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104 Celtic Boy Names with Meanings & Origins

Celtic names are rich in Irish and Welsh traditions. Find a strong Celt name for your baby boy inspired by this ancient culture.
104 Celtic Boy Names with Meanings & Origins
Updated: October 11, 2023
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Welcome to the world of Celtic names for boys! The ancient Celts were rich in culture, mythology and legendary stories, all of which influenced the names they gave to their children. These names carry with them a sense of history and honor and are steeped in significance and tradition. 

With a historical legacy tracing back to 1200 B.C. with ties to modern-day Britain, Ireland, France and Spain, it’s likely that many families are linked to the Celts or have some Celtic ancestry.

Celtic traditions and influence can continue to be seen in present-day Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Celtic baby names remain popular choices for baby boy names and baby girl names.

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Let’s delve deep into the unique options of Celtic names with these 104 Celtic baby boy names with meaning and name origins. 

Traditional Celtic Baby Boy Names and Meanings 

  1. Aengus: Of old Irish and Scottish origins, this name means “one strength.”
  2. Aidan: An Irish name meaning “little fire.”
  3. Barry or Baire: This Irish name means “fair-haired.”
  4. Brendan: An Irish name that means “prince” or “king.”
  5. Brian: An English and Irish name meaning “power” or “hill.”
  6. Cael: An Irish name that means “slender.”
  7. Cai: Of Welsh and Roman origins, meaning “to rejoice.”
  8. Cian: An Irish name that means “ancient.”
  9. Colin: A Scottish Gaelic and English name that means “young dog.”
  10. Daire: Of Irish origins, this name means “fruitful.”
  11. Dougal: This Scottish name means “dark stranger.”
  12. Drustan: A Pictish name meaning “noise.”
  13. Dylan: This Welsh and English name means “toward the tide.”
  14. Enda: This unisex Irish name means “bird-like.”
  15. Finn: Of Irish origins, meaning “fair.”
  16. Fergus: An Irish and Scottish name that means “man of vigor.”
  17. Finley: A unisex Scottish Gaelic name meaning “white warrior.”
  18. Hamish: This Scottish Gaelish name means “supplanter” and is still one of the most popular names in Scotland.
  19. Llywelyn: Pronounced loo-ell-in, this Welsh name means “strong” or “leader.”
  20. Lugh: In Celtic mythology, Lugh was a god of justice, nobility and commerce.
  21. Malcolm: A Scottish and English name referring to Saint Columbia and is the name of four kings.
  22. Merlin: Best known as a magician and mythical figure in the legend of King Arthur, this English name means “sea fortress.”
  23. Oisin: He was a well-known warrior and demigod in Irish mythology. 
  24. Oscar: An Irish name that means “deer friend.”
  25. Percy: This English name means “hard spears.”
  26. Sheridan: An Irish name meaning “searcher.”
  27. Taliesin: An ancient Welsh name that means “shining brow.”
  28. Tierney: This Irish name means “lord.”
  29. Urien: A Welsh name meaning “of privileged birth.”
  30. Vaughan: A Welsh name meaning “little.”
  31. Wynn: A unisex name that means “blessed.”
  32. Tadhg: Irish name meaning “poet” or “philosopher.”
  33. Brody: Traditional Irish or Scottish name meaning “ditch.”

Strong Celtic Baby Boy Names and Meanings 

  1. Aengus or Angus: This Irish name means “one choice” or “one strength.”
  2. Aodhan: Of Irish origins, meaning “bringer of fire.”
  3. Arran: A Scottish name meaning “high place.”
  4. Artair: Of Scottish Gaelic origins, meaning “bear king.”
  5. Arthur: This name has Scottish origins and means “strong as a bear.”
  6. Bowen: A Welsh and English name meaning “son of Owain.”
  7. Caden: Of Irish, Welsh and English origins, meaning “spirit of battle.”
  8. Cador: A Welsh and Cornish name that means “battle king.”
  9. Dollin: This Celtic name means “ruler of the world.”
  10. Duncan: A Scottish and English name meaning “brown battle.”
  11. Faolan: Of Irish origins, this name means “little wolf.”
  12. Herve: A Celtic name meaning “battle worthy.”
  13. Hywel: This Welsh name means “prominent” and was the name of several kings. 
  14. Lorcan: An Irish name meaning “little fierce one.”
  15. Mabon: A Welsh name meaning “great son.”
  16. Macsen: This Welsh name means “the greatest.”
  17. Maddox: A Welsh and English name that means “fortunate.”
  18. Odhran: An Irish name belonging to a saint and one of Ireland’s best soccer players.
  19. Rian: This English and Irish name means “little king.”
  20. Roderick: A Scottish, Welsh and English name meaning “famous ruler.”
  21. Ronan: An Irish name that means “little seal.”
  22. Shaw: This English and Scottish name means “wolf.”
  23. Sloane: A unisex Irish name meaning “raider.”
  24. Sullivan: An Irish name meaning “dark eyes.”
  25. Trahern: This Welsh name means “iron-like.”
  26. Trevor: A common English name meaning “big village.”
  27. Tyrone: An English and Irish name meaning “land of Eoghan.”

