name means “cinnamon.”
  17. Cecily - Latin for “blind one” or “the sixth.”
  18. Chiara - Chiara is an Italian name that means “clear” or “light.” It’s also the name of physicist Chiara Nappi.
  19. Clover - This name is a variant of Cleaver and it is English for a meadow flower.
  20. Constance - Latin for “faithful.”
  21. Cora - French for “beloved” and Greek for “heart.”
  22. Cordelia - This is both a Latin name and a Celtic name. It means “heart.”
  23. Damaris - A Greek name that means “gentle.”
  24. Danica - Latin for “morning star.”
  25. Devika - This name means “little goddess” in Sanskrit.
  26. Echo - A Latin and Greek name meaning “reflected sound.”
  27. Edie - Hebrew for “delight.”
  28. Edita - This is an Old English name that means “expensive gift.”
  29. Ellery - Latin for “cheerful.”
  30. Elodie - This is a Greek name for “marshy, white blossom.”
  31. Fern - Fern is an English name that comes from the Fern plant.
  32. Filippa - Greek for “lover of horses.”
  33. Fleur - A French and Latin name that means “blooming flower.”
  34. Franny - A common nickname for Frances, it means “free.”
  35. Gemma - This name is Latin for “precious gemstone.”
  36. Genevieve - This name is Welsh for “white wave” or French for “tribe woman.”
  37. Ginevra - Italian for “white wave.”
  38. Grier - Greek for “watchful.”
  39. Gwen - This Welsh name is short for Gwendolyn, and is a name in its own right. It means “blessed” or “holy.”
  40. Glynnis - This Welsh name means “Valley” or “pure.”

 Rare Girl Names That Start with A to G

Rare Girl Names That Start with H to M

  1. Hana - Hana is Hebrew for “God is merciful.”
  2. Harlow - Old English for “from the protected town” or “rabbit archer.”
  3. Imara - Imara is a Swahili name that means “Strong.”
  4. Imogen - The name Imogen is popular in Britain, but rare outside of it. Did you know that Shakespeare invented it?
  5. Ione - This is the name of a Greek flower and also a purple gem.
  6. Ishani - This Sanskrit name means “Close to God.”
  7. Jasmine - Jasmine means “gift from God” in Persian and is also a form of flowering olive.
  8. Jihan - Jihan is a Persian name that means “The World.”
  9. Joelle - Hebrew for “the Lord is God.”
  10. Jolanthe - Greek for “violet flower.”
  11. Juniper - This is a Latin name for juniper berry and it also means “young.”
  12. Isolde - Having a winter baby? This Irish princess’s name means “ice ruler.”
  13. Kaede - Japanese for “maple leaf.”
  14. Kamala - This Hindi name means “lotus.”
  15. Katana - If you want to raise a girl who kicks butt, a katana is a Japanese sword.
  16. Lantana - If you’re looking for an unusual name that you won’t find on lists of popular baby names, try the name for this bright, orange flower.
  17. Lavender - This name is English for the purple flowering plant.
  18. Leonie - This uncommon name comes from the Latin word for “lion”
  19. Leonora - Leonora is a Greek name that means “compassion.” You can shorten it to “Leo” if it suits you.
  20. Lorelai - German for “alluring.”
  21. Lucinda - Latin for “bringer of light.”
  22. Maryse - A Latin name that means “dark-skinned.”
  23. Millicent - This old-fashioned name that means “strong in work” deserves a comeback.
  24. Montserrat - This beautiful, unique name refers to a mountain in the Spanish region of Catalonia.
  25. Minu - Minu is a pretty Persian place name that means “Eden.”

Rare Girl Names That Start with N to Z

 Rare Girl Names That Start with N to Z

  1. Naoko - Japanese for “child of Nao” or “direct.”
  2. Nelle - Greek for “stone.”
  3. Nikita - This name is of Greek and Russian origin. It means “victorious people” in Greek and “unconquered” in Russian.
  4. Novalie - Latin for “new.”
  5. Odette - This is a French name for “happy home.”
  6. Ophelia - This Shakesperian name means “help.”
  7. Oriana - Latin for “dawn” and Greek for “east.”
  8. Petula - Petula is Latin for “sassy.”
  9. Philomena - Greek for “beloved.”
  10. Primrose - A pretty flower, Primrose is also the name of Katniss Everdeen’s sister in The Hunger Games.
  11. Priscilla - Latin for “from ancient times.”
  12. Raquel - This name is of Hebrew origin and it means “little lamb.”
  13. Reina - A Latin name that means “queenly.”
  14. Rhea - Looking for an uncommon nature name? Rhea means “a flowing stream.”
  15. Rivka - Rivka is a name of Hebrew origin, which means “To bind or link together.”
  16. Romy - Italian for “from Rome.”
  17. Rowena - Welsh for “slender” or “fair.”
  18. Ruth - This Hebrew name, which means “compassionate friend,” is rare because its popularity peaked in 1920. It’s due for a comeback, in our opinion.
  19. Sabine - Although it’s a popular name in French-speaking countries, Sabine is still unique in places where English is spoken.
  20. Shadi - Arabic for “singer” and Persian for “happiness.”
  21. Solange - French for “rare jewel.”
  22. Suki - A Japanese name that means “beloved.”
  23. Talulla - This name is Irish and Native American for “lady of abundance.”
  24. Tamar - Hebrew for “palm tree.”
  25. Tatiana - This name of Russian origin means “fairy princess.”
  26. Thalia - Greek for “blooming” or “plentiful.”
  27. Thekla - Thekla is of Greek origin and means “divine fame.”
  28. Uzma - Muslim for “the greatest.”
  29. Valencia - This is the name of a city in Spain and means “bravery” in Latin.
  30. Venus - Greek for “goddess of love.”
  31. Verity - Verity means “truth” in Latin.
  32. Vienna - This is a Latin name for “from wine country.” It is also a city in Austria.
  33. Vita - This Latin name means “vital,” “vivacious,” or “life.”
  34. Wayan - This is a Bali name for “first child.”
  35. Xiomara - Spanish for “ready to battle.”
  36. Yesenia - Arabic for “flower.”
  37. Zelda - German for “grey warrior” or “woman warrior.”
  38. Zosia - This Slavic name means “wisdom.” It’s a Polish variation of the Greek name “Sophia.”

If you are looking for a rare name for your baby girl, we hope you find what you’re looking for on this list! Here are a few more baby girl name lists for baby name inspiration: 

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