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12 of Our Favorite Name Pairings for Twins


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by: Lindsay Hutton
Thinking of one name is hard — thinking of two can seem impossible! See if any of your current choices are on our list of favorite name pairings for twins, and don't forget to visit our NameLab for more baby name ideas.
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Madison & Mason
Learn about the names Madison and Mason.

Considering Madison is in the top 10 for most popular girl names, and Mason sits pretty on the most popular list for boys at number two, using the names together is a favorite among parents.

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Olivia & Sophia
Learn about the names Olivia and Sophia.

Both names have been on the rise in recent years, hovering in the top five on the most popular list, so it's not surprising they're a hot choice.

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Daniel & David
Learn about the names Daniel and David.

Although the name Daniel has been trending down the past two decades, it's still high up on the list at number 11. The name David is also on a downward trend, but hovers on the most popular list at number 19.

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Abigail & Andrew
Learn about the names Abigail and Andrew.

Both of these names earn an "A" from us. Abigail is the seventh most popular girl's name and Andrew sits at number 18 for boys.

Other popular combinations for these names are Abigail and Benjamin, and Andrew and Emma.

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Ella & Emma
Learn about the names Ella and Emma.

Both names originate from the German language meaning "all," making it a sweet pairing for two little girls. The name Ella was popular in the 1920s, has become popular again in the last decade, and currently sits at number 12 on the most popular list. Emma rounds out the top three in popularity.

Another popular pairing for both of these names is the name Ava.

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Alexander & Benjamin
Learn about the names Alexander and Benjamin.

Here's a sweet boy-boy twin combo: classically popular names. Benjamin means "son" in Hebrew, and Alexander means "protector" in Greek, so they complement each other nicely.

Other popular pairings for each of these names are Alexander and Nicholas, and Benjamin and Andrew.

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Hailey & Hannah
Learn about the names Hailey and Hannah.

The double H's in this common pair make it a soft and feminine choice for girls. Hailey only makes the most popular list at 32, but based on current trends, we predict it will move up in the next couple of years. Hannah has also remained popular over the years, and is in the top 25 for most popular names.

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Morgan & Mason
Learn about the names Morgan and Mason.

Mason makes our list again, this time with the lesser used name Morgan.

Morgan has been trending down since the 1980s, but remains on the most popular list at number 82. We like this particular name pairing because it can be used for twin boys, or as a boy/girl combo.

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Michael & Matthew
Learn about the names Michael and Matthew.

Looking for a classic, religious-themed pair of names? Michael means "Who is like God," and Matthew means "Gift of God," giving both names a religious background. Both of these names are high up on the most popular list, at numbers 8 and 12 respectively, and stem from the Hebrew language.

Some other popular pairings with these names are Matthew and Andrew, and Michael and Gabriel.

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Avery & Addison
Learn about the names Avery and Addison.

At numbers 13 and 14 on our most popular girls' names list, these names have been skyrocketing in popularity over the past few decades. We love that both names can be used for either gender.

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Emily & Ethan
Learn about the names Emily and Ethan.

Emily tops out on the most popular list at number six, Ethan at number three. Both names stem from the Greek language and mean "eager" and "constant," respectively.

The name Ethan is also popular with the names Ella and Emma, while Emily has also been paired with the name Matthew.

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Jacob & Lucas
Learn about the names Jacob and Lucas.

Although the name Jacob is dipping slightly in popularity, it is the most popular name on our list. Lucas comes in at number 27, and with a continuous upward trend, it will likely continue moving up.

The name Jacob is also popular with the names Joshua and Joseph, while Lucas is also frequently paired with the name Logan.