Unique Celtic Baby Boy Names and Meanings 

Young boy playing dress up as Celtic soldier outside. Celtic baby boy name concept
  1. Ailill: This Pictish name means “beauty” and is pronounced ah-yill.
  2. Alpin: Of Scottish Gaelish or Pictish origins, this name means “white.”
  3. Balor: An Irish name meaning “the flashing one.”
  4. Bedivere: A Welsh name meaning “birch man.”
  5. Braon: This Irish name means “rain or sorrow.”
  6. Cahir: Of Irish origins meaning “battle man.”
  7. Caolan: This Irish name means “slender.”
  8. Cormac: An Irish name that means “son of the charioteer.”
  9. Dagda: An Irish name after the god of strength, magic and wisdom.
  10. Delwyn: This unisex Welsh name means “pretty blessed.”
  11. Diarmaid: Of Irish origins meaning “without envy.”
  12. Elouan: Of Celtic origins, this name means “light.”
  13. Emlyn: This gender-neutral name Welsh name means “around the valley.”
  14. Gwythyr: A Welsh name meaning “man.”
  15. Heilyn: This Welsh name means “wine bearer” and implies that your son will be rich.
  16. Illiam: A Celtic name that means “desire protection.”
  17. Jowan: Of Cornish origins, this name means “Yahweh is gracious.”
  18. Lir: This Irish name means “the sea.”
  19. Lonan: An Irish name meaning “little blackbird.”
  20. Malo: A Celtic name that means “bright pledge.”
  21. Mian: The Gaelic form of Matthew that means “gift of God.”
  22. Naoise: In Irish mythology, he is in love with a beautiful princess who is betrothed to King Conchobar.
  23. Piran: A Cornish name meaning “dark” or “black.”
  24. Rory: This Irish, Scottish and English name means “red king.”
  25. Ruadh: A Scottish Gaelic or Irish name often chosen for red-haired baby boys.
  26. Senan: An Irish name meaning “little old one.”
  27. Taranis: This Celtic name means “thunder.”
  28. Teague: An Irish name that means “poet.”
  29. Tudor: Of Welsh origins, this name means “ruler of the people.”

Celtic Boy Names in Pop Culture

  1. Alan: An English and Scottish name meaning “little rock or handsome.” Became popular because of British actor Alan Rickman in the “Harry Potter” series.
  2. Bran: A Welsh name meaning “raven,” which was also the name of a character in the “Game of Thrones” fantasy series. 
  3. Carlisle: Of English and Scottish origins, this name means “from the walled city.” 
  4. Conor: An Irish and English name that means “lover of hounds.” Pop culture icons include Irish UFC fighter Connor McGregor. 
  5. Declan: This Irish name was given to the main Irish male character in the movie “Leap Year.”
  6. Gael or Gail: A Gaelic name that refers to people who speak Gaelic. It became popular after the trending “Hunger Games” book series and movie.
  7. Idris: This popular name has Welsh origins and means “ardent lord.” Many recognize the name from well-known actor Idris Elba from England.
  8. Kevin or Kevyn: This traditional Irish name that means “beloved birth” is derived from Caoimhin. Many people may think of popular actor Kevin Bacon. 
  9. Kieran: An Irish and English name meaning “little dark one.” It’s recognizable because of actor Kieran Culkin and a fictional character from “Downton Abbey.” 
  10. Macbeth: A Scottish name meaning “son of life” that many people will recognize from Shakespeare. 
  11. Niall: Of Irish, Scottish and English origins, this name means “passionate” or “hero” and became wildly popular because of a One Direction band member.
  12. Owen: This Irish name that means “noble born” has many uses in pop culture, including the actor Owen Wilson. 
  13. Rhys: Pronounced Rees, this Welsh and English name is most recognizable in the book world as the main male character in the “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series.
  14. Tristan: Played by James Franco, the film Tristan and Isolde is about a Cornish knight who falls in love with an Irish princess set to marry a lord.
  15. Cillian: An Irish name meaning “bright-headed.” Most recognize the name from Irish actor Cillian Murphy.

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