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The Ultimate List of Twin Girl Names

There’s more to think about when you have to decide on two names. Here are 75 of our favorite twin girl names combinations.
75 awesome names for twin baby girls
Updated: January 10, 2023

If you’re expecting twin girls, naming them is going to be fun, but there’s more to think about when you have to decide on two names. Twin names need to go together well without being too similar that it adds to the confusion of telling them apart. 

Think about twin name ideas as coordinating or complementing each other, rather than matching. Excess matching can sound cheesy or become confusing when no one can tell whose name is whose. Twin names work best when some parts of the names are the same, but some parts are clearly different.

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How to Come Up With Twin Names

It’s cute to have names that work well together for twin girls, but you don’t want to overdo it. It might be fun to have names that start with the same letter, but that means your twins will have the same first initial and birthday, which could look like duplicates on a school roster or other data system. 

Rhyming names could have similar issues and end up frustrating your daughters. Sara and Kara or Stella and Bella might sound a little too much like the opposite twin’s name. A good alternative is to match the ending sound, while choosing different middle vowels, like Lucy and Emily or Pauline and Christine.

Ways to Coordinate Twin Names

  • Alliteration: Names beginning with the same sounds
  • Assonance: Names with the same vowel sounds
  • Rhyming names: Names with the same or similar ending sounds
  • Historical significance: Names of two people involved in the same historical event
  • Literary significance: Names of related characters or mythological figures

 Do Twin Names Have to Match?

If you feel like it’s important for your twins to be viewed as separate individuals, you don’t have to give them coordinating names. There are no rules and you get to decide what you want to do. That being said, it is pretty much a fact that your girls’ names will be called out together pretty often in their lives, especially through childhood and most often by you and your partner. It might be a nice idea to choose two names that roll off the tongue. By all means, avoid matchy-matchy pairs if they’re not your thing, but say the names aloud together as you choose them, just to see how it sounds.

Our Favorite Twin Girl Names

  1. Abigail and Gabriella
  2. Andrea and Odette
  3. Audrey and Autumn
  4. Audrey and Bethany
  5. Aurora and Rosa
  6. Autumn and Summer
  7. Ava and Emma
  8. Bella and Bia
  9. Bethany and Stephanie
  10. Brianna and Susanna
  11. Caitlin and Caroline
  12. Caitlin and Megan
  13. Camilla and Carolina
  14. Camilla and Cora
  15. Caroline and Crystal
  16. Claire and Charlotte
  17. Clara and Christine
  18. Cora and Bella
  19. Daisy and Dahlia
  20. Daisy and Rose
  21. Destiny and Dahlia
  22. Destiny and Trinity
  23. Eleanor and Evie
  24. Elisa and Alessia
  25. Elizabeth and Isabella
  26. Elizabeth and Victoria
  27. Ella and Aurora
  28. Faith and Grace
  29. Faith and Hope
  30. Felicity and Grace
  31. Flora and Faustine
  32. Flora and Gaia
  33. Francesca and Isabella
  34. Holly and Ivy
  35. Isabella and Sophia
  36. Ivy and Vera
  37. Jane and Emily
  38. Jane and Jill
  39. Jillian and Jocelyn
  40. Jocelyn and Jessica
  41. Kara and Kaya
  42. Kellyn and Kira
  43. Kennedy and Mackenzie
  44. Lila and Leah
  45. Lucy and Eleanor
  46. Lucy and Emily 
  47. Lucy and Macy 
  48. Madison and Mackenzie
  49. Maia and Millie
  50. Maya and Melody
  51. Mia and Sophia
  52. Millie and Ella
  53. Mina and Justine
  54. Natalie and Nicole
  55. Nicollette and Natalia
  56. Olivia and Elisa
  57. Olivia and Emilia
  58. Olivia and Ophelia
  59. Ophelia and Autumn
  60. Patricia and Elizabeth
  61. Pauline and Christine
  62. Poppy and Posey
  63. Rosie and Posey
  64. Ruby and Rose
  65. Sadie and Katie
  66. Serenity and Trinity
  67. Sienna and Summer
  68. Sophia and Rosa
  69. Stella and Luna
  70. Stephanie and Philipa
  71. Susanna and Liliana 
  72. Tatiana and Alessia
  73. Valentina and Valeria
  74. Valentina and Violet
  75. Violet and Vera

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